September 2018’s Hottest Shoe Releases with Resale Value


Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that feet heat will stop–read on for 7 of the most profitable shoes releasing this month in September 2018. (If you happen to be reading this in November 2018, check out our whole list of profitable November drops here.)

September is full of rare releases and you can learn what they are and how to get them here, as we’ve compiled a list of the most profitable opportunities to go after.

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October is packed with good shoes as well, and we look forward to a year full of hype to wrap up 2018!

Participating in the sneaker resale market and its $1BIllion Pie is both rewarding and exciting: here’s an absolutely free post that’s a beginner’s guide on reselling shoes.

You can go from spectating to making hundreds or even thousands and tens of thousands of dollars every month capitalizing on opportunities such as the shoes listed below, which also double as some serious swag if you end up falling in love with the shoes and keeping them like many sneakerheads do

…and by knowing how to get them straight from the store (the Hypemaster Playbook is our highly reviewed guide–you can get it here), you’ll be paying the retail price rather than the premium resale price as you’ll see listed.

With Yeezy resale dying (we didn’t even include them in this list even though there’s a pair of the Cream white 350s dropping this month), you have to be more careful about which shoes you buy, which is why we make this list every month for you.

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September 2018 is another one of the best months for sneaker resellers worldwide.

Some of the most hyped releases of the year will drop in this month, so make sure you have plenty of money ready. You’ll make double or even triple your money if you can invest it in these sneakers this month.

Without Further ado: here it is..

The ultimate list of sneakers with resale value you need to look out for the month of September 2018


  1. Nigel Sylvester x Air Jordan 1 High Retro –Release date September 1st 2018
Nike air jordan 1 nrg sylvester nigel 2018
Nike Air Jordan 1 NRG Nigel Sylvester. From

Retail – $180

Peak Resell – $450

Potential Profit – $270


Nigel Sylvester has been a key figure in BMX since he was just a teenager.

He signed with Nike when he was 18, which has pushed his sport into the limelight. This shoe may look like a pair of all white Jordans that have been worn every day for years, but it is actually a nod to Nigel’s style of BMX riding.

Sylvester doesn’t ride with brakes, so he uses his shoes to stop his momentum, so obviously his J’s are going to have a few marks and be beaten up.

These shoes have already released in store in some outlets in NYC, but they are finally having a general release.

Make sure to enter raffles ASAP!

There will be more information on where to cop these sneakers in the Private Discord group which builds on insider information given in the Hypemaster Playbook.

2. UNDERCOVER x Nike React Element 87-Release date September 13th 2018

Nike Undercover 87 React Element
Nike Undercover 87 React Element from

Retail – $175

Peak Resell – $300-400

Potential Profit – $125-225

The Nike React Element 87 was a profitable drop earlier this year, and this time it’s hitting 4 more times with Japanese fashion brand UNDERCOVER by Nigo of A Bathing Ape.

With 4 bold colors, Green Mist, Volt Red/Blue, Light Beige, and Lakeside, tons of people are excited about this futuristic design and there is a high chance that they’ll sell out quickly for a profit of at least $100 per pair on top of the retail price of $175.

Listings on eBay for the Nike React Element 87 UNDERCOVER on eBay
Listings on eBay for the Nike React Element 87 UNDERCOVER

3.Skepta x Nike Air Max Deluxe SK-Release date September 15th 2018

Skepta x Nike Air Max Deluxe SK 2018
Sold listings on eBay of the Skepta x Nike Air Max Deluxe SK 2018

Retail – $200

Peak Resell – $300-400

Potential Profit – $100-200

UK Grime rapper Skepta is making waves in the fashion world with successful sneaker collaborations with Nike that often resale for more value.

This Air Max Deluxe “Never Sleep On Tour” is printed in an attention grabbing way and is sure to command resale value, however it can easily fluctuate between a profit of $200 or $100 or maybe less over time, you need to get them on the release date of September 15 and sell them as quickly as possible–check out the Hypemaster Playbook for how to get sneakers early and make the most money.

4. Yeezy Boost 700 Wave Runner –Release date September 15th 2018

yeezy 700 flight club 2018
The Yeezy 700 had strong resale value in the past and will continue to hold value, albeit at a lower amount. From Flightclub.

Retail – $300

Peak Resell – $500

Potential Profit – $200


It’s restock season for Kanye West and his line of Yeezy Boosts. First up is these Wave Runners.

They are a polarzing shoe; you either love them or you hate them (they’re totally a “dad shoe”), but the people who like these are willing to spend lots on them!

This is the first time they will release outside of the US (even though I got my hands on a pair when they first released), so it will be interesting to see how the resale price is affected.

There will be a guide on how to cop these on Yeezysupply and Adidas in the Private Discord, which is only available to buyers of the Hypemaster Playbook (has worked for every release since the cream whites), so there will be chances for multiple pairs of Yeezys, which means even more profit!

The Cream White V2s are also restocking, but in my opinion, I don’t think they will resell for too much as apparently it will be the largest release of a Yeezy ever.


5. Jordan 5 Retro Paris Saint Germain –Release date September 19th 2018

Jordan 5 Retro Paris Saint Germain 2018 release date
Jordan 5 Retro Paris Saint Germain from

Retail – $225

Peak Resell – $325

Potential Profit – $100


The Jordan 5 Retro has already had a few releases this year, such as the International Flight colourway, which released in August.

This colourway, which is inspired by French football club Paris Saint Germain is more hyped than the earlier International Flights.

The shoe has many different nice details, such as the PSG logo at the heel of the shoe and Paris lettering in the middle.

This shoe will certainly be popular with Brazilian footballer Neymar, who is known to love Jordan’s.

The shoe will be releasing on Wednesday 19th September, and should be a relatively easy purchase, which means it will be relatively easy money, $100 return of profit on a $225 initial investment on shoes!

6. Air Presto Mid x Acronym – Racer Pink, Dynamic Yellow, Cool Grey –Release date September 20th 2018

Nike presto acronym
From .

Retail – $200

Peak Resell – $700

Potential Profit – $500


Acronym don’t collaborate with Nike too often, but when they do, you know it’s going to be a great shoe which is extremely hyped with a high resale value.

The last time Acronym designed an Air Presto Mid, one of the colour ways (Volt) was dubbed ‘Shoe of the Year’ and now has a staggering $800 price tag.

There’s three more colour ways releasing on the 8th, so make sure to keep an eye on any retailers that may be stocking these beautiful sneakers. If you somehow cop all three, you’d be making $1500 pure profit off of a $600 investment!

Make sure to not sleep on these Acronym Nike Air Prestos!

7. Air Jordan 1 Retro High – Court Purple and Pine Green –Release date September 22nd 2018

Air Jordan 1 court purple pine green 2018 release date
From, the Air Jordan 1 High in Pine Green and Court Purple

Retail: $160

Peak Resell: $350-$500

Potential Profit: $190-$340


The Air Jordan 1 Retro: a classic for all sneaker heads.

From Off White to OG – the Air Jordan 1 has had so many different colors and remixes for fans of everything that makes it a staple of sneaker head culture.

These two color ways are a sure hit for fans of Jordan’s. It’s the first time we’re seeing such simple yet bold iterations of Pine Green and Court Purple for the Nike Air Jordan 1 High.

This should be a relatively straight forward cop for anyone that wants them (due to a reason which will be explained in a moment), so I’d recommend picking up one if not both of the colourways!


8. Off-White x Nike Blazer Mid – Spooky Pack – Release date September 22nd 2018

Spooky Pack Nike Blazer Mid 2018 release date
The Spooky Pack Nike Blazer Mid 2018 from @py_rates on Instagram

Retail: $130

Peak Resell: $900

Potential Profit: $770


Ah yes, the monthly Off-White release which makes all sneaker heads turn to zombies.

Well, at least these ‘Spooky Pack’ blazers are Hallowe’en inspired!

These sneakers are the reason that the Jordan 1’s will be an easier cop, because everyone in the sneaker community will be after these.

The Blazer was one of the most popular shoes of The Ten, so of course these will resell for more than triple the retail value.

There are two colourways; black and cream, which means 2 chances at a near $800 profit. Shoes like this are purchased by “Hypebeasts” (check out our latest article: The Hypebeast Culture Explained, and the Resellers Making Thousands from them).

Good luck copping them, it will be a tough one!

9. Air Jordan 5 NRG Grape Laceless “Fresh Prince”-Release date September 25 2018

Air Jordan 5 Fresh Prince NRG Grape
From, the laceless Will Smith Grape Jordans

Retail: $190

Peak Resell: $400

Potential Profit: $210

It’s been rumored since this summer that the fresh prince himself, Mr. Will Smith, would be releasing his own pair of Jordans.

They’re finally releasing in an OG grape colorway, looking just like the normal Grape Air Jordan 5’s, but this time without laces.

Whether or not this feature will make them more comfortable or less is up for debate, but it’s no debate that these will sell out super quickly.

10. Adidas Yung 1 x Dragon Ball Z “Freiza” – Release Date September 29 2018

Adidas yung 1 freiza box

Retail: $160

Peak Resell: $300

Potential Profit: $140

For the hardcore DBZ fans, this is a total must have that’s bringing people outside of the typical sneakerhead community clamoring for this dual release which will certainly sell out and drop in super limited quantities.

Check out our extensive post on these 2 exclusive DBZ adidas kicks and how to get them.

These are a true work of art as you can see above.


11. Adidas ZX 500 x Dragon Ball Z “Goku” – Release Date September 29 2018

Adidas ZX 500 Goku Price Stockx
Current resale value as of mid September on Stockx


Retail: $150

Peak Resell: $500

Potential Profit: $350

Everyone loves Goku, so it’s no surprise that these kicks are selling at a much higher price than those of his arch nemesis.

This distinct colorway will be rare to see IRL because there’s now a rumor that there will only be 1000 pairs each of the shoes, which would mean that not only are you more likely to see a brand new Ferrari in person than you are to see these shoes, but that the resale value may skyrocket to higher levels than we previously predicted.

It’s shoes like these that truly add to the billion dollar pie that everyone’s taking part of this year.


12. Supreme x Comme des Garçonnes x Nike Air Force 1 –Release date TBD September

Supreme x Comme des Garçons x Nike Air Force 1 2018 from release date
Supreme x Comme des Garçons x Nike Air Force 1 2018 from

Retail: $165 (?)

Peak Resell: $500

Potential Profit: $335


I decided I’d throw these sneakers into this September article because even though there is no official release date yet, it is rumoured they will release in September.

(UPDATE: These are dropping in November 2018, check out the exact details here)

This sneaker is sure to be a hit, with 3 hyped brands collaborating to make a beautiful shoe. The shoe will most likely release on Supreme’s store, Nike’s SNKRS and Comme des Garçones website.

There is not much known about this shoe yet, so the peak resell could change by $200 up or down.

The past collaborations between Supreme New York and Tokyo based brand Comme de Garçones have proven incredibly hyped and profitable, with a Supreme x Comme des Garçons hoodie, T Shirt and another Nike Air Force 1 from May 2017.

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If you are able to cop each sneaker on this list, it would be an initial investment of about $2060.

This would return approximately $4,900 which is $3840 in pure profit, not including the multiple pairs and colors that you can buy with insider techniques from the Hypemaster Playbook.

Not bad for a month of just buying sneakers!

If you want to learn how to become a sneaker plug, make sure to check out Six Figure Sneakerhead’s Hypemaster Playbook and also the SFSH Private Discord (only available to current customers), both of which will provide you with vital information on how to get all the hyped sneakers you would need!

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