Advanced eBay, GOAT, and StockX Strategies: How to Price your Sneakers for the Resale Aftermarket

yeezy zebra money cash resell

Yeezy’s go for serious money. Pictured are the Zebras, which went for nearly $2,000 upon the first release in February of 2017

Despite other platforms coming on to the scene, like StockX and GOAT which are both shoe specific, eBay is still a major player for resellers in the shoe game. If you manage to acquire a rare pair of shoes and intend to sell them for a profit, before listing them you will probably go on eBay and look at the shoe model that you’re selling. In the case of shoes in the $1,000+ range, you may see a price span going as low as $300 and as high as $1499. All of the listings will be for the same model of shoes. Based on this, for someone new to the sneaker reselling game, this range can make for some confusion when going to list a pair of kicks for sale online. We’ll go over how to price your shoes based on different metrics that each platform offers, as well as based on your personal risk strategy.

Before we dive into the specifics of at what dollar amount to price your shoes at, it is worth noting that if you’re selling shoes today in late 2017 or in 2018, you must learn how to acquire them on release day and list them as soon as possible in order to make profit. Lately, there have been Jordans releasing that will have resale value on the weekend of the release, and as soon as one week later, sellers will be getting rid of the shoes at a loss. So speed is of the essence. Speed is important because in today’s sneaker resale market, late 2017 going into 2018, more people are coming into the resale market, saturating it. Not only are people overwhelmed with options, there is a smaller timeframe of when you can sell your shoes. A golden rule that  I follow when selling new releases is to sell them within 48 hours max, ideally 24 hours of when I made the purchase. People pay the most during this timeframe, and if you look past this time frame, pairs move more slowly and the week after prices can drop significantly. You also want to ship out priority mail the same day you get the kicks so people get them soon. People want to be seen with the newest shoes right when they drop. In some places like NYC or LA, even wearing them a week after your friends got them is too late. So this article is a little more advanced and geared towards those who already know how to acquire shoes at retail and want to know the best business practices on the selling side. If you’re brand new to the game and haven’t yet learned how to acquire shoes, I suggest you do your own research or check out The Six Figure Sneakerhead: Reseller’s Field Guide.


ebay sold completed items tool filter

How to use eBay’s filters to see what items have sold based on your search.

On this speed note, eBay is a good because you can sell shoes before you even get them, if you’ve ordered them online. If you manage to get them on the release day, put up a legit screenshot of your order, with personal info blurred out. Some people blur out the order number because they’re afraid someone might cancel their order, but in my opinion this is not necessary as I’ve never heard of anyone taking the time to go through the process of cancelling Nike orders, no matter how salty they are. This precaution is more common with Supreme orders, but from personal experience, even if I have my order number and am trying to cancel my order, it’s nearly impossible to do so because the line rarely ever picks up even after multiple calls over the course of an hour or so. When selling Nike orders, it can even be seen as a positive to discreetly include your order number in the screenshot so that people know that it’s actually you that ordered the shoes and that you didn’t steal someone else’s screenshot, which people can easily do and do do on eBay. So relieve their suspicions by doing all that you can to prove that the screenshot is actually yours.

Before pricing the shoes, use eBay’s sold/completed listing tool.  Not only will you see how hot the market is, you’ll see the prices that people are willing to pay.The way underpriced are fakes. Don’t price here, even if you’ll make a profit. People will think they’re fake and you’ll drive the market price down, both situations are good for absolutely no one. If you see a history of multiple preorders selling before the release day and more than 5 shoes per hour on the release day, you’re dealing with a hot release. You can also begin to notice trends of certain sizes being worth more than others. I remember when I first started selling the original Yeezy 750’s, size 8 was particularly valuable, being worth up to 50% more than something like a size 12. Take note of what people are paying for your actual size. If you see an occasional higher price for the same size, it is likely because the pair was the only available in that size.

After reviewing the sold listings, and taking note of the previously mentioned metrics, price your shoes as follows:

If the market is hot: price in between the lowest and highest sold price in your size

If the market is slow: price at the lowest sold listing, even slightly lower than the lowest sold listing at a profit that you’re comfortable taking.

One thing to note is that if you have the last size available, in both a slow or hot market, you can initially price at or near the highest last sold price, given that your shoe remains the same size. Check back every 30 minutes or so, or you can use eBay’s tools to follow new listings of X shoe for X size, and get notified right on your mobile phone so you can see what it’s priced at.

Some people like to overprice and use the Best Offer tool. I recommend offering Buy It Now and price as instructed above, so you don’t have to deal with the back and forth of offers and counteroffers as well as the inevitable offensive lowball that will probably piss you off.


Goat sell shoes legit scam

GOAT is one of the best platforms for selling shoes quickly when you have them in person

GOAT you have to wait until you have the shoes in hand, and by then the price will have probably dropped significantly. If you were able to get the shoes in person on the day of the release,  I recommend using GOAT as from my experience, people buy in a higher volume on the release day on trusted platforms like GOAT and StockX. You can also sometimes list the shoes for a higher price than eBay, although in the case of StockX and as a new GOAT seller, the fees will probably work out to be slightly higher than if you were to sell on eBay. Although you can’t see the volume of shoes on GOAT, you can see a decent history on StockX, and both sites will tell you the latest sold price up front without having to toggle with settings, which makes it very easy to know how to price your shoes. Always price your shoes right at the last sold price or at the average, never above, because again, speed is of the essence and the value of shoes is always highest on the release day.

A look the awesome metrics that StockX provides at first glance

Wrapping up

So it’s best to tend towards underpricing in favor of speed, so long as you make a profit. It’s said that the fast nickel is better than the slow dime. If you only make $80 off the flip rather than $120, and if the $80 took you less than 24 hours and the $120 took you nearly a week, it would have been best to quickly take your $80 profit and reinvest right away to make use of compound interest. Also, the $80 profit is from a couple hundred in revenue, bank that is currently tied up that you can reinvest quickly. It’s also much less stressful knowing that you’ve made a sale and you can move on and look for more investment opportunities. As long as you’re making a profit and quickly reinvesting for another quick profit, you’ll grow your business bigger and bigger, and isn’t that what you want when flipping shoes?


-Check price range on eBay, GOAT and StockX

-Speed is king. The fast nickel better than slow dime

-Reinvest quickly and watch the magic of compound interest grow your bank 🙂


How to Get Yourself a Pair of Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Semi Frozen Yellow and Beluga 2.0 This Holiday Season

yeezy mafia frozen yellow beluga boost

Image Courtesy Yeezy Mafia










After some silence, a slew of Yeezy’s are releasing again.

On November 18, the Yeezy Boost Semi-Frozen Yellow is releasing and is said to be some of the most limited Yeezy’s to release thus far, making the projected profit margins extremely attractive. When the last round of hard to get Yeezy Boost Zebras released this past February, the resale price hovered around $2000 for quite some time following the release. At a $220 retail price, this is a profit margin of almost 1000%, or 10x your money, which allowed the lucky individuals who knew what they were doing to make about $1500 per pair they were able to secure. Talk about a big money weekend! So set your calendars for Saturday, November 18 to do whatever it takes to secure a pair of these for your shot at making big resell money.

Luckily, even if you strike out on the Yeezy Semi Frozen Yellows (you probably will, TBH), you will have another shot at grabbing a pair of Yeezy’s the very next week with the all new second version of the Beluga colorway.

Last year’s Belugas have proven to retain a resale value of around $1000 to make them some of the most consistently valuable aftermarket Yeezy 350’s to date. You can expect for these 2.0’s to have a similar value.

These are rumored to release in larger quantities so they may not be quite worth $1000 resale, but if you’re able to secure a pair you can still solidly bet to roughly triple your money on the $220 retail price. Of course there are a lot of people out there who would love to get a pair at retail price to keep and not have to pay the resale price, but because of the sheer amount of cash that can be made (how else can you legally make up to $1,000+ in one weekend?), there will always be an aftermarket of resellers in the free market economy of capitalism that is America.

Many people are prepared to take the loss, the “L” so to speak, but others  are out there confident that they can secure at least one if not multiple pairs of the newest Yeezys. If you truly know what you’re doing you can prepare to make more money than most people make in a month, in one weekend!

Although I can’t go fully in depth with the insider methods as I don’t want the entire general public to know about them, you can still continue to browse this site for some simple steps that will give you an edge over the majority of the population out there trying to secure a pair of the Yeezy Boost 350 v2 Semi Frozen Yellow and Beluga 2.0. Sometimes all it takes is that slight edge to push you into the realm of success.

That is all for today guys, and as always, I wish you all the best!

The 3 Best Seasons for Reselling Sneakers

Reselling sneakers seriously will be a year round venture, but if you’re currently on the sidelines and want to know when the best time to jump in is, these following words are for you.

Here are the 3 best seasons to flip kicks.

1. Holiday season

If you’ve ever worked in retail, you will remember how the most important time of year for business sales is during the last quarter of the year. I remember working at the mall, and aside from the Christmas music playing way too early (around Halloween), huge pressure was present from management to get ready for big numbers. This is such a hot season that there is an entire post detailing the exact models to buy this season in 2017

People are simply in buying mode at this time of year. Everyone is getting ready to buy gifts for family or thinking of ways to spend their end of the year bonus. Retailers of all kind are capitalizing on this trend and gearing up to sell their best stuff. For those brands that sell shoes, this is the time to release the good stuff. So, not surprisingly, brands including Adidas and the Nike Jordan brand are releasing desirable kicks that will sell out quickly and command higher aftermarket prices than normal.

Adidas is a brand to watch for sure during this time in 2017. This year there are 3 Yeezy’s coming out during the months of November and December. Last year was a similar amount of Yeezy’s in the same timeframe, so it’s safe to say that this was a trend you can bet on. Each pair of these Kanye West designed shoes will present an opportunity to roughly triple your money on $200.

Nike is also releasing a Doernbecher collaboration, including a highly anticipated, first time ever, Nike Air Vapormax Doernbecher which will certainly bring on hot resale prices. Watch out for some hot end of the year Jordans too. Last year we had the re-release of the Space Jam 11s, this year there is a hot lineup of kicks including the Air Jordan 5 premiums at $400 and the Air Jordan 11 “Win Like 96”.

air jordan 11 win like 96

Air Jordan 11 Win Like 96: Courtesy

2. All Star Weekend

All star weekend shoes

All Star Weekend 2018, courtesy

Although the sneaker aftermarket has branched out in many directions of functionality and fashion as a streetwear staple, its roots are undeniably in basketball. It can be argued that Michael Jordan, one of the most legendary basketball players to live, created the frenzy surrounding sneakers.

One of the most celebrated times of the year in basketball happens halfway through the season in the middle of February. This is All Star Weekend. A huge amount of eyeballs, both old fans and new, are drawn to the game and inevitably the culture that goes along with it. People are primed to dive in by buying tickets to these games, or if they can’t attend them in person, watching them on TV and probably buying the hot shoes that Nike will inevitably offer during this weekend. In 2015, Nike dropped the Mirror Foamposites which resold around at the time for $1,000 a piece, and each following season has had its share of highly valued sneakers. Be on the look out in 2018 to get your hands of some of these shoes to make cash.


3. Summer time

People save to spend in summer (

People are simply ready to spend their cash during the summer. Whether it’s on vacations or just going out, people want fresh outfits to show off and to have fun in. Although historically there has not been a consistent or predictable exact schedule of valuable shoes like there is in the holiday season or All Star Weekend, the market is still hot.

For the past couple years there has been a pair of Yeezys that have released in the summer. In addition to brand new shoes to sell, this is also a good time to dive into the market of selling used shoes for cash using tools like Craigslist, OfferUp, or using local sneaker reselling groups. Summer is a good time to grow your existing shoe business or to keep an eye out for a hot new release to act on.

Well that is all for now, as stated earlier, selling sneakers is a year round business if you are absolutely serious about it. It is worth knowing what the best seasons are to either start or to grow your business, and that’s why I wanted to share this information.

For more info on the specifics of how to actually obtain these kicks, check out the Reseller’s Field Guide or check out the YouTube Channel if you haven’t already!

Take care and as always, I wish you all the best!


How to Make $500 Per Month Selling Shoes Cash Part Time

Resell shoes for cash

It is absolutely possible to make a really good living selling sneakers, but most people can’t or won’t dedicate the time or effort to do so. If you’re happy with your current job and would just like a fun way to cover a car payment or student loans, selling sneakers like Jordans or Yeezys for cash is a great way to make money and you can absolutely have a good time doing it.

The opportunity is right in front of you . Obviously, a lot of people aren’t reselling sneakers like Jordans and Yeezy’s for money simply because they are unaware of the opportunity. Reading this article is putting you in the realm of being aware of the opportunity, that you can make anywhere from $50 to $500 and even $5,000 per month selling sneakers. It’s up to you to either act on this opportunity or ignore it. If you’d like to act on it and want to start out part time to test out the opportunity, this article will go over the basics of what it takes to begin this exciting hustle.

Firstly, if you want to make big money selling sneakers, you need to be obsessed. Selling sneakers full time requires you to be absolutely obsessed with it 24/7 because money never sleeps. Serious Jordan or Yeezy resellers have been known to be up at all times of the night checking deals on various platforms like eBay and StockX, or doing business with customers and sellers in different time zones. However, as a beginner, I don’t recommend trying to make big money right out of the gate. You’ll expose yourself to risks and mistakes, all of which are too long to explain in this article. So start with a smaller goal like selling your first pair of kicks at a profit, then scaling from there.

You can’t simply hope to make big money off of one release every month, as you’re not in control of which model of Jordans or Yeezys are coming out. So firstly, understand which opportunity exists at this moment. Yes you’ve just missed out on an amazing release, the Off-White Jordan drop, which was making people up to $2,000 per pair of shoes, but this doesn’t mean that this won’t happen again. These kind of big money releases happen multiple times a year so you can only be prepared in time for the next big round which will come around towards the end of 2017. So to make side money, enough to cover your student loan or car payments, you’re going to want to set a goal every week and make sure you hit it.

To make $500 per month, you’ll need to average over $100 per week, which you can do by either flipping one shoe per week at a $100+ profit or five shoes per week at $20+ profit each. Keep yourself accountable to these goals and carry them out. In order to be aware of the specifics of what goal to set, you need to pay attention to the news. Also, you need to constantly be sourcing sneakers from everywhere you can.

Some people make out flipping sneakers to be an incredibly easy side hustle, which it can be, and it’s some of the easiest money I’ve ever made in the shortest amount of time, but to get to the point of effortlessness, you’re going to need to put in the initial discipline to make flipping sneakers second nature to you.

One secret that those who are successfully and easily flipping sneakers don’t tell you is that the reason that it’s easy to them is because they took the time to educate themselves on the process of finding and selling sneakers to the point that it’s easy to them, and that it took a bit of time to come to this point.

Last but not least, the most important aspect to make money selling sneakers, whether you want to do it part time or full time, is knowledge. If you’re not aware of something, you simply are unable to act on it. Building your knowledge base so that your lens of opportunity is tinted so that you see things that others do not will give you a huge edge on the other people trying to sell sneakers. You can reach the point of very little competition and rise to the top quickly if you have the correct knowledge base.

There can be a steep and expensive learning curve when it comes to selling sneakers, so that’s why I’ve put together this guide which will not only quickly build your knowledge base and reveal insider secrets, but will allow you to have a reference guide that you can use to carry you through your sneaker reselling journey as you start at hundreds then scale to thousands of dollars.

It’s recommended to be patient at first and set the goal of $500 in profit your first month while selling sneakers. $500 is perfectly achievable, and it will give you the reward of a somewhat significant income that will incentivize you to continue with the shoe reselling hustle. You’ll see that the opportunity is real. If you’ve tried for a month and haven’t made $500, it’s simply because you don’t have the knowledge so you need to study up then go at it again. Teenagers are making thousands of dollars every month hustling kicks so there’s no reason that you can’t too. So set the first goal of making $500 per month. You can keep it here and gain the experience through discipline to make shoe reselling second nature for a fun way to get some bills paid every month, or you can scale the business to six figures as you build your shoe reselling empire. It’s up to you on how far you’d like to take this, and it all depends on your personal and career goals. If you are entrepreneurially minded, and it is your goal to be a successful entrepreneur, there is no reason you should not resell shoes for money as you’ll learn valuable skills that can carry on to any venture that you choose to transition to even if you eventually move on from selling shoes.

Be incredibly grateful that you live in an era where there is a large amount of information on the internet like this and that if you’re reading this, there is likely nothing stopping you from making side money selling shoes like Jordans or Yeezy’s or through any other method other than yourself and your own mindset.

For that reason, I challenge you to accomplish this goal of making $500 in one month selling sneakers, even if it’s just for a month. After doing this you’ll have the confidence to continue on with whatever venture you choose, even if it has nothing to do with shoes or reselling. Start by upping your knowledge level, check out The Best Seasons For Reselling Sneakers.

Good luck on your journey as an entrepreneur, and as always, I wish you all the best!





The Secrets of a Successful Six Figure Shoe Reseller

This is Allen Kuo. He’s standing in front of about $200,000 worth of shoes.

Watch his story here.

In this incredibly inspiring video, he is threatened by his parents to stop selling sneakers and to continue his college education.

He makes a deal with them:

If he doesn’t have $100,000 stacked up within the next year from selling sneakers, he would quit and go back to school.

He reveals that he had won the bet and now is one of the top sneaker resellers, after just a little over one year in the game.

Imagine being able to sell sneakers as your full time job.

With the value of a college education becoming more and more questionable, it is worth pursuing other options. Kuo made the jump and over time he succeeded.

Even if you don’t resell sneakers for long or if it isn’t your intention to reach a level that Allen Kuo did, selling sneakers teaches you valuable skills in entrepreneurship. He tells his personal story of building up bank in the 20 minute video. Here are some takeaways from the video with a legendary reseller.

4 Rules to Kuo’s six figure success.

Rule #1: Don’t smoke your own supply!

This statement for sure will get a lot of hate in the sneaker reselling community, but it’s one that is critical to your success if you want to quickly reach profitable levels in selling sneakers. So be careful with being public and open about this attitude, for the most part, keep it to yourself.
A lot of people hate resellers, even if they themselves are reselling. I mention this again because it is quite important: when dealing in person, keep this mentality on the low for sure or else you risk losing customers and your reputation! People would rather deal with one of their own than an outsider, so learn and immerse yourself in the sneaker culture, including in the verbage, lingo etc (**link to ebook purchase**), and provide value in the interaction, maybe by mentioning a future release that they didn’t know about, or about other shoe models that you have or have had in the past.

In the video, Allen mentions that he doesn’t himself like these shoes that he is selling. Although he doesn’t say this directly, this is critical to his success. Many make money reselling, yet all of their profits are funneled right back into the stuff that they’re selling, so in the end it’s a wash and they end up with little cash but usually a large collection worth thousands of dollars that they are not willing to sell. If it is your intention to have a couple thousand dollars in the bank account, it is incredibly attainable given that it’s common to see kids with a shoe collection worth thousands of dollars that they have accumulated with the help of reselling in as little as a year. So you have to ask yourself: What is cooler, having a collection of shoes worth $10,000, or actually having $10,000 in cold hard cash in the bank??

Rule #2: Practice the magic of compound interest
Did you know that $200, compounded at a 20% profit and reinvested 8 times, equals $860? And that if you reinvest that $860 another 8 times at the same return on investment, it becomes a whopping $3,697? This is the power of compound interest and reinvesting your profits! Allen talks about how he started with a small amount of shoes then worked up to a larger collection. Many people in finance and in the stock market will speak about this simple concept and how it can increase your portfolio over the years into retirement. However, the great thing about selling sneakers is that you can make gains of much more than 10% and reinvest much more quickly than yearly. Once you know what shoe models to buy and how to secure them and sell them quickly, you can double your money in a heartbeat! This is how Allen reached the account of six figures to prove his parents wrong about selling sneakers. Of course, when you get to the higher levels you need to practice precautions. If you want to REALLY make money, you have to learn not to cash out at all; think of it as a snowball that even when it’s big you don’t want to take away from it so you can make it bigger.

Rule #3: Start building your network
The easiest way to build your network today is to talk to every person you do business with . What I mean is, don’t simply do a business interaction with them, casually chat in a way meant to build rapport. So if you buy from someone on eBay, or if you conduct business with someone in person, simply ask if they have more shoes that they’d like to buy or sell. This will give you a gauge of how serious of a reseller they are. If they seem like someone you’d like to continue to do business with, get their contact info, preferrably their cell phone number. You never know who you might sell to: I have sold to professional atheletes and extremely wealthy kids before, all by going one step beyond simply selling and by adding the networking aspect. A protip: if you can afford it, purchase “heat”, as this will quickly build your reputation.

Rule #4: Operate like a businessman.
From my experience in other realms of business, sneakerheads are some of the flakiest, most difficult-to-communicate-with people to deal with. It is refreshing to deal with someone who operates in a business like manner, so your customers or your hook ups will be more likely to remember and come back to you for more.
In short, stay true to your word. When buying, be on time, have the money on you in the amount that you agreed on. When selling, be on time, have the shoes in the condition that you advertised them in. Present your shoes neatly and professionally in pictures, be ready to heed to the buyers request, like sending tagged pics (pictures of the shoes including a piece of paper with something written on it to prove you have the shoes).

So there you have it! The 4 rules that Allen used, the same rules that I used to scale the sneaker business to 5 figures. For those of you with a full time income looking for a side hustle, or if you simply don’t have the capital in time or money or the risk tolerance to engage in a full time, six figure venture, check out the post How to Make $500 Per Month Selling Sneakers.

In the full reseller’s field guide, you will have a crash course on the sneaker models that will ensure you don’t sound like a fool when reselling! It took me thousands of dollars in mistakes and nearly a year of experience to gain this knowledge , and this guide would have been so helpful in the beginning, so that’s why I put it together for all those who are brand new to reselling sneakers.

Also, be sure to check out the  YouTube channel for a bunch of free advice on the ins and outs of selling kicks!

As always, take care and I wish you all the best!


The Best Basic Tools and Materials for an Efficient Arbitrage Operation!

What’s up guys!

I dropped a new term in this title, and that is arbitrage. Arbitrage is simply the process of taking advantage of price differences in a market to profit by buying low and sell high. One of the most effective ways to play this profitable game is to secure limited items from lesser known sources and to distribute them independently online.

Let’s get into the dirty work of the actual distributing, given that you have put in the homework and built the knowledge base to secure these rare goods. You’re a professional, man! So you will want to be equipped with the right tools to have an efficient operation. The more professional you are about this hustle, the more likely you are to succeed. So if you want to make more than just a few bucks and more like a few thousand dollars a month selling shoes, you need the correct toolbelt!

I remember being newer to selling kicks and whenever I would sell a pair online, whether directly through social media or through sites like eBay or GOAT, I would be simultaneously super pumped that I brought in a couple hundred dollars and roll my eyes and fret over the fact that I have to actually pack and ship the item.

This is the part of entrepreneurship that people don’t really talk about, the non glamorous, day to day mundane things like properly packaging and shipping out a pair of shoes in an accurate and efficient manner to ensure great customer service and less of a headache for yourself once you have a nice method you can go to every time you prepare to send a shipment out the door! The easier you can make these tasks, the more easily you can operate on a daily basis, and the more easily you can scale your shoe game.

I remember that I would literally just show up at the post office with my shoe box and the buyer’s address, and scramble there for materials to ship my shoes. I would either overpay for all the boxes, tape, and even the shipping, or I would be unsuccessful altogether at the post office and have to scramble over to some department or hardware store nearby to try and find some shoe reselling materials. Sometimes this would delay my shipment another day, and when you’re dealing with thousand dollar kicks like Yeezy’s, 1 extra day makes the difference between decent customer service and excellent customer service that’s memorable and causes repeat business.

The ideal method, and the method that I’m at now, is that you have all of the prep materials at home and you can quickly ready your kicks into a nice package and simply drop off your prepaid package at the post office or even schedule for a pick up. Don’t ever wait in line at the post office, and don’t ever pay full price for shipping (more on that in a bit.)

Here are a couple tools that will make your life a WHOLE lot easier.


  1. Shipping scale

Each package weighs differently and if you’re a noob with online sales and shipping, you might not think about how weight affects the price of the shipping for your item. You probably are used to just going to the post office and having them weigh it. Also, if you are just guessing the weight with the hopes of it being right, you are risking the chance of you underpaying for the package and having the post office sending it back, which will totally lose your customer and might even cause a refund request. So make sure you have the accurate weight so you’re not over or underpaying for package!

The scale above is the one I use. You can just go on Amazon and search whatever one you want, but this one has been sufficient for me and is the perfect size and fairly priced.

2. Boxes check it out guys! These boxes above will fit most shoes and are priced well, and are just one of their MANY sizes.They even have boxes that are adjustable in size that you can customize. They’re also way cheaper than the boxes you’ll find in  the post office, and more of a custom size that is fit for shipping a shoebox. I remember reusing boxes from old Amazon purchases when I was new to reselling and cutting them down to fit the size of the shoe box, and although it worked functionally, I got occasional complaints and had to use way more tape. So have a process and buy at least 25 boxes! Not only will this make your life a whole lot easier, but it can give you a goal to work to use up all the boxes, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you can start running out of 25 boxes every month or even every week when you start moving the right shoes.

3. Bubble wrap

This is a really nice touch.It’s $20 for 350 feet of it, so it’ll take a while to run out. everyone does this so it’s memorable. I like this black bubble wrap to make it even more memorable. In fact, some online retailers don’t even do this, they just throw the shoe box right in the other box. Take the time to bubble wrap the shoebox before you throw it in the shipping box so the box arrives in absolute pristine condition. I remember a time when I received a pair of Yeezy Boost 750’s (super big and heavy shoe/box) from an eBay seller and he just threw it in another box and the Yeezy shoe box arrived damaged. I was really disappointed with this and made a note to never do business with him again and left him a neutral review on eBay. Don’t be that guy! Be someone that customers want to do repeat business with. Some people even throw in personal cards or thank yous but I personally think this is cheesy and have never done it but still had repeat buyers.


4. Tape!

I use this stuff. It’s easy to dispense. You can buy a 4 pack of refill tape for less than $10 at a store like Walmart. Way, way cheaper than the tape sold at your post office.

5. USPS online account!

OK this really isn’t a physical material, but having an account will give you 20% off shipping when you print a prepaid label through their site. When shipping can cost $20, this is a $4 savings, which adds up when you’re moving shoes. When you sell through eBay they offer the same discount through USPS, so just be sure to print your label at home.

So that’s about it for the physical materials. One thing I did omit was a label printer which will save you printer paper and tape, but for a newer reseller and for the sake of simplicity and the upfront investment, I decided not to mention it but Brother makes a pretty good printer for about $70, but the labels are on the more expensive side.

All the materials I listed can be had for less than $100 total, and the time you’ll save and the new professional mindset you’ll develop because of these shoe reselling materials makes these purchases well worth the investment. With the correct knowledge and mindset you are now well on your way to making thousands reselling Yeezy’s and Jordans and all kinds of shoes! You now have the basic set up that will put you on your way to become a six figure shoe reseller. For the

Take care and as always, I wish you all the best!

Best Sneakers to Resell for Last Quarter of 2017

2017 has been a pretty eventful year for sneakers, for both sneaker fans and resellers alike.

Some truly unique shoes have made their way on to the scene, drawing a new round of rabid sneakerheads as well as a fresh group of people coming on to the scene trying to learn how to partake in the exciting game of buying and selling shoes.

From Kaws x Jordan 4’s to multiple colorways in PSNY 12’s, to brand new colorways of V2 Yeezy’s, and most recently Tom Sachs Nike Mars Yards, there was a lot of money to be made in the world of sneaker reselling.

Although the year is more than halfway over, there are still some hot releases to look forward to. It’s not too late to get in to the game, whether you’re a fan of the brands and would like to own the hottest kicks, or if you’d like to get a feel of what it’s like to be a certified sneaker flipper.

At the time of this writing in mid august of 2017, here are some of the most notable upcoming kicks:

Off White x Nike

Off White Air Jordan 1 resale

Air Jordan 1 Off White









(A preorder pair of an upcoming Nike x Off-white model on eBay.)

Virgil Abloh’s Off White brand is fresh to the fashion scene, as it debuted in 2014, but already it has reached massive cult status in the streetwear world. This come up is amazing and I give a lot of credit to Mr. Abloh and his visionary ability to create art that stands out in the super competitive and judgemental world of streetwear. His clothing commands high price tags and is worn by celebrities. He is also the mastermind behind the PYREX brand, another celebrity favorite.

The streetwear world is tied hand in hand with the sneaker culture, so whenever a collaboration happens between the two, a buying frenzy and hype are set to ensue. Historically, Nike collaborations are a safe bet of at least double the retail value, and the hotter the streetwear brand, the more valuable the collaboration will be. Needless to say, this Off White x Nike drop will be one to watch.

With the hype in the sneaker community and preorders flooding eBay in the $1000+ range (some people are even buying and selling fakes at the $500 level right now too), it’s safe to say that these are definitely kicks that you want to go after for a nice flip.

This is a huge event that you should start to prep for now, as 6 different models will be releasing.

Out of all the models releasing, the ones to pay attention to with the highest likely resale value are definitely the Air Jordan 1 x Off White, the Air Max 90 x Off White, and the Nike Air Vapormax x Off White. The other 3 models, the Off White x Nike Air Force 1, Blazer Mid, and Air Presto will surely also have resale value, but your best bet for profitable flips are the first 3 mentioned.

You’ll want to be equipped with a tool like a sneaker bot. To learn how to properly operate them and more about different valuable shoe models and sales strategies, I recommend that you check out the insider’s field guide  on how to become a master at profitably selling shoes. Working with a sneaker bot to buy limited shoes can be dangerous, so the guide also includes completely manual, free methods that you can use to successfully secure yourself a pair of shoes.

Yeezy V2 

Yeezy 350

2017 Yeezy v2 350 (source: High Snobiety , IG account pinoe77)















The Yeezy Zebras were the most valuable Yeezys of the year at the time of their release in February, commanding prices of $2000 and even more during the frenzy of their limited release. Since then, the Yeezy resale price has dropped with models that released in larger quantities like the Cream Yeezy’s showing resale value of around $500-600, which is characteristically low for Yeezys (but still worth a decent profit at a $220 retail).

There was a recent restock of the Yeezy Zebras, and since tons of pairs were out, the resale price plummeted to below $1000.

It is still worth going for Yeezys as they will always sell for double, at least for the rest of the year. Mark your calendars for this October 2017 when the next Yeezys are due to release, the Beluga 2.0s. These should be more rare than the Creams so will likely see initial resale value of triple their retail.

As always, another round of Yeezys will also be releasing around the Holiday season. The semi frozen yellow and blue tint colorways are scheduled to drop in December.

Air Jordan 14 x Doernbecher 

Doernbecher Jordan Resale

Doernbecher Jordan






(source: Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) Children’s Hospital )

These kicks are the result of a collaboration between Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Oregon and Nike. Although the official design has not made its debut yet, expect to see a confirmation of the designs in October. Each year, kids who are patients of the hospital, often with diseases that are deemed nearly uncurable, are given the opportunity to make a mark with their life by designing a pair of Nike sneakers.

Multiple pairs are set to release, but the one to look out for is the Air Jordan 14 which will likely be the shoe that will get a Doernbecher flavor for a high resale value. Make sure you’re prepped for November to take part of this hot release you don’t want to miss. The best reason to take part in this release is because purchasing a pair of these shoes will contribute a 100% donation to children in need who have cancer.

Pharrell Williams Human Race NMD

Pharrell Human Race Shoe

Adidas x Pharrell Human Race









(source: Yeezy Mafia )

Ever since Kanye came on in 2015, Adidas has been experiencing a major come up in the last few years. The amount of shoes that resell with the three stripes logo is frequent enough that nowadays more and more people are putting in the research to learn how to resell shoes like Yeezys to make money.

Last year, Pharrell debuted an Adidas shoe that had Yeezy level resale values of around $2,000 for a single pair of shoes, and these were the Human Race adidas NMDs. Let me tell you, if you were around to partake in buying and reselling of those shoes, you would have had a really fun and profitable time!

Even if you’re reading this and you missed out on the last release, which would have made you $1,000 per pair that you secured, fret not because this collaboration is happening again, this November.

The resale values may or may not crack the $1,000 level, but it’s a pretty sure bet that you’ll be able to at the least double your money on the $240 investment.

Keep your eye out for these kicks and you can make thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars before this year ends! Good luck, and I wish you all the best.


How to buy limited sneakers online: Best manual practices

Best methods for manually buying shoes online

The previous article was all about sneaker bots. Of course, using sneaker bots like Another Nike Bot can greatly increase your chances of securing not just one but even multiple pairs.

But sometimes the best method is to cop manually. Let’s see how here:

1. Nike manual tips

Nike is at the forefront on the war against sneaker bots. They’re doing everything they can to prevent sneaker bot users from being able to use auto checkout software, aka bots, when purchasing shoes from their website.

To prevent this, they are releasing limited shoes primarily through a raffle system in which users must enter using the email address associated with their Nike account. The winners are then chosen through a random raffle. Since bots rely on being able to quickly check out at a set time in a normal check out process, a raffle in which no check out process is involved is impossible to game using bots.

Some people are getting around this issue by raising their chances of winning by signing up with multiple Nike accounts. Of course, there’s a limit to the amount of accounts you can sign up using your own computer and IP address, so there are people out there buying and selling Nike accounts to increase their chances of winning one pair but also opening up their chances of winning more than one pair.


Another way Nike is combatting sneaker bots is through its SNKRS app. This app was released in 2015 and completely changed the buying process of shoes. Instead of going on Nike’s website and logging into your account and browsing through a ton of products to get to your shoes of choice, the SNKRS app was like scrolling through an Instagram feed of only the best sneakers (roughly half or more of all SNKRS releases are resellable for a profit at retail, compared to maybe 5% of the shoes on Nike’s site). When you saw a pair of shoes that you know through research has resale value, you can set up the app to send you a push notification reminding you of the release and another one right on the release time.

Setting up the push notification on the SNKRS app is extremely helpful as when you click/swipe the notification at the release time, it will take you directly to your desired shoe and right to the checkout process. You’ll get a notification saying to hold tight and wait to see if you’ve “Got ‘Em”. The odds for you getting a pair at this point are very high, so don’t exit the app and be ready to wait for up to 10 or even 15 minutes. Make sure the settings on your phone have the auto lock on your screen turned off so that after not touching your phone after any amount of time, your screen will still stay open and not automatically lock.

I’ve gotten over 50% of my attempts at highly resellable shoes through the sneakers app, including 2 pairs that I made over $300 each in profit off of. Even if you get the disappointing “Didn’t Get ‘Em” notification after waiting, give it another try and you just might get lucky.

Remember though that when using the SNKRS app, be sure to get on the app exactly on the release time, either through clicking the push notification that happens on the release time, or getting on the app minutes before the release time and refreshing exactly at the release time, which is usually 10:00AM EST, and the buttton below the shoe will turn into a price rather than a “Notify Me” button. Press the price and proceed through checkout with high hopes. This app alone has basically made my car payments through some months.

2. Adidas manual tips

Although is a popular target for users of sneaker bots, it doesn’t mean that you’re not able to manually purchase a pair of Yeezys through Adidas or through Yeezy supply (Kanye’s direct Yeezy brand retailer.) You’ll have to have a couple things in advance set up to do so.

Twitter accounts:

Adidas will release Yeezys at a random time on the release day. Although some have pulled all nighters with their eyes peeled open to the screen, refreshing every 30 seconds, it’s not worth doing this. Historically, Yeezy’s have dropped sometime between 10AM and 1:00PM EST. Also, the window for you being able to purchase the shoes is about 30 minutes. So if the shoes initially release at 10:45AM, you’ll have until about 11:15AM to have your shot at getting them. It’s also been said that it doesn’t matter to adidas whether you went to their site right at the release time or some time after, so long as you are within the window which the shoes are still available, since the process is random.

The best thing to do to prepare yourself is to follow a number of twitter accounts, including (but not limited to) the official twitter of adidas and that of Kanye West, @adidasalerts and @solelinks.

Whenever the shoes become available, these accounts will normally take you to a direct link to the shoes. Often, the link is So another method is to have open in your browser with no other tabs or windows open, and Twitter push notifications set up on your phone so that the instant you get the notification of Yeezys becoming available, you can go onto the site and refresh the page, putting you in the “waiting room” for Yeezys. Be ready to wait up to 40 minutes to be given the chance to go through the checkout process, also be ready to be faked out by the website numerous times before you actually make it through the process. Make sure that when you get to the buying page that you select a size that’s available and add it to your cart. Sometimes, a size will be listed as in stock but when you try to add it to cart, it’ll say it’s out of stock. You can try the size again or try out a different size, but either way, if the shoes have not been added to your cart then you’re not buying them. Also, if you’re lucky enough to pick a size and it goes to your cart, you’re not in the clear yet. Proceed immediately to the checkout page, as adidas will time you out for inactivity, and remember that you have not gotten your pair until you have completed the checkout process and you’ve gotten a confirmation email. Even then you’re at 90%, as adidas has been known to occasionally send out emails of orders being unable to be fulfilled even after the confirmation email, although this is very rare. You’re only at 100% when you’ve gotten a follow up email along with a tracking number. To make it to this point is totally possible without using a sneaker bot, but the odds are pretty low so be mentally prepared for release day to go both ways.

To buy Yeezy’s at retail is definitely an amazing feeling, but is also worth the shot at manually purchasing, but be prepared for an early rise and to follow Kanye’s twitter account to know when to purchase. Historically, Yeezy Supply makes the shoes available for purchase around 5AM-6AM EST, but has been known to release as early as 4AM. Remember that not until you get the email confirmation of your order as well as the shipping follow up a day or two later do you have a pair of shoes secured. Also remember that even when you’re on the page with sizes still available, your chances remain slim. Putting yourself in the position of being able to buy the shoes is better than missing out completely, and with enough persistence and some luck you will eventually be able to buy a pair of Yeezy’s for retail using this method

Another method to manually buy Yeezy’s without the use of sneaker bots is to try lesser known sites for better odds !

Thanks to the wonderful resource, I’ve been able to go on lesser known sites and luck out on the occasional pair of Yeezy’s!

Be aware though that some of these lesser known sites are international, so not only are some not in English, but you’ll have to log onto the site at a strange time (like 3:00 or 4:00AM) and possibly use an international parcel forwarding service like Borderlinx to have your mail forwarded to you from a European address. Most of these services are free to set up and make it really easy to cop from a site like END clothing.

Apps and Raffles.

You’re also able to purchase a pair of Yeezy’s as the winner of a raffle. If you live in or near a major city like New York or LA, there will probably be a store in the city doing an in store raffle. Interestingly, smaller cities like Cleveland (retailer: Xhibition) and Charlotte (retailer: Social Status) have been known to stock Yeezy’s in store and hold in store raffles at their boutique retailers that are approved to stock Yeezy’s.

Another way to secure yourself a pair of Yeezy’s is through the adidas confirmed app. Champs, Footlocker and Footaction have all made their own version of this app in which you’re able to buy a pair of Yeezy’s at their store, and although the process is slightly different for these apps, all of these Yeezy grabbing apps are dependent on your location.

With the adidas confimed app, you’ll have to first register for your shot at reserving a pair before the deadline expires, then you’ll have to go on the app exactly at the instructed day and time (typically the Thursday before the release weekend at 4:00PM EST), and tap like crazy on a circle that appears (or sometimes doesn’t) on your phone for your shot at reserving a pair. If you get the notification that a pair is reserved for you, you’ll see a store location and a timeframe, and if you’re able to buy shoes according to those parameters, then you’re all set! It’s pretty cool if you’re trying to resell these shoes because you can coordinate with a buyer exactly where you’re going to be and immediately and safely sell the shoes right after you buy them (in or right outside of a store full of cameras, other people, and often police.)

The other reservation apps that retailers like Footaction are offering work on a point system. Your odds are higher if you’ve purchased from the store before. You’ll probably have to make a physical check in at your desired store just to enter for the drawing initially. Your odds are greatly increased if you reach a higher status based on your purchase history as a member of the store, usually in tiers of $200 or so. I’ve heard that at the highest status, you’re pretty much guaranteed a pair. To maintain the highest status, you’ll have to spend upwards of $500 at the store, sometimes more, so in my opinion, unless you’re spending $500 on resellable shoes or stuff you can at least break even on to resell on, it’s not really worth the hassle of spending that much, but if you want to do that then by all means go for it.

Unless you’re close enough to drive or willing to make a trip to cities where location based apps open up the door for you or raffles are being held in store, you’re SOL when it comes to physical raffles. Apparently there are ways to spoof your phone or iPad location, but these methods are shady and I haven’t known people who have legitimately gotten this to work, and if you see this being advertised online as a service, it’s likely a scam. Luckily, you still have a shot to score Yeezy’s, albeit a very slim one,  using online raffles.

Again, the awesome resource Justfreshkicks also has the most extensive list of online raffles that I’ve seen. Most online raffles are as simple as entering your name, size and email address, and all I have seen are free, however, be sure to pay attention to the time frame in which you are allowed to enter the raffle. Don’t miss out! The most work you’ll have to do to enter a raffle is an Instagram raffle, where you’ll have to mildly embarrass yourself by reposting a retailer’s image on your Instagram along with a certain caption that normally includes you tagging a number of your friends and keeping the post up until the drawing happens. Even though tons of people enter these sort of raffles, it is free to enter and having a 5 in 1000 chance is 5 times better than having a 1 in 1000 chance so keep on doing whatever it takes to score a pair if it’s your goal to be able to buy yeezys online manually without a bot.

Remember these lesser known retailers like Xhibition and Social Status, because when it comes to securing limited kicks that aren’t quite Yeezys but still resellable, these sites are often less crowded and you have a higher chance at a manual purchase.

3. Supreme Manual Tips

Supreme is also on the war against bots, although appartently they’re not very good at it as I know many who are still using bots to get their hands on limited supreme items.

Like many sites that combat auto check out bots, Supreme will shut down orders that have been executed quickly. Hilariously, I have heard to some super fast Supreme site veterans have been shut down because Supreme thought they were a bot but they were actually just that fast.

If you follow Instagram accounts like @Supcommunity, which is an excellent resource for Supreme news, you’ll see that items that resell for hundreds of dollars above retail are sometimes available to be bought for over 1 minute after the release time. Although this doesn’t sound like a lot, if you’re able to log in right at the release time and type in information pretty quickly, you have a good shot at getting your desired clothing item or pair of shoes.

One time I logged into Supreme’s site right at the release time and the page wouldn’t load. I waited 5 minutes and went back on the page, and finally, 9 minutes after the release time I got to the product page for the Supreme Air Jordan 5’s and was able to get them in a desirable size, manually. I purchased them for $190 and resold them for $550 2 days later. No bot was necessary for this process! I’ve also lucked out on some other Supreme clothing items without the use of a bot. So stay up to date with Supreme news and be ready Thursday mornings at 11AM EST for the drops! Physically entering for a Supreme raffle only happens in major cities like NYC and LA, and the process is secretive so I won’t write about it here but I get into it more in the full reseller’s field guide.


Well that about does it for manually copping limited kicks like Yeezy’s! Try out these methods and then customize your process to something that works for you, and I promise you that with enough persistence you’ll be able to score a pair of kicks at retail, without a sneaker bot. Of course you’d want to know what actual shoes to buy to apply these new techniques. For that, check out the next post, Best Sneakers to Resell Last Quarter of 2017.

How to Use Sneaker Bots to Buy Yeezys and Jordans

The early bird gets the worm. This saying is particularly true when it comes to sneakers, which can sell out mere seconds after the release time.

If you didn’t know already, selling sneakers above retail for profit is a common practice due to classic supply and demand economic laws for limited shoes. A lot of hate is tossed towards the reselling community because of it, but no protest will stop this practice from happening. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Kids like Benjamin Kickz are making a ton of money capitalizing simply off of sneaker reselling. This is America isn’t it? The land of entrepreneurship. Selling sneakers is one of the best ways to learn entrepreneurial skills, but you must educate yourself first, especially in areas like how to purchase shoes that sell out faster than anyone can fill in a credit card number.

Most online sneaker retailers will still sell shoes at a first come, first serve basis. In the earlier days of internet based sneaker releases, simply logging on to the online retailer at the exact release time and going through the motions of a checkout was enough to secure yourself a pair. Eventually, as the buying side became more saturated, a few innovative people decided to virtually guarantee their chances of winning a pair of shoe by completing the checkout process faster than anyone could type. The only way to beat a human is to be a computer. To do this, they would run a program known as a sneaker bot.

I initially didn’t want to spend the money on sneaker bots, but after multiple times of pressing my luck by logging on to the website exactly at the release time and getting shut down 98% of the time, I decided to do the research on how to use sneaker bots to “cop” rare shoes like Yeezys and limited Jordans.

As mentioned briefly before, a sneaker bot is a program that uses previously loaded information to quickly and automatically make a purchase on a website that sells sneakers, exactly at the release time. When using a sneaker bot, your odds of securing yourself a pair is greatly increased as you’ll be putting in information faster than any human can type, which will make you an early bird at the shoe drop.

Unfortunately, using a sneaker bot isn’t as simple as buying the program and letting it do its magic. There are a few hurdles you need to jump if you want to incorporate botting in your shoe copping strategy.

Although the price of a bot, which will run you a couple hundred dollars, will probably scare you away initially as it did for me, you will soon realize that the return on investment is much greater than the cost as using a bot can make you thousands of dollars a month and pay itself off entirely in one weekend.

So let’s get to the chase. Here I will break down the necessary steps to use a bot to nearly guarantee your purchase of one or possibly multiple of a rare pair of shoes like the Yeezy Boost or another Jordan model.

Step 1: Know your bots

There are many bots out there. Some simply auto fill your information and you’ll have to do the rest, and these are known as auto fill bots. These bots are very cheap ($10-20) and are often simply chrome extensions. Although they may save you a few seconds, my experience is that they’re not worth the money and some of them don’t even work.

Another type of bot, which is also commonly just a Google Chrome extension is an add to cart bot. Instead of logging into the website, finding the shoe, and clicking the add to cart button, this bot will automatically put your shoe and size of choice directly into your shopping cart, shaving off precious seconds in the checkout process. These kind of bots also fall on the cheaper side of under $30 or even free if you know the right person, but they don’t always guarantee success.

Although both of the bots mentioned above can increase your chances when it comes to securing a pair of highly desirable shoes, if you want to be a pro at reselling sneakers, you don’t want a cheap bot that simply fills out your info or throws shoes in your shopping cart using a chrome extension. What you want is a bot that is a full on program that will perform the checkout process completely for you. This is known as an auto check out bot.

Before I describe the process of buying your own sneaker bot, it’s worth mentioning that there are auto check out services out there that are essentially selling space on their bot/program that is buying sneakers. These are auto check out services, and to use them it is as simple as paying them along with some information. Although I have had success with these services, like RSVP Kingz  and DoubleUpKicks, it is better to have more control over your personal information and in the long run it’s cheaper to pay more up front to have your own sneaker bot for buying shoes.

Step 2: Purchase a high quality, reputable bot

There are many bot options out there, and with a relatively high intitial invenstment of a couple hundred dollars or so, it may be hard to know where to start. My advice is to pick one and follow through with it. At the end of the day, most of these sneaker bots are the same, however, I would recommend that if you are trying for a specific brand like Nike or Adidas or even Supreme that you would buy a sneaker bot specific to the brand you want. That said, here are the top sneaker bots for securing a rare pair of shoes like Jordans or Yeezys.

Another Nike Bot is one of the most popular bots out there, and for a reason. Just check their Twitter feed for success shout outs. Their customer support is on point as well and they quickly respond to questions and provide great tutorials on how to use their software. That said, it’s not a guarantee that their software works every time, and you need to learn how to properly set up other things in order for it to work. I’ll try and quickly go over the necessary prerequisites to running a sneaker program like Another Nike Bot or Heated Sneaks in the rest of this article.

Step 3: Proxies

Ok, now that you have your bot setup, you need to purchase proxies. Before explaining what a proxy is and how it relates to sneakers, it is good to know that if a retailer suspects that you are using a sneaker bot due to patterns that don’t line up with normal human behavior, like rapidly repeating requests for checkout processes, they will ban you from using their website, sometimes permanently. Getting shut down from a retailer is end game for reselling kicks. Sites ban you based on your IP address, which is what identifies you as a unique internet user on your device/wifi/browser. Once your IP address is banned and is tied to your name and purchasing information, you will never be able to buy shoes from the website again. Using a sneaker bot is almost guaranteed to eventually get the IP address of the user banned, especially as websites are cracking down on bot usage.

The only way to get around this issue is to have different IP addresses, which can be had through the purchase of proxies, so if one gets banned you still have others to use, and your personal IP address is never compromised. Proxies are absolutely necessary if you want to use a sneaker bot to buy shoes. 

Step 4: Servers

Your internet connection is probably wifi to a laptop with a lot of other conflicting wifi signals around it as well as a lot of antivirus and firewall software running that will probably conflict with the performance of your bot. Speed is of the essence, and unless you have a crazy fast internet set up on a PC with a dedicated server, you’re going to need to rent server space. You’ll be using another network’s connection to the internet that is a lot cleaner and hence much faster than your own, greatly increasing the chances of a purchase. Simply google “virtual private server” and you’ll see a number of services that will definitely help out the performance of your sneaker bot or even if you’re trying to manually cop. 

Step 5: Links

To use your bot, you’ll have to give it links so it knows where to go to make its purchase. There are backdoor links and early links. You can find these through twitter accounts like Just Fresh Kicks and Heated Sneaks, or you can find them browsing dedicated sneaker communities. Having these links can also help you buy the shoes without the use of sneaker bots as these links put you in a different, much shorter line for the kicks than that of the general public. 

Hopefully this gives you a good idea of how to use sneaker bots to buy rare sneakers like Yeezy’s and Jordans. Although I didn’t go over everything and definitely didn’t go super in depth, as this is meant to be more of a beginner friendly guide, this should give you a good base to work off of. Continue to do research online before you decide to buy a bot like Another Nike Bot, but if you do, it may be the best decision you make when it comes to becoming a real deal sneaker plug.

With more Yeezy’s coming out later this year as well as other hot releases coming like the Nike x Off White collection and Pharrell Human Race NMD’s, learning how to use sneaker bots now is something worth learning as it can pay off big time before the year ends.

DISCLAIMER: Although bots are an amazing tool when it comes to buying and selling sneakers, they don’t always work and are expensive. Have more tools under your belt. Check out the post How to Buy Limited Sneakers online: Best Manual Practices for how to secure rare kicks using techniques that are absolutely free.

Take care and I wish you all the best!

The journey to over $10,000 per month reselling sneakers

The paypal account pictured above is what one good month of successful sneaker reselling can look like.

At a net of about 30%, this is nearly a $4,000 profit.

Not bad huh?

A month like this came after many mistakes, and the following months came with a few setbacks including penalties from Paypal, which cost me thousands in lost potential income.

There are a few steps to take to reach a five figure month in selling sneakers or anything else for that matter. I prefer reselling sneakers because they are a high ticket item whose market is established and liquid, flowing at all hours of the day.

Step 1:
Have at least $1,000 to invest initially.

How do you get this initial G? Well there are a couple different ways you can do this. Obviously you need to save money. If you don’t have a job, get a job. If you have a job and you don’t save money, start to automatically set aside a certain amount of money every paycheck to a separate bank account that you don’t touch. You can talk to your employer about setting this up through a direct deposit that goes to 2 different bank accounts. If you don’t see it you don’t spend it. Something like 20% of your paycheck is a good goal. Depending on how much money you make, you may be able to save up $1,000 on your own fairly quickly. If you don’t earn enough to save $1,000 in less than a couple months or so, or if you just have bad spending habits that you can’t fix, save $200 to start (and cut that stupid spending!)

How to save $1000 if you don’t make a lot of money

With an automatic bank transfer, you can save $200 in about a month, enough to buy your first pair of shoes to flip. Flip this pair of shoes, then record the profit. Tell someone you know who has some money that trusts you, maybe an older friend or even a parent, and explain to them the sneaker market and how if they invest in you they can get some sort of return back. I did this initially to help build my bank up. Work out the terms in a way so that they make money, even if you break even, so you can build trust. Having the initial purchasing power is important and is something that can’t be ignored when selling sneakers.

The Penny Hoarder is an excellent resource on this topic. You absolutely need working capital and $1,000 is the bare minimum if you want to be a serious sneaker reseller, especially if you want to be the plug. You need money to play the game.

Step 2: Be a professional

Your reputation is key. It’s not worth burning a customer once and ruining your reputation forever. EBay especially can make or break you. Your reputation as a seller on eBay is totally transparent to buyers. The more positive reviews that you gather, the more your buyer is likely to purchase an expensive pair of shoes off of you because they can trust that you sell authentic shoes even when dealing in high dollar amounts, which brings us to the last and one of the most important points if you’d like to make money. A 100% feedback is almost always a make or break for a buyer of expensive shoes like Yeezys. Sell as many shoes as possible and build an impeccable track record. Reputation takes time to build, so don’t rush it. You won’t be a veteran a couple months in, but if you have a good track record with a high volume of high ticket kicks, big money buyers will trust you enough to part with their money and give it to you.

Step 3: Sell exclusively expensive models

Have you ever wanted to make more money with less work? Well you can, if you start to sell more expensive sneakers. 20% on $1,000 is worth $200 vs 20% on $100 which is $20, it’s simple math, you make more money moving heavier weight. Of course, other than the risk of a higher initial capital invested, there are more associated risks with dealing in more expensive goods. One is the issue of fakes.  The other is simply knowing how and where to get them at retail. You can buy a pair of Yeezy’s for $220 and flip them for up to $2000. This is serious money. If you are serious about these topics and hoping to learn more tips, including how to effectively network with such high end buyers that will drive your revenue, keep reading and learning every day. Advanced tactics are discussed in the post How to Use Sneaker Bots to Buy Yeezys and Jordans. Don’t pass up on this read, it’s too valuable not to, and a lot of people in the community don’t want to share this information but I don’t mind. I think competition is wonderful and keeps people on edge!

Step 4: Set and achieve goals

You can never achieve what you don’t envision. The first step to selling five figures worth of sneakers in a month is knowing that you’re the kind of person that can do such a thing. Selling sneakers is something that is not biased towards how old you are, what gender you are, if you’re fat or if you’re skinny, good looking or ugly, even rich or poor. Anyone can do it. There are 15 year olds in the sneaker reselling world making more money than people 10 years older than them. I came in the game as an absolute outsider and reached high levels. I simply believed that I could be someone who could do such a thing. So have confidence in yourself. But of course the confidence has to be based on something so it’s not delusional. It needs to be based on extensive knowledge.

I promise that if you follow these steps above, you will be well on your way to becoming your very own Six Figure Sneakerhead. Of course, there are a lot more details to fill in on the way there, but do extensive research, check out the beginner’s resale field guide, and most importantly, TAKE ACTION.

Just like playing a sport, you can watch all the football you want and you can definitely learn some techniques while doing so, but you’ll never become good at football if you never actually play it. The only way you get good at anything, whether it be football or surfing, business or selling sneakers, is by going out and doing it.

Well that’s it for today.

I wish you guys all the best!