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My Story

Hey guys, my name is JV, the creator of Six Figure Sneakerhead.

In less than 1 year, I scaled my sneaker business to levels higher than I ever thought I would reach. I made this site as the ultimate resource for you to learn all about the shoe resale game.

After trying many different ways to make money reselling absolutely everything, I learned that the billion dollar sneaker pie is where it’s at, and uncovered what it took to become a sneaker plug and to grow a business from $0 to $10K monthly🔌💸.

Little did I know that the discovery of the sneaker resale market was the most important discovery I ever made, and that it would change my life forever…

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At Six Figure Sneakerhead, it’s our goal to give you the best educational resources when it comes to sneaker reselling👟🎓.
We created the 280+ page Hypemaster Playbook as the number one, highly reviewed resource for anyone who wants to start a shoe resale business or to take their current business to the next level!

In mid 2020, we dropped a limited run insider secrets guide on how it’s possible to get 50+ pairs in one release… this is just one of many upcoming additions to give you the edge you need in this game, and to get you up to plug status.


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Hype Shoes 101: Gaining Sneaker Plug Level Knowledge

  • OG Models: The Retro Jordan Rundown!
  • How to find the most profitable Adidas shoes!
  • Identifying Designer & Celebrity Collabs with Massive Profit potential!
  • streetwear you can flip for big bucks!
  • Necessary Sneakerhead Lingo: talk the talk to walk the walk!


Knowledge into Action: Buying and Selling Hype Shoes Worth Thousands

  • The best method for identifying profitable shoe releases!
  • Where to source limited kicks, plus apps that can make you thousands!
  • Winning raffles at a higher rate, and other online hacks!
  • Guide for buying Yeezys online!
  • How to buy super limited shoes worth thousands!
  • The 4 Secret goldmines for valuable shoes!
  • And Much More!


Becoming A Limited Sneaker Guru: Demystify Info Overwhelm With The Best Resources

  • Become an expert at spotting fakes!
  • How To Effectively Use Social Media as a
  • Research Tool! Instagram Business Guide!
  • Instagram Business guide!
  • Overlooked web resources & hacks!
  • Advanced tools and private groups!


The “Bot Guide”: Mastering The Mystery Of Sneaker Bots

  • Using bots without actually owning a bot!
  • The best bots on the market today!
  • The “Cook Recipe”: all necessary components of a sneaker bot
  • How to?: Safely buy and use sneaker bots!
  • Step by step setup for securing multiple pairs maximum profit!
  • Ultimate resources to get the highest success from your bot!


$0-$10k In 6 Months Or Less: Step-By-Step Business Plan To Becoming A Six Figure Sneakerhead

  • How to gain plug status from scratch: why it’s than you think (if you do it right)!
  • Mapping out the 4 Steps and 4 Phases of becoming six figure Sneakerhead!
  • Hitting $10K in 3-6 months!
  • Advanced investment techniques and strategy!
  • Gaining millionaire and celebrity customers!
  • Opening up your own store and making a name yourself!
  • Business advice: taxes, LLC, and more!

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