Nike Air Force 1 LXX “Malt” – Resale Guide and Release Date


Leaked back in November, the Nike Air Force 1 LXX “Malt” finally has a set release date of January 23rd. The sneaker is a women’s exclusive and will retail at $110. The LXX silhouette is a popular silhouette but the resale prices are minimally profitable at best.

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One of the latest releases of the LXX silhouette was the Nike Air Force 1 LXX White Pink Aqua that debuted back in 2020 for $110. Looking at StockX, there have been over 100 resales with an average price of $137 with a peak resale of $180. 

Nike Air Force 1 LXX White Pink Aqua (W)
Nike Air Force 1 LXX White Pink Aqua (W)


Nike Air Force 1 LXX “Malt”  – Details

Nike Air Force 1 Low LXX “Malt” Appears

The Nike Air Force 1 LXX “Malt” comes dressed in a Malkt and Platinum Violet upper that is designed in leather with perforations on the toe box and side panels. The classic Swoosh logo is dressed in suede along with heels. To finish off the design, we have the model’s signature tag label featured on the tongue.

Nike Air Force 1 LXX “Malt”  – Where To Buy

You can buy the Nike Air Force 1 LXX “Malt” on January 23rd from the following stores:




Nike Air Force 1 LXX “Malt” – Resale Price

According to our estimates, the resale price of the Nike Air Force 1 LXX “Malt” is going to be between $140-$150. 


Sneaker: Nike Air Force 1 “LXX Malt”

Release Date: JAN/23/2020

Retail Price: $110

Resale Price: $140-$150

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