June 2018 Releases: Yeezy Returning, Off-White Travis Scott Jordans and More

After a longer break than expected, Yeezy’s are back! Will they be as hot as they once were? We’ve also got another rapper’s shoes on this list whose shoes might take over Ye’s throne. Total Profit this month: Around $3000.

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Arguably the best month to date, June is full of sneaker releases (for a full list of past recent shoes releases including the profits you can make if your intention is to sell a pair, check out the Top Q2 Sneakers).

This weekend has one of the most expensive shoes to drop this year.

Historically, summer is an amazing time for shoes. So many people are going out and buying fresh new outfits, so as both a buyer and a seller, the market is just as hot as the temperature.

We are posting the most extensive list on the web of the hottest shoes this month, whether your intention is to buy to keep at retail, or to flip for a profit, or a mixture of both.

Here are the models, what they retail for and what they should sell for–do the math, getting just one pair each of these shoes will make you a couple thousand dollars, enough to budget for a pair or two to keep !:

1. Nike Epic React Flyknit “Be True” LGBTQ Pride shoes Thursday June 6


Retail: $150

Expected Peak Resale: $300

Potential Profit: $150 per pair

2018 can be considered Nike’s year of innovation.

Nike is going all out this year with new shoe models, with a combination of hybrids like the Air Max 97/1, new models like the Vapormax and even hybrids of new models like the Air Max 97 Vapormax.

One of the more heavily marketed and highly reviewed models is the Epic React Flyknit.

While the original models didn’t have much resale value, any shoe that’s limited can command a margin on its retail price, especially when it’s tied with a unique color.

The Nike Epic React Flyknit releasing on Thursday June 6 ticks all the boxes for limited stock that only insiders know how to get as well as a unique colorway, so it should flip for an easy double.


2. Nike Zoom Fly “Be True” LGBTQ Pride shoes Thursday June 6


Retail: $150

Expected Peak Resale: $300

Potential Profit: $150 per pair

Similar to the Epic React Flyknit, the Nike Zoom Fly is a newer and customer favorite running shoe that does not always have resale value, but in the case of a unique and rare design, these should also sell for a 100% profit margin.

This model also benefits awareness towards the LGBTQ community and its movement in pride and equality which, in addition to being an intrinsically good motivation, will certainly cause demand.

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3. Nike Air Jordan 2 “Melo” Saturday June 9

Retail: $190

Expected Peak Resale: $275

Potential Profit: $85 per pair

An older release revived and made hot again, this very slightly modernized update on the 2005 release of the very same model is generating much hype in the sneakerhead community.

With its clean silhouette and affiliation with one of the NBA greats Carmelo Anthony (the shoe’s name “Melo” comes from his), sneaker and NBA fans alike will be going after this on the second Saturday of June 2018.

4. Adidas Originals x Yeezy 500 “Super Moon Yellow” Saturday June 9


Retail: $200

Expected Peak Resale: $350

Potential Profit: $150 per pair

Yeezys still remain as the hottest estock of the shoes that originally resold for around $1000, expect to see a drop in price on this restock but it’s still profitable and worth going after.

This model is one of the pioneers of the new “Dad”/chunky shoe trend that is reminiscent of 90’s fashion like most streetwear of 2018 is.

Those who have insider knowledge from the Hypemaster Playbook have reported getting multiple pairs and building a business, check it out now if you’re in on this opportunity!

5. Nike x Off White “Zoom Fly// Football, Mon Amour” Orange and Black–Thursday June 14

Retail: $200

Expected Peak Resale: $1000

Potential Profit: $800 per pair

Virgil Abloh and his Off-White brand have been excitedly welcomed to the shoe world ever since his debut of the Top 10 collection towards the end of 2017.

Although most shoes that resell are Jordans or similar (thus basketball shoes), anything with the “VIRGIL ABLOH” touch turns to gold, with just about every pair of his over 12 thus far to drop with Nike selling for $1000 or more, almost always 5-6x the retail price.

6. Air Jordan 4 Houston Oilers x Travis Scott”Cactus Jack” Saturday June 9 2018

Nike Jordan 4 Retro Travis Scott
These are selling at highs of nearly 10x the $225 retail price tag

Retail: $225

Expected Peak Resale: $1500

Potential Profit: $1275 per pair

No doubt one of the hottest shoes of the year, the Travis Scott Air Jordan 4’s have a release date of Saturday June 9.

These desirable shoes are distinctly recognizable in a red tinted white and blue inspired by the colors of the vintage Houston Oilers NFL team.

Early buyers were paying upwards of $2000 per pair at 10x the retail price, proving that reselling for those who know inside sneaker info is an incredibly lucrative and established market as it has been for years.

7. Supreme x Nike Air Spectrum Plus Thursday June 14 2018

From Supremecommunity.com, the Nike Air Spectrum Plus x Supreme in White

Retail: $160

Expected Peak Resale: $300

Potential Profit: $140 per pair

Ugly 90’s vibes and dad shoes are in peak hype season, and these flame embellished Nike kicks that you’d normally only see on someone who went to high school in the 80’s are now ironically (and fittingly) one of this year’s hotter releases.

Supreme is known to make the ugly beautiful, so the demand for these shoes is strong.

Look out for a release on Supreme New York’s website at 11AM EST on Thursday June 14 2018, and act fast because these are as hot as they look.

8. Nike Air Vapormax Plus “Be True” LGBTQ Pride shoes Friday June 15


Retail: $190

Expected Peak Resale: $350

Potential Profit: $160 per pair

Nike saved the hottest of its “Be True” collection for last.

The eye catching color scheme of these Vapormax Plus trainers puts it at the top of the price chain in the “Be True” pride collection, which is releasing in celebration of the LGBTQ Pride month, June.

9. Adidas “Yung 1″ Hi-Res Orange” Wednesday June 20


Retail: $130

Expected Peak Resale: $300

Potential Profit: $170 per pair

Sneaker culture has strong ties to other areas of youth pop culture, including the colorful escapes of video games and anime.

A show that is popular among many sneakereheads is Dragon Ball Z.

Past streetwear collaborations like those between KAWS and Peanuts have proved successful, and these Dragon Ball Z inspired Yung 1 sneakers are already having the sneaker community talking up a storm.

10. Air Jordan 4 x Levi’s “Black” and “White” Denim Saturday June 16 2018

2018 Levi Air Jordan in Black being advertised on Google shopping on Kixify.com

Retail: $225

Expected Peak Resale: $700 (black) $900 (white)

Potential Profit: $525 -$675 per pair

It’s often the most unique shoes that bring the biggest price tag, partly because they are easily recognizable for what they are, but also because Nike tends to make these more limited.

With a design that is both unique and limited, the Levi’s Jeans inspired Air Jordan 4 shoes are ready to cause a scene among fashion buffs.

These are releasing in both black and white, with the white being more limited and desirable, thus more expensive on the resale market.


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11. Nike x Off White “Presto” Black and White–Thursday June 21

off white presto nike 2018
The off white presto nike from Instagram @highsnobiety

Retail: $160

Expected Peak Resale: $1000

Potential Profit: $840 per pair

The second time is a charm in some cases, and this looks like it may be true for the second iteration of the Nike x Off-white Air Presto.

This time coming out in a more recognizably custom “VIRGIL ABLOH” design, with a custom check mark and unique silhouette, these will likely have a higher demand than Abloh’s first run with the Nike Prestos which looked very similar to ordinary Nike Prestos.

12. Nike Air Force 1 Low x Travis Scott” Sail” -Saturday  June 23


Retail: $150

Expected Peak Resale: $300

Potential Profit: $150 per pair

June seems to be the month of Travis Scott.

Following his popular merchandise collection that released during the NYC Governor’s Ball and his “Cactus Jack” Air Jordan 4’s, the spotlight is back on him again at the end of June with the “Sail” color of the previously successful Air Force 1 Low collaboration.

These will sell out as quickly as they drop, so be sure to mark your calendars for these shoes and their release date.

13. Nike React Element 87 “Sail Orange”/”Black White” Tuesday June 26 (worldwide, North America July 13)

The Nike React Element 87
The Nike React Element 87 in many different colors, from www.nike.com

Retail: $160

Expected Peak Resale: $350

Potential Profit: $190 per pair

Innovation and Nike might as well be synonyms for 2018.

This breathtaking design with many futuristic cues will have lines of people both physically and virtually waiting on getting these shoes–only some will prevail, but it’s certain that these will sell for more than they retailed, likely for double or more.

14. Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Butter”


Retail: $220

Expected Peak Resale: $600

Potential Profit: $380 per pair

We haven’t seen a Yeezy Boost 350 since last year, and that’s probably a good thing for its hype and retail price.

Absence makes the heart grow stronger, and following the relative flops of the most recent striped and busily printed Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Blue Tints”, which were reselling for as low as $100 over its retail price, a more subdued colorway is warmly welcomed.

Releasing in a super clean, light yellow “Butter” color, these creamy Yeezys will certainly be reminiscent of the old Yeezy hype that many miss.

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Take care guys, and as always I wish you all the best !

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