Sneaker/Streetwear Market Recap Week of June 1


To give you a better idea of the sneaker resale market and its trends, we are debuting weekly recap articles. 

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We’ll begin this weekly market recap by taking a look at some of the hottest kicks that dropped this week!

First up, the Nike KD 13 Bred.

We saw this shoe release on June 5th with a retail price of $150. With an all-black upper and a white/red midsole, this shoe was a must-cop for any basketball players. In terms of resale, we aren’t looking at much.

So far, we’ve only seen 2 StockX sales, a size 11.5 for $180, and a 9.5 for $180. After fees and shipping, it’s looking like minimal profit if any.

I would categorize this sneaker an order-to-wear kind of shoe. Unless you are able to purchase with a discount for below retail, I wouldn’t suggest buying for retail.

In terms of basketball performance, the Kevin Durant model is really great. Speaking from experience, the traction and ankle support leaves nothing to be desired.

With regard to actual Kevin Durant news, it’s upsetting as an NBA fan to see that Durant is counting himself out for the newly reinstated 2019-2020 season. Get better soon Kevin!

The second shoe we’ll be discussing is the Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Dash Grey.

This shoe released on June 8th with a retail price of $200. In terms of resale with this shoe, we’ve seen what we’ve predicted in the Adidas 4D Run 1.0 Dash Grey Release and Resale Guide.

Keep in mind this is only a day or two after the release, but there is currently one StockX ask for $333, which doesn’t seem likely that it will be met.

The shoe itself features Adidas’s 3D printing technology on the base. Created in partnership with California-based firm Carbon, 4D has been described by Adidas as the first performance footwear made with light and oxygen by way of Digital Light Synthesis.

Carbon Digital Light Synthesis technology uses light and oxygen-permeable optics to craft a 3D object, and then a thermal baking step to achieve the desired properties. While the process of creating a 4D sole is definitely complex, it can be simplified by explaining it as the transition from a liquid to a solid as a result of chemical curing, not so dissimilar from how concrete is made.

This is innovative and something that only Adidas has implemented in the sneaker game so far. It will be very interesting to see how as technology advances, how sneakers will keep up!

This week we also got to see Palace’s Week 4 collection release.

Interestingly we saw more of an autumn-styled release, which differs from last week, where we mainly saw T-shirts and shorts.

Available in black, pink, and white the “Hesh” hoodie is the latest piece to feature Palace’s new flaming skull graphic. It also equips a tonal, embroidered Tri-Ferg on the back, wrapped in barbed wire and a slithering green snake.

Apart from these key pieces, there are also lightweight anoraks with back branding, tri-color crewnecks, and striped terry cloth polos. In terms of shorts, two carpenter-style jean shorts and a multitude of colorful nylon shorts with back pockets serve styles both rugged and sporty.

A duo of washed denim caps complete the collection.

In terms of resale, we actually saw some items sell out this week, such as the Hesh hoodies.

With a retail price of $168, we are seeing some decent profit margins. Take a look at these pictures below to get a better understanding of the current market prices:

Something happening in the sneaker community is starting to gain a lot
of traction: sustainably made sneakers.

In the current climate crisis, more and more pressure has been put on the fashion industry to create products that are more sustainable. Consumers now prefer to spend their money on products that have been sustainably produced.

We will be taking a look at three different, sustainable sneakers. First, we have New Balance, who announced its collaboration with sustainable brand Reformation in its new sneaker collection.

The collection includes the X90 sneakers and 574 sneakers, which are all made using eco-friendly materials like post-consumer recycled polyester in the linings, laces and labels, chrome-free suede, and shoe inserts made from a combination of EVA foam and BLOOM algae. 

The next eco-friendly shoe we will be looking at is a collaboration between Adidas and the nonprofit climate organization Parley for the Oceans.

The sneaker collection redefines the brand’s Ultraboost sneakers in a sustainable way, as it is created using recycles waste that is recovered from beaches and coastal communities before it can reach the ocean and impact the wildlife.

Collaborations like these are doing not only great things for the sneaker community but for the planet! 

Finally, the Nike Space Hippie collection which is set to release on June 11th.

This collection is inspired by life on Mars where recycling materials would be absolutely necessary! The collection is sustainable as it is created from scraps or “space junk”, which are made from recycled plastic water bottles, T-shirts, and yarn scraps.

Nike claims to have created an entirely radical form of fashion, one that combines style and sustainability. For more information on how to cop anything from the collection, visit our release guide by clicking here!

The final note I will be making in this recap is how the resale market is dealing with looted sneakers.

As many of you know, looting and rioting have taken place due to the outage over George Floyd’s death. Sneaker stores have been a popular target for looting with lootings that have happened at Flight Club in Los Angele, RIF in San Francisco, StockX’s dropoff space in New York City, and many more.

There have been videos of Nike Mags, which go for as much as $35,000 on the secondary market, being looted.

People have alluded to a stolen Friends-and-Family Travis Scott x Air Jordan IV that sold on StockX for $2,000, way under its resale value, which can be as high as $13,000.

I also just want to make it clear that it is a crime to be in possession of stolen goods.

A StockX spokesperson gave a statement that addressed their dropoff location being looted, “While we do not condone the damage, we understand the frustration that led to this point. StockX supports peaceful protest and we stand with the many people around the country who are using their voices to speak out and demand change.”


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Stay safe, healthy, and happy,

Ben Atkinson

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