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At Six Figure Sneakerhead, it’s our goal to give you the best educational resources when it comes to making money with sneakers.

We created the 400+ page Hypemaster Playbook (updated for 2021) as the number one, highly reviewed resource for anyone who wants to start a shoe resale business or to take their current business to the next level!

 A recent limited drop of insider secrets is just one of many upcoming resources for those who need the edge in this game.

Whether it’s Yeezy’s or Jordans or even lucrative streetwear like Supreme, you can make big money as a reseller, we’re here to show you how!


My name is JV and the billion dollar sneaker market changed my life.

Myself, Alex (who is UK based) and Enzo run Six Figure Sneakerhead, which was created for resellers, by resellers.

In addition to the blog that is absolutely full of free information, including updated monthly articles of the best shoes to flip today, we have an in depth, five part Hypemaster Playbook is available to those who are serious about becoming a sneaker reseller and would like to take their game to the next level.

We also have an exclusive Winner’s Circle (limited stock) full of dedicated resellers and helpful admins from all around the world.

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Hype Shoes 101: Gaining Sneaker Plug Level Knowledge

  • OG Models: The Retro Jordan Rundown!
  • How to find the most profitable Adidas shoes!
  • Identifying Designer & Celebrity Collabs with Massive Profit potential!
  • streetwear you can flip for big bucks!
  • Necessary Sneakerhead Lingo: talk the talk to walk the walk!
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Knowledge into Action: Buying and Selling Hype Shoes Worth Thousands

  • The best method for identifying profitable shoe releases!
  • Where to source limited kicks, plus apps that can make you thousands!
  • Winning raffles at a higher rate, and other online hacks!
  • Guide for buying Yeezys online!
  • How to buy super limited shoes worth thousands!
  • The 4 Secret goldmines for valuable shoes!
  • And Much More!
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Becoming A Limited Sneaker Guru: Demystify Info Overwhelm With The Best Resources

  • Become an expert at spotting fakes!
  • How To Effectively Use Social Media as a
  • Research Tool! Instagram Business Guide!
  • Instagram Business guide!
  • Overlooked web resources & hacks!
  • Advanced tools and private groups!
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The “Bot Guide”: Mastering The Mystery Of Sneaker Bots

  • Using bots without actually owning a bot!
  • The best bots on the market today!
  • The “Cook Recipe”: all necessary components of a sneaker bot
  • How to?: Safely buy and use sneaker bots!
  • Step by step setup for securing multiple pairs maximum profit!
  • Ultimate resources to get the highest success from your bot!
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$0-$10k In 6 Months Or Less: Step-By-Step Business Plan To Becoming A Six Figure Sneakerhead

  • How to gain plug status from scratch: why it’s than you think (if you do it right)!
  • Mapping out the 4 Steps and 4 Phases of becoming six figure Sneakerhead!
  • Hitting $10K in 3-6 months!
  • Advanced investment techniques and strategy!
  • Gaining millionaire and celebrity customers!
  • Opening up your own store and making a name yourself!
  • Business advice: taxes, LLC, and more!
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