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Supreme is one of the hottest streetwear brands right now. Born in 1994 in New York City, Supreme with its iconic box logo in white Futura Heavy Oblique font with a red background has grown to become legendary from its small beginnings. Even though Supreme could have opened up hundreds or even thousands of retail stores nationwide and scaled as big as Nike, they didn’t. The last store they opened up was in Brooklyn, which was just the 11th store worldwide. Their brand name and its demand is growing much more quickly than their infrastructure, which is causing ever higher demand for their increasingly limited supply. As reselling Jordans and even Yeezys is becoming more and more competitive, it is necessary to reevaluate and diversify your income stream as a reseller. Supreme is an excellent place to look. Armed with the correct knowledge and a little bit of initiative, you can start profiting of of Supreme every Thursday when they drop new clothing items.

Historically, Supreme has had the highest markups of any clothing brands, excluding shoes. For some awesome history on the brand and the reselling opportunity, check out this documentary that Complex made where you’ll get a taste of the resale, “hypebeast” lifestyle.

Although not all of their clothing results in a hefty profit, if you follow them enough and jump on opportunities, there have been events where you can cash out at over $1500 for a $180 hoodie. Not bad.

Supreme also made big waves with the hottest streetwear collaboration of the year.

Their partnership with Louis Vuitton blurred the lines between high end luxury and grungy streetwear for outrageous prices.

Supreme + Louis Vuitton: The hottest celebrity couple of the year

Denim tops were selling as high as $4,000 and some people were spending upwards of $20,000 on a single item for this rare collaboration.

People were willing to pay this much for this holy grail streetwear collaboration simply because they were so hard to get at retail. One had to live in a specific city like Paris, LA or NYC to secure such a release.

Most people brush off such resell opportunities as totally unobtainable because they don’t live in such a city–and they’re right.

However, it is silly to write off the resell potential altogether. The opportunity does not lie simply in getting the clothes at retail and selling at top dollar resale, although that is ideal.

Day Trading Supreme

There is a free market, just like the stock market, in the world of hype streetwear with brands like Supreme and Nike Jordan. Since no one is setting a real price, there is a variable price of what the market trends at. Once you understand the reselling markets, you will see that the range that exists in expensive items allows enough leeway for resell profit.

You’ll need to understand the price ranges first to determine whether or not something is a good price. If you keep your eye out on an expensive collaboration like the Supreme x Louis Vuitton partnership, and you are involved in your local community, over time you will run across a deal that leaves you enough room to profit. This is more of an advanced and a long game strategy as you’ll have to make sure you don’t accidentally buy fakes and you need to be a lot more careful during these transactions. It’s good to know this opportunity is there for you to partake in if you so choose.

Follow Supreme news

Communities like the @supcommunity Instagram and Reddit’s /r/supreme subreddit can give you a good taste of what is in style and what upcoming releases will be valuable. Despite a great track record, their product line is not without flops. Be careful that you’re not just out there buying anything Supreme. Keep up with what’s hot and what’s not to be sure that you are investing in sure bets that will sell the same day you buy them.

Getting Supreme on their Website

Supreme does a good job at fighting bots. Also, if you look at the sell out times on the Supcommunity Instagram, you’ll see that some sought after items are available for up to 45 seconds, which is enough time to add to your cart and check out if you use the correct strategy. Many people have success getting Supreme at retail for a profit without the aid of expensive and risky bots that take expert knowledge to use.

Here’s the one thing you need to greatly increase your chances at getting Supreme at the retail price: the Google Chrome browser. If you don’t have it already, go ahead and download it, it’s free. Use Google Chrome’s AutoFill and get right on the site at 11:00AM EST every Thursday. Make sure all of your info is correct before having the

Getting Supreme in person

If you happen to live in NYC (2 stores), LA, Tokyo (6 stores), London or Paris, you’ll have a shot at getting limited Supreme releases. Historically, you need to register in person for a raffle, either in store, or in a secretive scavenger hunt style sign up where locations are emailed to you on a private list that is always changing and dropping people. That info I can’t post online, for that you’ll have to go to the city and find out 😉




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