March 2020's Best Sneakers For Resale: Release Guide

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02/29/2020 ~ JVG

2020 is coming in hot with the past two months setting its reputation right as the best year to date to start a sneaker resale business.

You can check out our articles written for each month of January and February to understand that every month there are opportunities.

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1. Adidas Yeezy Boost 380 “MIST”
(Reflective): Release date SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 29tH 2020
MARCH 25TH 2020

Official image of the hyped reflective colorway

Retail Price: $230 (non Reflective) / $250 (Reflective)
Peak Resale Price:$350 (non) / $500 (reflective)
Potential Profit (per pair): $100 (non) / $250 (reflective)

Adidas and Kanye are always switching up.

Both pair originally slated for the end of the month at March 25th, we’re hit with a surprise confirmed early release date for the “Mist” (NF) of  Saturday, February 29th 2020.

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The hyped “reflective”, which we didn’t see on the first Alien 380, is going for a nice profit.

Prices at $250 profit per pair for the reflective “Mist” 380.

The normal 380 Mist is quite desirable as well–real life pics show it to be a real head turner.

From @sneakerjamz, a detailed in person look at the 380 “Mist”

Seems Ye is bringing the Yeezy’s back, which is good to hear–Ye ain’t dead yet!

2. Air Jordan 2 “multicolor” (Women’s): Release date Wednesday, March 5th 2020

Official Nike Image

Retail Price:$190
Peak Resale Price:$300
Potential Profit (per pair):$110

The list of flippable shoes is short starting out, and grouped mostly to one weekend for the time being, giving adequate time to prepare.

A women’s only “Multicolor” palatte on the Air Jordan 2 is bringing attention back to the second retro silhouette which has not really seen much hype in the past few years.

StockX prices of the Jordan 2 “Multi Color”

StockX prices are looking promising, mostly for the larger sizes for men that want to rock these.

3. Nike Air Force Low x Supreme : Release date Thursday, March 5th 2020

Official image of the highly anticipated AF Supreme

Retail Price:$96
Peak Resale Price:$250
Potential Profit (per pair):$150

Supreme debuted a strong week 1 for 2020’s season.

The brand is no stranger to Nike Air Force collabs, and when a clean all white and all black version of a Supreme x AF was revealed to be dropping in Spring of 2020, heads turned.

In typical Supreme fashion, we just got word that the aforementioned drop is happening soon for Supreme’s week 2 on Thursday March 5th–don’t sleep on these!

4. Nike Sb Dunk Low “Safari”: Release date Saturday, March 14th 2020

Image via Hypebeast showing coloration details of the SB for each pair.

Retail Price:$100
Peak Resale Price:$300
Potential Profit (per pair):$200

Out of the 3 releasing in a batch the second weekend of March, one of the more desirable to drop is the Nike Sb Dunk Low “Safari”.

Calling back to 2002’s Atmos Air Max 1 “Safari”, this is one for the OG’s, with a resale price reflecting the hype and history.

Price on StockX of the 2002 Atmos Air Max 1 “Safari”

The Atmos Safari, as seen above, commands resale prices of at least $1000 per pair, far above its retail price of under $200 for huge profits.

Early March 2020 pricing for the SB “Safari” showing profits of over $200 per pair.

It’s no surprise then that the early hype is posting sales of nearly $400 per pair or $300 profit per pair over the $100 retail price.

The prices are expected to settle but these will be hugely desirable and you’ll have to apply advanced techniques like using bots to get them.

5. Nike Sb Dunk Low “SYRACUSE”/”KENTUCKY”: Release date Saturday, March 14th 2020

Retail Price:$100
Peak Resale Price:$250
Potential Profit (per pair):$150

This weekend seems to be the weekend of hyped SBs.

Adding to the Safari are two college team themed options, the Kentucky and Syracuse SB lows.

The hype is big with these, as is the potential profit.

6. Air Jordan 1 “Racer Blue”: Release date Saturday, March 14th 2020

On foot look from @hanzuying

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Retail Price:$175
Peak Resale Price:$250
Potential Profit (per pair):$75

The Air Jordan 1 fan bus keeps pumping along steady, and it seems people just cannot get enough of this silhouette.

For 2020, a price bump above retail with a new tag of $175 (from a previous $160) doesn’t make much of a difference for many who often willingly pay resale anyways.

The clean “Racer Blue” is a tasteful glossy take on what initially looks like a UNC.


A look below at the sole shows a super dope red toed detail that’s reminiscent of a heat map–and this is no coincidence as the heat is strong with this one.

These Retro 1’s should be medium difficulty to cop with resale prices potentially settling around retail a bit farther along after the drop.

SNKRS may be your best bet, here’s our free guide on using the app to win sneakers like these.

7. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “desert Sage”: Release date Saturday, March 14th 2020 (TBC)

Official adidas image

Retail Price: $220
Peak Resale Price: $300
Potential Profit (per pair): $80

Wrapping up the list for now is a “Desert Sage” take in a muted palatte, following suit with the “Mist” as Ye the trendsetter is switching up from the traditional pastel colors of Spring.

Resale prices look promising early on, but this can always change, as can the release date, which is why we suggest you sign up to our email list to get the latest in sneaker resale news.

March 2020 Profit Totals

If you were to get 1 of each shoe in the list, it would cost you about $1500.

The total peak resale price is near triple at $3800, meaning your total profit would be over $2000 at peak resale prices (not taking platform fees into account–but you have plenty of room in this case).

It’s no wonder that ordinary people are starting new sneaker businesses every day.

Of course, if this was easy, everyone would do it.

There’s a good bit of education that goes into the game, which is why we published our Six Figure Sneakerhead’s “Hypemaster Playbook” as the all in one guide.

We’re proud to say that it’s highly reviewed and we’re pushing out a 2020 update that’ll come free to all current and past customers!

That’s all for this one.

Thank you guys for being here, best of luck and take care.