Six Figure Sneakerhead: Hypemaster Playbook

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  • Actionable six figure, $0-$10K step by step business blueprint
  • Get multiple pairs at retail for max profit using combined insider methods
  • The most thorough (279 Pages) sneaker resale field guide available
  • Updated for 2019 with new insider hacks
  • 5 Guides in 1: $150 Value
    • Hype Shoes 101: Gaining Sneaker Plug Level Knowledge
    • Bonus #2: Knowledge Into Action: Buying & Selling Hype Shoes Worth Thousands
    • Bonus #3: Becoming A Limited Sneaker Guru: Demystify Info Overwhelm With The Best Resources!
    • Bonus #4: The “Cook” Recipe: Mastering The Mystery Of Sneaker Bots
    • Bonus #5: $0-$10k In 6 Months Or Less: Step-By-Step Biz Plan To Become A Six Figure Sneakerhead 
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!! 
  • Digital download/PDF immediately accessible upon purchase.

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5 reviews for Six Figure Sneakerhead: Hypemaster Playbook

  1. Jeff

    Does your guide go into depth on which combo of sneaker bot, server, and proxies work best and a guide on how to use them with success

    • JVG (verified owner)

      Hey Jeff, the guide goes in depth of recommended specific proxies and servers which work best with different bots; however since this is always changing we are opening up a private forum for those who have bought the guide in the near future to continually update what the best combos are specific to current releases and different websites/brands.

  2. Jarred (verified owner)

    No other e-book out there has provided me with the confidence and an almost instant success & profit rate as that of the Hypemasters Playbook. Since purchasing the e-book and studying the contents ive been able to acquire 4-6 high value sneakers in 1-2months each of which ive been able to sell at profit. 1 pair has netted me nearly $1,000 in profit, when you consider the price of this book the return on investment is amazing. You can cover the cost of the book in 1x purchase easily.

    I highly recommend you buy this and check out the success rate for yourself.

  3. Terry Joseph Mock

    I bought subscriptions to six-figure sneakerhead mainly out of curiosity because I have been a collector for just over a decade now and just wanted to see things from another perspective. I’m really glad that I made that decision because even though I’ve been doing this for quite a while I do understand that there’s always more to learn and I definitely learned multiple things from subscribing to these newsletters. I have increased my resale percentage just from using some of the techniques I read about in newsletters and emails from six-figure sneakerhead. I would highly recommend anybody who’s serious about collecting and more specifically reselling sneakers and other high-end Street fashion to subscribe to this newsletter and buy any and all Publications available from six-figure sneakerhead. It will be well worth the investment.

  4. Collin Potter

    Im just posting this to see if the website allowd 1 star reviews or is only bot reviews putting 5 stars

  5. Liam

    Hey im 15 right now and im intrested in reselling shoes will this really help me make thousands

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