Month: January 2018

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You Might Be Surprised to Learn that Sneakers are One of the Best Selling Items on eBay

Out of all the many things that are making people rich on eBay, there are still many that remain ignorant of one of the best opportunities out there: Resellable sneakers.

Jordan returns vs the stock market

Sneakerhead Economics: Shoes as an Investment

If you have money set aside to invest, you should take a second look at why Jordans might be one of your best options. Read more to see how shoes actually beat the stock market’s returns.

5 of the Most Expensive Sneakers That are Worth Six Figures Per Pair

You’ll be shocked to learn that sneakers can go for the price of a nice car. Here are 5 of the most expensive models to ever release—the prices per pair will absolutely shock you.

Jordans are harder to buy in 2018 “Air Jordans Are Going To Be Harder To Buy” in 2018

The reason that the sneaker resale market exists is because the demand is higher than the supply, and many people miss out. The harder shoes are to buy, the higher the price. 2018’s set to be harder and more profitable than ever before.

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