Can You Resell Puma Sneakers? Brief History and Current State of Q1 2019’s Fastest Growing Sneaker Brand.

Hype is the name of the game in the sneaker resale market.
Does Puma have it? You might be surprised with the answer.


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Hype is the name of the game in the sneaker resale market.

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Does Puma have it?

To find out, let’s start with some history.

The birth of Puma

puma early factory picture
Puma’s original factory, from

In the 1950’s, before Nike or Reebok were ever around, the shoe world was predominantly German, owned mostly by Adidas, with Puma not far behind.

It’s a little known fact that Puma and Adidas represent one of the greatest business and shoe rivalries of all time, as they both used to be under the same brand owned by two brothers.

In 1948, the brothers Adolf and Rudolf Dassler split, with Adolf forming Adidas and Rudolf going off with Puma.

Ups and downs ensued, but it’s easy to say now that Adidas is on top and making big moves.

In 2006, the three stripes brand actually purchased and still owns Reebok. Talk about dominance.

No war is not worth fighting. After all, Nike came after all of these brands. That said, can Puma rise on top?

Puma: The Fastest Growing Sneaker Brand of 2019

puma 2018 growth infographic
A growth infographic of 2018-2019 from Puma’s website.

Today in 2019, we are seeing a rise of the underdog.

2018 was a strong year of growth, and 2019 is even better.

Puma is reporting faster growth than ever, with a recent quarter outperforming even Adidas and Nike in terms of growth according to Reuters, making it the fastest growing sneaker brand.

With A List names like Jay Z, Selena Gomez, Rihanna, the Weeknd and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie repping the brand strong, this German underdog is making moves that has its bigger brother sweating a little bit.

So, with this hype, and such a large, billion dollar sneaker aftermarket, a good question to ask is:

Can Puma sneakers be resold for profit?


puma money bag question


The short answer to this question is yes, but only if you understand the brand and what has worked in the past–very few Puma sneakers are flippable compared to the consistency of Jordans and Yeezys.

It takes a well educated resale expert to flip such a brand like Puma.

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How to Resell Puma Sneakers

To get you started on this process, let’s take a look and find out what makes a Puma sneaker a winner that sells out instantly.

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Puma with Streetwear: The Most Valuable Combo

puma flight club prices bape mcm
Prices on Flight Club for the MCM and Bape collabs.

As with the big name sneaker brands, collabs with streetwear clothing brands often result in resale value.

With Puma this was no different.

Two of their most valuable shoes that hold high prices on the aftermarket include the Disc Blaze x Bape and the Suede Classic x MCM.

The highest prices on the web are on Flight Club, but checking StockX will show lower values on these kicks.

puma bape stockx disc price blazer 2019

In late May of 2019, a Puma collaboration with streetwear maker Diamond Supply dropped, but is not really expected to sell out.

puma diamond supply website 2019 shoes
From Puma’s website, the Diamond Supply Co. collection in stock for summer 2019.

Diamond Supply has historically made sneakers that sell out with Nike, like their SB collab, so if Puma follows suit with a limited Diamond Supply collab on a silhouette like the Disc Blazer, it could be one to watch out for.

Throwing a celeb’s name on a limited sneaker model normally results in it selling out.

Is this true for Puma?

Let’s take a look.

Puma Collaborations with Celebrities

Having celebrity clout is a strategy that works well with Nike, and almost always creates insane resale hype like the $1,000+ Travis Scott Jordan 1’s.

A few years ago, Puma started going hard with the strategy of celeb endorsements.

Is it working?

Rihanna x Puma

rihanna travis scott fenty puma 2016
Rihanna and Travis Scott wearing the Fenty Creepers in a 2016 ad. Image from Footwear News.

One of the first big name celebrity collections of the brand happened in late 2016 when RiRi dropped a collection with Puma Fenty Puma Rihanna.

During the release day, the Creeper models sold out super fast and were going for as high as $300 resale.

To top off the praise received across the board, Rihanna’s Fenty Puma Creeper won sneaker of the year in 2016, making her the first female designer to win such a title.

fenty velvet creeper ebay price
An eBay seller still going for big bucks on these Fenty Puma Creepers

Since its hyped drop, other similar versions of the Creeper (albeit not in the limited edition colors) are sitting for half off at discount retailer Nordstrom rack right now:

rihanna fenty puma creeper sale
From Nordstrom Rack

The previously hyped colorways like the Velvet are hard to move today 3 years later, where people have seemed to forgotten about these.

The Weeknd x Puma

weeknd puma sneaker parallel
From Sneakernews

In 2017, The Weeknd debuted strong with Puma, unleashing his “Parallel” debut sneaker.

According to Footwear news, he was planning to make these shoes a “cultural phenomenon”.

Although Abel may have had Yeezy success in mind, the line was anything but resellable.

parallel weeknd xo on sale parallel shoebacca
From retailer

It’s now found for heavily discounted prices on Puma’s official website and many other third party sites like Shoebacca for $130 under its retail price brand new.

2019 Puma collabs

puma selena gomez marketing campaign picture
Selena rocking her kicks. Image from Puma.

Selena Gomez is a name associated with Puma heavily in its marketing lately.

A Boogie wit The Hoodie has also been promoting and wearing the brand heavily.

With Puma, it seems their celebrity collabs are meant more for the consumer market, so for the sneaker reseller, these sort of collaborations are not expected to generate consistent profit.

One from the books of Adidas?

black yeezy 700 vs thunder spectra comparison
The Yeezy 700 (above) vs the Thunder Spectra.

Capturing the dad shoe trend, Puma has dropped thunder spectra is strikingly similar to the wave runner.

Check out the picture above…you be the judge.

The Yeezy retails at $300, with some resale value tacked on top, making it more than 3 times more expensive than its clone which is currently on sale for less than $100.

As popular as the spectras were and still are for formerly non-Puma wearers, they didn’t resell and are now at discounted prices on shelves everywhere.

Why are these celebrity collabs flopping?

There are two critical pieces that are missing that make the vast majority of these Puma x Celeb collaborations flops for resellers:

  1. No limited stock
  2. Lack of streetwear clout

Puma is so closely tied to unrelated cultures like F1 racing and soccer without the multifaceted appeal that Adidas and Nike have.

Also, The Weeknd and Rihanna collabs released in both semi-limited but also widely available releases which diluted the overall value, even of the most exclusive individual models.

Maybe Puma doesn’t want to make limited sneakers that sell out–it just might not be a part of their business model.

So is Puma Resellable?

puma thunder spectra black stockx price

If you’re in the sneaker game for the money, it’s best to stay away from Puma.

As seen above, one of the most popular and culturally relevant Puma sneakers on the market, the Puma Thunder Spectra, is on StockX for half its retail price of $120.

With such a low ratio of hype shoes and resale value compared to the other brands and even to Supreme clothing, there just isn’t enough past or present evidence for strong resale value.

You’re better off sticking to Nike and Adidas.

Is Puma winning?

a boogie puma sneakers cell endura
A Boogie wit da Hoodie rocking Puma Cell Enduras. From High Snobiety

As a company, Puma is worth having on the radar.

Its ongoing celebrity collaborations and marketing are expected to increase the brand’s sales across casual sneaker buyer, profiting shareholders and members of the company.

By making their shoes not as limited and with wider models that are tied with celebrity status, Puma’s market share is positioned to grow and capture the attention and dollars of the ordinary consumer.

Another good note about Puma that could make its popularity grow among consumers is that it’s environmentally conscious, and has been longer than other companies: in 2010, Puma launched Eco-Friendly packaging,  and a year later was featured in the Guardian as “the world’s first major company to put a value on its environmental impact”.

As the general population grows more hip to this pressing issue, Puma would be wise to drop more press about this.

Even if you have never bought a pair of Puma’s, don’t be surprised if you’re starting to feel the appeal. Maybe you or a friend have already bought a pair of Pumas after never having done so before.

Their marketing techniques are converting people around the globe to let them into even the most selective of sneaker collections.

Things change, trends come and go, but this 70 year old shoe company is one that is looking like it’s set for a real comeback.

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