Thoughts on Yeezy Season, How to Get the Blue Tint Yeezy’s For Retail December 2017

‘Ye is saying that everyone will get Yeezys. But it seems only resellers are getting them. You still need to learn some insider techniques to get Yeezys, so we’re revealing some here.


“Eventually everyone who wants to get Yeezys will get Yeezys.”

Sneaker and streetwear website Complex quotes Kanye West, the mastermind behind the Yeezy fashion empire, with saying the above.

This statement when first heard was hard to believe, given that his first collaboration with Nike and his Air Yeezy 2’s had people paying upwards of $20,000 and even as high as $90,000 for a single pair of his shoes because they were so limited and the demand was so hot. Following the quickly sold out release of the Yeezy 750 Boost in February of 2015, Kanye’s first collaboration with Adidas, fans quickly wrote off his quote as absolute bullshit.

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Although those original shoes did restock online once, tons of hopeful buyers were left empty handed and the shoes still command a price tag at the $2,000 level.

Many other versions of Kanye West x Adidas shoes came out, and his quote finally came true with the release of the absurdly overpriced and very layman looking “Yeezy 950 Duckboot”.

These were the first Yeezys to release that sat on shelves, partially due to the $585 retail price tag, but also due to the design that was criticized as similar to off brand boots sold in stores like Wal Mart.

Getting Yeezys in 2017

Fast forward to today, and many different versions of sought after Yeezys have been released, with so many colorways and release dates that Yeezy season seems to happen every month.

This past month of November 2017 saw a consecutive release of Yeezys that happened not just 2 weeks in a row, but a third including the restock that Adidas put up to fight sneaker bots, which secretive resellers utilize to obtain multiple pairs of these sought after kicks using insider methods.

The Yeezy 350 Boost “Semi-Frozen Yellow” were set to be the most limited Yeezy release to date, followed by the Yeezy Beluga 2.0 which were made to be a “general release” of sorts, one that supposedly would fulfill Kanye’s quote.

Although there were over 100,000 pairs available nationwide across 25+ online retailers, not to mention the in person chances that people had, a lot of hopefuls left the release empty handed, and probably only 5% of people who wanted Yeezys got them–and this was for the supposed “easiest pair of Yeezys to get over the course of the year.


Resale prices suffered a bit, dropping as low as the $350 range for some panicking sellers, but they’ll probably hold steady around the $400-450 level for quite some time.

Interestingly, the Semi Frozen yellows were the rarest Yeezys of the year, and although the forecasted price was in the $1,500 range, the price quickly dropped to below $700. These shoes were just ugly and hardly anyone has clothes to match them. No rarity could save the shoes from this fact. It seems like Kanye was playing a joke on everyone when he dropped the ugliest colorway as the rarest shoes. I get the feeling that Ye is using this whole Yeezy thing as a social experiment, trying to prove the fact that consumers buy hype above things that are actually aesthetically pleasing. His Yeezy clothing line for the most part seems to be proving this fact, as it is full of shabby looking clothing with astronomical pricetags that match or exceed the fanciest Italian and French runway brands.

Yeezys in 2018

I don’t think that Yeezy x Adidas sneakers like the 350, the 750 or the upcoming Yeezy 550 will ever see an extinction of resale profit. The margins will continue to drop, but the opportunity will still remain present. The Yeezy 550’s look damn cool so will probably resell at a nice level, especially given that it will be a brand new model and that the initial release should be limited. Since no Yeezy 550 has come out yet, and we were only given teases of models like the black/white model all the way back in 2016, it is due time for this mid top Yeezy to drop and hopefully you will be able to get a pair. Adidas might surprise us with a larger quantity release of these too since we don’t know how limited they intend these to be, as this would be a smart business move for them and even Kanye.

As far as anything Yeezy being resellable, that is now a fact of the past as much of the clothing line is sitting unsold on shelves both online and in stores. If you are a reseller in it for the money, you have to be smarter now as the game is ever changing. For building a good knowledge base of resale basics if you have no experience, check out the exclusive and highly reviewed Hypemaster Playbook here where you’ll receive actionable business tactics to start a sneaker reselling business and learn skills that you can apply to any other entrepreneurial venture.

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