Supreme Fall / Winter 19 Week 16 Dec 12 2019 Droplist & Resale Projections

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12/11/2019 ~ erik anson

Hi all. We know why you’re here. It’s BOX LOGO week. I hope everyone is well prepared for release day or saved up some pennies if you’re unlucky and need to buy on the resale market.

There’s no collaboration this week so we will focus our efforts elsewhere.

We’ll discuss how to cop, best practices, predictions, as well as the rest of the droplist for week 16.


Bandana Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

Image via Supreme Community

Retail Value: $168

Projected Resale: $800+

Box logo hoodies are without a doubt the most well known piece of Supreme. The iconic box logo trademarked in 1994 can be recognized by such a large spectrum. Weather you’re into streetwear or not, odds are you’ve seen one and know there’s pandemonium and sentiment surrounding them.

This year we will see 8 colors (in styles/color codes that are unreleased at the moment) but we will call them – Carolina blue, pink, grey, brown, red, navy, yellow, and black. Remember these for later.


Image via Supreme Community

Quilted Hooded Plaid Shirt

Image via Supreme Community

Next up is this all over plaid hoodie. Quilted on the inside. Looks super warm and rugged to go along with your workwear look. This will most likely hover around the normal price of a hoodie. And yes, it will sit and have no resale value.

Brushed Wool Zip Up Sweater

Image via Supreme Community

Lastly for this small selection of outerwear, a sweater. A full zip, all wool piece is what we’ll see. Very mature and Mr. Rogers-like. Imagining this will be set somewhere around $110-$140. Once again, it will completely be overshadowed by the box logos and sit in the store. Easy cop if you’re interested.


New Era Box Logo Beanie

Image via Supreme Community

Retail Value: $38

Projected Resale: $150-$200

The beanie is of course a complimentary piece to the hoodie. The image above also gives a better look at the actual box logo colorations. If you couldn’t infer, these have also had their fair share of profitable reselling. Some color ways from last season have sold for up to $230.

Facemask Beanie

Image via Supreme

Additionally is this beanie/ski mask combo which is super interesting. This should be an easy cop like we’ve mentioned already. A fairly functional piece if you see a good amount of winter weather or hit the slopes. Should be priced slightly more than a normal beanie. Do not count on a flip for these!

Shiny Nylon Crusher

Image via Supreme

Now for hats. This mini bucket hat has a similar material we’ve seen before on other hats and jackets, very slick.

2-Tone Leather Camp Cap

Image via Supreme

With all the hype surrounding the box logo hoodies and beanies, this camp cap is my next favorite item and one I can see having a little resale value. May not be a lot, but this clean design especially in leather should draw some attention.

Shadow 6-Panel

Image via Supreme

Lastly on headwear is this classic 6-panel. If you’re into it, should be a super easy cop.


*Christmas Item Mockup* Supreme Nutcracker

Image via Supreme Community

Rounding out week 16 is a nutcracker. Just in time for those chestnuts during the holiday season. Unfortunately no word on price as of now but I wouldn’t expect to pay over $150.

I’m guessing it would be less but you never know. Unique accessory which usually could hold value but tread lightly. I would judge it’s potential resale off of it’s retail price.


There’s nothing more that needs to be said about this drop in terms of the potential resale value. If it ain’t a box logo, it’s not reselling. Pray to the Supreme gods you get lucky.

Now for a little strategy. The 3 colorways to go after for resale will be the pink, Carolina blue, and the grey. Yellow could also be a sleeper as we rarely see hoodies, not to mention box logos in that hue.

Conversely, if you’re just looking for your best chance to cop, try going for the red, brown, or navy. Early popularity voting has these on the lower side. With all that being said, every single color way is profitable but you may get a better payout based on colors.

If you are going on mobile, try downloading an app like Filler as an autofill for quick checkout.

If you’re on desktop, make sure you have your autofill on as well as copying your credit card number to give yourself any advantage you can.

For those fortunate enough to live by a store, an overlooked option is to wait outside stores and perhaps chat with people who just picked up from a reserved time slot. Have cash on you, you never know what could happen and you could come away with a good deal and have your box logo in hand. We’ve heard a few success stories with this method. Keep tuned on StockX and negotiate around the StockX payout or less. Cash is king to some.

Predictions for the hyped colorways mentioned earlier are anywhere from $800-$1000. Down the line you can expect black or yellow at $700 and at the bottom of the spectrum you could see maybe red, brown or navy selling for $600-$650 on release day.


When: December 12th, Thursday, Japan will see a later release on December 14th.
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan

Thanks for reading. Truly wishing everyone luck who’s going manual and would love to see some first timers get a box logo. Share all your success with us!

– Erik