Month: March 2018

Top Sneakers that Will Make You Money Q2 2018

We’re looking forward to a jam packed end half of 2018, with tons of money to be made for resellers. It’s definitely not too late to learn and participate. Check out the exact models here.

Win shoes from Nike gift shoes

How to Win Sneakers Straight from SNKRS and

Not just everyone can get rare Nikes, there’s a certain amount of luck involved, especially when it comes to Nike SNKRS app. Here are our best tips on how insiders are winning more than average.

legit shoe resale sites

A Review of the Best Legit Shoe Resale Sites

Navigating the world of where to sell your hard earned sneakers can be confusing. We’re here to demystify the top platforms to use and which ones to avoid so you can have the best success as a reseller.

Beginner shoe reseller questions answered

Answers to Common Questions from A Newbie Shoe Reseller

Here’s a much requested post for the n00bs out there, wrapping up the most common email questions we receive. Read this and shed light on the sneaker money opportunity!

Which Is The Best Shoe to Resell: Adidas or Nike Jordan?

Nike is the current king in market share and an overall favorite, especially in America. Let’s check out how Adidas is actually brewing up decent competition for the “Just Do It” brand.

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