October’s Top Shoe Releases for Resellers

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With just 5 (mid month update: now 7) shoe releases, October 2018 seems to be a quiet month for us resellers. But even with a quiet month, a profit of $3,000 can be had, which is why so many resellers are making six figures.

Some releases have eye watering profit margins, so read on and be sure to bookmark this page as a reminder of what’s good in the shoe game this month.

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After the whirlwind of cash and frenzy that was September, it’s not too bad to have a calm month with a few good releases to keep us ticking over until November (if you’re reading this now in November, we have a whole new list posted here for the month).

Here are the best shoe releases for October 2018 that compose part of the incredible billion dollar pie that is the sneaker resale market for 2018 and beyond.

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1. Converse All-Star x OFF WHITE –  Release date 8th October 2018

Converse off white chuck 2 2018

Retail: $130

Peak Resell: $550

Potential Profit: $420

Virgil Abloh is back at it again. “THE TEN” collection may seem to be a bit dull for some at the moment, but its resale price begs to differ with insane numbers.

Last week’s Off White x Blazer ‘Spooky Pack’ is reselling for around $600 at the moment, which is almost five times the retail value.

With such profit, it’s  obvious that Off White x Nike hype is far from dead (unlike Yeezy hype)!

Early stock predictions are showing that these Converse will have a decent amount more stock than the blazers, but the demand for OW x Nike will make sure that resell will be at lease three times retail! Make sure to enter raffles for these – complete raffle lists are compiled for our members in the Six Figure Sneakerhead Discord.

Make sure to purchase the HypeMaster’s Playbook for your invitation to one of the best value cook groups out there, the SFSH Cook Group.

Members of the group will also be getting FREE slots for this precise Off-White release!

Imagine getting a shoe this hyped for retail, while doing nothing except sitting back, relaxing, and watching your W email of a successful purchase come through!

2. Adidas Futurecraft 4D Daniel Arsham – Release date  12th October 2018

Daniel Arsham adidas Futurecraft 4D 2018
From Sneakerenws.com, the Daniel Arsham adidas Futurecraft 4D

Retail: $450

Peak Resell: $1450

Potential Profit: $1000

Well fellow sneaker heads, as far as the money goes, this here is easily the top cop of the month.

Adidas is pioneering the best sole comfort technology, with its insane boost an now the most futurist shoe structure on the market that’s giving Nike a run for its money: the Futurecraft 4D.

All models have been limited at various quantities, some impossible to get, and some wider.

These Daniel Arsham models are possible to buy with the correct techniques.

If you can manage to get your hands on the extremely limited Daniel Arsham Futurecraft 4D, you would easily make $1000 as they’re some of the rarest shoes on the market and will for sure turn heads.

Good luck trying to cop these extremely limited sneakers, as they are highly in demand with very little stock!

3. Air Jordan 1 High ‘Rookie of the Year’ – Release date  13th October 2018

Jordan 1 Retro High Rookie of the Year 2018
Early sellers are pricing upwards of $350 for this $160 Jordan 1. From Stockx.com

Retail: $160

Peak Resell: $300

Potential Profit: $140

2018 is the year of Air Jordan 1’s, it seems.

Another month, another great Jordan 1 colourway!

For October, this gold, black and white colourway pays homage to Michael Jordan’s incredible Rookie of the Year campaign, and it is inspired by the shirt he wore during the ceremony!

These shoes have incredible detail–for example, the pair includes printed text of a quote from his acceptance speech after being awarded Rookie of the Year on the shoe.

Obviously, this isn’t the largest flip of this month, but it would be quite an easy cop, and will definitely flip for at least $100 over retail.

Make sure to go for the Jordan ‘money’ sizes: 8-9..5.

These will definitely go for a healthy flip and with insider techniques getting you more than one pair you can have one to keep for yourself for absolutely free.

4. Air Jordan 33 “Future of Flight” –Release date   18th October 2018

Air Jordan 33 "Future of Flight" 2018 white gold red

Retail: $175

Peak Resell: $350

Potential Profit: $175

Prices can drop fast, but selling preorders to get the peak resale price is a strategy we discuss in our Hypemaster Playbook.

Although newer Air Jordan models are not normally received so well, there’s hype associated with this model of the 33rd iteration of the Nike Air Jordan.

This shoe is the future with brand new technology and a hybrid slip on/lacing ankle height for increased comfort, durability and speed.
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Any basketball player who wants to flex should go after this pair to keep if you’re not in it for the flip.

5. Adidas NMD Hu Pharrell x Billionaire Boys Club–Release date   20th October 2018

Adidas BBC Hu NMD Pharrell October 2018
From StockX.com, the Billionaire Boys Club (BBC) Pharrell Williams Hu NMD 2018 is expected to sell well.

Retail: $250

Peak Resell: $400

Potential Profit: $150

Master of fashion and music Pharrell has a rabid fanbase who is happy to support him in his endeavors, especially when it comes to the Adidas sneakers he releases.

This time, he’s making a colorful debut with streetwear classic Billionaire Boys Club, which is actually Williams’ own brand. A predominantly white design with tasteful stripes and accents of red, navy blue and yellow is sure to turn heads and create tons of hype for sneaker lovers worldwide.

Early pairs and preorders selling on StockX indicate that the price will be roughly double the retail of $250 during the release date on October 20 2018.

6. Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner ‘Mauve’ –Release date   27th October 2018

Yeezy 700 Mauve 2018
From @YeezyMafia’s Twitter, the Yeezy 700 Mauve 2018

Retail: $300

Peak Resell: $450

Potential Profit: $150

Yeezy season approaching!

Even though the Wave Runner OGs are only going for around $100 above retail, remember that they have been released 3 times now, and have still somehow kept a healthy resell value.

Hopefully this release of the 700s in a dark ‘Mauve’ colourway doesn’t get pushed back into November like Yandhi!

Kanye West I hope you’re reading this ????????.

The 700 was an extremely polarising shoe when it first released, but now it is definitely one of the most loved sneakers in this new ‘Dad-Shoe’ era. Make sure to cop these when they (hopefully) release on the 27th – 700 is the new wave! For those of you interested enough in this model, here’s a whole post about the Yeezy 700 Wave Runner “Mauve” and how to buy it.

7. Adidas x Dragon Ball Z Deerupt “Son Gohan” and Prophere “Cell” 27th October 2018

october adidas dragon ball z deerupt prophere son cell gohan
The Dragon Ball Z Pack Deerupt and Prophere releasing October 2018, from @43einhalb’s IG

Retail: $150

Peak Resell: $350

Potential Profit: $200

For fans who love both anime and streetwear (the overlap is actually pretty large), the Dragon Ball Z adidas collection is a dream come true.

With the debut of the Adidas Yung 1 Freiza and ZX 500 Goku models, tons of hype and resale value were created–here’s a free guide on how people bought them, and we are expecting the same for this pair that’s due to drop in October.

You can expect both models to sell out quickly, but it seems that there’s a tad bit more hype surrounding the Prophere “Cell” model, so if money is your motive, then go for those.

8. Off-White Zoom Fly SP “Tulip Pink” and “Black” – TBD Oct 2018

off white tulip zoom black sp 2018
From sneakernews.com, 2 new colors of the Off White Racer Zoom Fly

Retail: $170

Peak Resell: $650

Potential Profit: $480

Off-White is one of the hottest names in the shoe game right now (here’s why), and unlike Yeezy’s, it seems like the more that release, the more valuable they get. The upcoming Zoom Fly SP is another indicator of the aforementioned trend.

This year we are seeing bold pops of color across the board from all brands, even well after spring and summer have ended, and for that reason the pink version should see a lot of interest from sneakerheads everywhere.

The second color, black, is for the more conservative crowd but should have a similar resale price as the pink.

We were initially teased with a release date of October 13, but the date has since been pulled back and is now to be announced–sign up to our email list below to get in on the latest sneaker news.

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Even though October is looking like quite a slow month, there is still a lot of money to be made. If you cop each sneaker on this list, you would be investing $1635 into sneakers. These sneakers should resell for around $4700 in total. This would be over a $3000 profit from a ‘slow’ month.

Don’t sleep this month guys!

The total projected profit if you get just 1 pair each is approximately $3200.

Not bad, given that tons of people get multiple pairs ????.

Get a piece of the billion dollar shoe pie like Benjamin Kickz and other million dollar shoe resellers.


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Have a good month folks,


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