Month: April 2018

make more money selling shoes

3 Ways How to Make the Most Money When Reselling Shoes

Reselling shoes is an incredible opportunity, but there are certain rules you need to follow to make the most of it. Check out these 3 insider tips on how to make the most money when reselling sneakers.

off white jordan 2018 unc 1 converse

How to Get Off-White Jordan and Converse for Retail This Year

The Off White Nike Jordans are undeniably the hottest sneakers right now, with multiple models reselling for $500-$1000 in profit per pair. Learn how you can buy these at the retail price and cash in.

real vs fake yeezy 350 750 v2 boost legit

Legit Check on Yeezy Boost: 350 V2 Copper, 750 OG Light Brown

Fakes are just getting better and better. Here’s our exclusive guide with our very own pictures of multiple Yeezy 350 and 750 models so you can be an expert of real vs fake.

sell sneakers on eBay

Should I Sell Shoes on eBay for Profit?

So you’ve gotten your rare shoes, you know they’re worth money, but how do you sell them? Let’s explore if eBay is a good answer for cashing out.

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