2020 Nike Chinese New Year: Air Force and Air Jordan 1 Low

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01/17/2020 ~ Haider Tahir

Greetings sneakerheads, it is with great pleasure that I announce that the Chinese New Year is in almost a week.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this will be the “Year of the Rat”.

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Now according to Chinese Zodiac, the rat is a clever and quick thinker and is also a sign of wealth and surplus.

Well, say no more right? Because what’s a better way to start off the New Year than to make high profits.

It seems Nike has heard our prayers.

They are set to release two special editions Chinese New Year sneakers: The Air Force 1 Low and The Air Jordan 1 Low.

The Air Force 1 Low Chinese New Year.

Release Date: January 2020

Retail Price: $130

Availability: Sold Out

Nike knows how to get into our pockets with their sleek designs. Who can resist this clean white finish? Air Force 1’s should not be allowed to look this good.

Air Force 1’s has a completely clean white finish with Chinese patterns imprinted all around the shoe. The classic Nike swoosh is stitched to both sides of the sneaker.

What’s particularly interesting about this shoe is the inside. The in-soles of the shoe is covered in eye-popping designs in vibrant watercolors. It’s hard to look away because it’s so damn good.

The Air Force 1 Low takes a much cleaner look than it’s predecessor, the Lunar New Year Air Force 1. As you can see, the Lunar New Year Air Force 1 was covered in vibrant print and colors.

Nike, this time, has ditched that for the cleaner look with patterns ranging from florals to animals.

The sneakers come in a special edition box which itself is covered in attention-grabbing patterns.

The sneakers released just this month in-stores and on Nike’s official website. However, due to their hype, they are currently sold out on Nike’s website.

They retail at $130 and if the previous Air Force sneakers say something, it’s that there definitely is some money to be made here.

Resale Value: Air Force 1 CNY

I know you’re all desperately waiting to read this part and I shall make you wait no longer.

Now, the Air Force 1 market is a bit tricky. Not every release is a super hit.

The Lunar New Year Air Force 1 low which was released in 2019 is currently not performing so hot as they are being resold at less than their retail value at this point.

However, not all is doom and gloom. One of the reasons why the Lunar New Year Air Force 1 didn’t perform so well, in my opinion, is because of their bold patterns.

Air Force 1 are known to be clean and sleek. And the market doesn’t respond positively to flash and extravaganza.

If we look at Air Force 1 Low Roc-A-Fella, they offer the consumer a complete white clean finish similar to the Chinese New Year Air Force 1 Low. They were released in 2017 at $150. Even today, they are resold at on average $200.

Also adding the fact, that the Chinese New Year AF1 Low sold out really quickly and thus their resale value will definitely be much greater than their retail price $130.

Therefore, these are a good investment BUT you must be quick here if you want to make some extra cash.

The Air Jordan 1 Low Chinese New Year.

Release Date: February 2020

Retail Price: Not Known Yet

Availability: Only 5000 pairs in production

Nike definitely didn’t shy away from going out of their way here.

The Air Jordan 1’s features a vast variety of flower motifs, vibrant colors, Picasso-esque patterns, and even glow in the dark detailing.

Each shoe comes with a wing insignia which features the production number as Nike will only be releasing 5000 of the Air Jordan 1 Low Chinese New Year.

What’s fascinating, to me, is the glow in the dark detailing. It looks Nike took a risk and it paid off here.


Air Jordan has a cult following in the sneaker marketplace and it is no doubt that collectors are counting the days till these drop. For sure, the Air Jordan 1 Low will be sold-out in an instant as they are only 5000 in number.

Resale Value: Air Jordan 1 Low “Chinese New Year”

As for the resale value, we can’t say much as of yet as we are still waiting on additional information regarding where the shoes will be sold and for how much.

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That’s all for today sneakerheads, take care!