January 2019’s Most Valuable Shoes for Resale

After a great year of shoes in 2018, full of profit for all of you resellers, it’s time for a new year which will be as profitable, if not more profitable than last year! January 2019 may not have as many pairs of shoes that can be resold, but the profits are certainly much higher than average this month, with the majority of the pairs we mention having $500 or more profit potential.

December was a great month for shoes, especially in the Six Figure Sneakerhead Private Discord, where we copped over 15 pairs of the rarest sneakers with profits as high as $800 per pair in our small community, thanks to the billion dollar shoe market that makes six figure resellers every year.

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More information on that group can be found later in this article.

For each of these monthly shoe lists, we do our best to only include sneakers that one can buy and sell for more money if that’s the goal.

Now for the first profitable rare shoe of the year:

1. Nike Air Jordan 33 XXIII “Chinese New Year” – Release date Friday January 4th 2019

ebay air jordan 33 chinese new year 2019
From eBay.com ,these Air Jordan 33 Chinese New Years selling for $100 profit

Retail: $175

Peak Resell: $275

Potential Profit: $100

January 2019 for Nike is kicking off with a release of a Chinese New Year theme of its modern silhouette of the Air Jordan 33 sneaker, which unlike a lot of other Nike Air Jordans is popular mostly for actually playing basketball in.

We didn’t have these shoes in listed when we first posted this article, but we included it in the update because although the market was not so strong, there was still money to be made especially if you have your own network of sneaker buyers that you can sell directly to.

Profits peaked at $100 per pair but now hover around $25-$50 per pair. Even though this isn’t a lot of money, it’s a good way to get started in January to prepare for a strong year of limited shoe releases.

2. Nike SB Dunk Low “Panda Pigeon” – Release date Sunday January 6th 2019

Retail: $100

Peak Resell: $450

Potential Profit: $350

Dunks continue to make their comeback into hype, and this will be an especially strong start to the year for them. After CNCPTS made their two nicely profitable Lobster SBs last month as a nod to the dunks of the past, Jeff Staple decided to remake the ultra-famous Panda Pigeon.

These will be limited and will be coveted by many. Members of the Private Discord already know when and where these will be released, and will make sure to cop some, as these will be easy money!

3. Off White x Nike Air Max 90 Black & Desert Ore – Release Date Saturday January 19th 2019

Image from https://www.instagram.com/dirtymoney823/

Retail: $160

Peak Resell $560

Potential Profit: $400

Virgil Abloh and Nike combine for the last time to create these two colourways of the Air Max 90. This will be the last release of “The Ten”, so hopefully the two continue to work together on different shoes, especially because of how profitable they are. Regarding the shoes, there is not much to say – they will net you a lot of profit if you cop them!

The Hypemaster Playbook also makes for an excellent resource if you’re totally new to the shoe game and need a step by step guide on decoding Off White Nikes, rare Adidas, Yeezy’s and more.

4. Nike Zoom Lebron 3 “Superbron” –  Release date Wednesday January 9th 2019

The Nike Lebron 3 Superbrons are a hot commodity on eBay

Retail: $175

Peak Resell: $450

Potential Profit: $275

Despite his semi controversy and constant switching sides in the NBA, Lebron James is truly a king when it comes to Nike and his sneakers.

With a throwback to the Lebron 3 in classic Superman colors of the 2000s, old school sneaker and Lebron lovers will be looking forward greatly to this release in January 2019.

If you’re someone who really wants to learn how to get these shoes, they’ll be available on Nike’s SNKRS app. Check out our free guide here on how to best use Nike’s SNKRS app to get Nike Zoom Lebrons and more without paying the resale price.


5. Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard Overshoe –  Release date Thursday January 31st 2019

Image from Nike.com

Retail: $450

Peak Resell: $1200

Potential Profit: $750

Now, for the final announced shoe of this month, the Nike Mars Yard Overshoe.

Now, you may look at this shoe and think, “What has happened to sneakers?” And yes, these do look quite bad. But sneakerheads also know that underneath the overshoe covering, is a shoe that looks the same as the original Mars Yard sneaker, which goes for around $2500. Unfortunately, you will have to cut off the overshoe covering, to get to see the shoe, but, I’m 99% certain that most people will be doing that!

At the moment, there are only really 5 key releases this month, however, this is subject to change and will be updated as the month progresses.

Some other potential releases include a restock of the Air Fear of God 1s, and also the Fear of God x Nike Particle Beige, but the demand for the latter is not too high at the moment.

If you were to buy 1 pair each of these 5 sneakers, you would be investing around $1o00, and if you sell them at their peaks, you would receive over $2500! This is over $1,500 in pure profit from just these 5 sneakers.

I am certain there will be more releases announced throughout this month, so keep this page bookmarked and follow our Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter for new additions and current news.

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We didn’t just focus on shoes in the group. Some other highlights from the group included cooking Supreme’s world famous Box Logo Crewnecks (6 cooked), their Box Logo Teddy Bear (Over 15 cooked), and even cooking a pair of Air Fear of God 1s on DSMSG, where there were only 36 available!  

Building a sneaker business can be incredibly exciting and as you can see, there are opportunities every month of the year so it’s never too late to get started.

Till the next month,



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