Sneaker/Streetwear Market Recap Week of May 25th


To give you a better idea of the sneaker resale market and its trends, we are debuting weekly recap articles.

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May 25th Sneaker and Streetwear Market Recap

We begin this weekly recap by taking a look at the top sneakers that were released this past week, the final week of May 2020.

First up: the Travis Scott X Nike Air Max 270 React.

This shoe, being the most recent of the Travis Scott X Nike collection, released this past Friday with a retail price of $170.

This Air Max 270 consists of a mesh upper with tumbled leather and suede overlays. A gold midsole, green tongue with attached lace locks, and Cactus Jack branding on the heel tabs complete the design.

Before the release, we saw the shoe cap off at a whopping $2,000!

But as expected, only a couple days after the SNKRS release, they are sitting at around $560(varied for different sizes).

As far as style goes, this shoe looks great with gray joggers or if you want to complete the “desert” look, khakis. 


Another sneaker we saw release this week was the Nike SB Dunk Low Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Dunky.

This crazy, mismatched shoe released on May 26th with a retail price of $100. In terms of resale, if you were lucky to even pick up the regular boxed pair, you would be making a massive profit.

Sizes are currently about $1,500 (varied for different sizes) but are expected to drop as pairs continue to come in.

As a member of the sneaker community, it is so cool to see the number of people falling in love with the culture, grow day by day. What’s really awesome to see is that with new people, we start to see new collaborations.

Of course, collaborations are not new to the sneaker game as we’ve frequently seen Supreme, Off-White, and Travis Scott collaborate with Nike.

But collabs, where the other brand is completely cut off from the style genre, create real waves in the sneaker culture. 

Who would have thought that Ben & Jerry’s would be collaborating with Nike to make a sneaker? This collaboration, and the many others like it to come, will continue to change the sneaker game for the better!



The third shoe we’ll be discussing is the most recent to drop: the Jordan 13 Retro Flint (2020).


This Jordan 13 Retro consists of a navy mesh and white leather upper with flint grey suede underlays. A Jumpman holograph on the ankle, 3M detailing throughout the upper, and Carolina blue branding on the tongue completes the design.

These sneakers released on May 30th of 2020 and retailed for $190. In terms of resale, we are currently looking at steady sales at $250 (as of June 1).

If you managed to pick these up, you’re definitely looking at at least a $60 profit.

As far as the history of the Jordan 13 model, there is something very unique about the sole.

When the Air Jordan 13 was being thought up, Michael and Tinker Hatfield did not have a meeting before they drew up designs.

The sole of the Air Jordan 13 is one of the most unique soles ever released in the Jordan line. If you get a chance to look at the sole, you will see a huge resemblance with a panthers paw.

This was because Tinker said: MJ would read his player, and strike like a panther. A little interesting detail that I don’t think many people knew about!


In terms of clothing, the main release this week was the Palace Week 3 collection.

Packed with bright colors, this collection is very versatile. As the temperature rises, shorts and tees are becoming more prominent.

Here we see a large selection of t-shirts which are very lowkey. We don’t see anything too vibrant or too out-there in this collection.

In terms of resale, there isn’t much here. Most of the clothing is still sitting on the Palace website.

I think this collection is more of a wearable collection – not meant for resale. All in all, this is a great drop with some really nice pieces!

In this time of craziness, I do come to you bringing some positive news: summer is around the corner!

Although this summer will certainly look a lot different than previous ones, nice weather should certainly put a smile on all of our faces.

So you might be asking: with a change of season, what does that mean for the sneaker/streetwear market?

Well, as you might expect: summer clothes will pick up and winter clothes will slow down.

T-shirts and shorts will be the hot sellers during this season. Tees like the one pictured are the perfect example of a hot-selling summer shirt.

You can see from the graph that recently prices have picked up and are yielding much higher profits. You can even look at last summer and see prices took a jump.

I would love to say that this is definitely something you can expect to see this summer, but at a time like this, a lot is still unknown. With large groups looking very different, people might not be as inclined to buy pricey items to show off.

Perhaps instead of such a jump in price, we see an increase in the # of sales. A lot is still up for debate, but only time will tell. 

With tees and shorts being on the rise, this means that hoodies and jackets will be on the fall during this time.

With the warm weather, fewer and fewer people will be wearing hoodies, pants, and jackets. The opposite effect takes place during the colder seasons.

Taking a look at this supreme parka, you see that during summer, prices are the lowest whereas during winter, prices peak.

This is obviously due to demand. In winter, parkas are more in demand than they are in the summer.

Now, what does this mean from a reseller POV? Well, it means buy jackets and parkas in the summer, where prices are the lowest, and sell them in the winter, where prices are at their peak. 

We complete this market recap by talking about what to look forward to. By the time you’re reading this, we’ll be in June!

So, what’s coming in June? Well, to start off we have a couple of different Yeezy models releasing.

The Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Zyon is releasing on June 13th with a retail price of $220. The Yeezy Boost 380 Blue Oats is dropping on June 20th for a retail price of $230.

Apart from Yeezy’s, there is a wide variety of Jordans dropping this June. The Air Jordan 3 Animal Instinct is releasing on June 6th for $225 and the Air Jordan 1 Tie Dye is dropping on June 11th for $170.

For the rest of the June sneaker releases (at the moment!) take a look at this calendar down below!


You can check out our full article with the best sneakers for resale in June here.

Thank you guys for tuning into this weekly market recap brought to you by SixFigureSneakerhead! Stay safe, healthy, and happy,

Ben Atkinson

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