Air Jordan 1 Mid WMNS Barely Orange Release Date and Resell (Full Guide)

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09/30/2020 ~ Mohammad Yousaf

Air Jordan 1 Mid Barely Orange Background, Release Date, and Resell

Starting off October, the Air Jordan 1 Mid colors are all over the place. The latest one is the Air Jordan 1 Mid Barely Orange with a price of $115 that drops on October the 3rd. Keep reading to know all about it!

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The Air Jordan 1 Mid Barely Orange is definitely expected to have some profits. Before we go into details, let me walk you through some background info!

Air Jordan 1 Mid WMNS| On The Rise

Image From House of Heat

Love them or hate them, exclusivity will always be a thing as it’s an ideal marketing strategy. Selling to a particular group is economic and more effective for companies.

As a result, we get fire sneakers that come in either men’s or women’s exclusive sizes. Although it may be annoying for some, there are pretty simple ways around this problem. All you have to do is move up 1.5 sizes going from women’s to men’s.

Anyway, the whole exclusive thing is frowned upon as some women’s exclusives are actually quite nice. A lot of men want to get their hands on them!

The Air Jordan 1 Mid SE Multi-Color Lightbulb and Tie Dye are some examples of highly sought after women exclusives.

This popularity also drives up resale value, making resellers hundreds in profits.

To estimate resale value of the Air Jordan 1 Mid Barely Orange, let’s head on over to StockX.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Dirty Powder Iridescent

From StockX

Retail Price: $115

Peak Resell: $380

Release Date: 02/01/2020

Colorway: Beige/Black

The Air Jordan 1 Mid Dirty Powder iridescent sports similar contrasting color tones to the Air Jordan 1 Mid Orange Peel. It features a beige upper with black hits on the ‘Swoosh’, tongue, and toe box.

The sneaker also features metallic silver overlay around the collar and rear. A matching beige mid-sole and black out-sole finishes off the design.

On StockX, the average selling price is just $160. Nowadays however, average prices are well over $200, passing even $300 for some sizes. I believe the Air Jordan 1 Mid Barely Orange will have similar resale in the long run.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Barely Orange

Via Nike

Retail Price: $115

Estimated Resell: $180

Release Date: October/03/2020

Colorway: Barely Orange/Black-White

The Air Jordan 1 Mid WMNS Barely Orange AKA “Guava Ice” drops among a few other Air Jordan 1 Sneakers that are planned for October.

The sneaker features a pristine nubuck upper, dominated by barely orange tones. Black overlay on the ‘Swoosh’, collar, and toe box provide a much needed contrast. A crisp white mid-sole and barely orange out-sole completes the design.

Take a closer look with these high definition images.




Resale Value

Women’s exclusive Air Jordan 1s are on the rise and I believe these will sell out pretty fast as well.

To get your money back on StockX, you’ll need to sell them for at least $135. That means you’re looking at expected profits of around $50. If you can hold on to them however, prices may rise significantly with potential profits of up to $100.

Air Jordan 1 Mid Barely Orange| Where to Buy

You can buy the Air Jordan 1 Mid Barely Orange at select retailers and They’ll be available on October the 3rd for a retail price of $115.

You can also cop them on StockX


Air Jordan 1 Mid Barely Orange

Retail Price: $115

Estimated Resell: $180

Release Date: October/03/2020

Where to Buy: (Retail)

                           (Resale) StockX

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