Undefeated x Nike Air Max 97 “Militia Green” & “Black/Volt” – Release and Resale Guide


Welcome back SFS family! Today I’m giving you the fresh look at the collaboration between Undefeated and Nike on the classic Air Max 97. Available in two colorways, the sneakers are expected to release on Tuesday, December 29th for $180 at Undefeated.com. Right now Undefeated is the only supplier for these shoes.

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Feel free to skip to Release Info and Conclusion now to get the need to know details for this release. Next we’ll be going over some similar shoes from the past.

Undefeated’s Success

We’ll touch on it more later, but for those unaware, Undefeated has already put their own spin on the Air Max 97. Releasing a few years ago, the black and white colorways are both currently reselling for around the $500 mark.

More recently we’ve seen Undefeated get their shot at a number of sneakers. We’ve seen their work on the likes of the Adidas ZX 8000,


the Nike Kobe 5 Protro,


and the Nike Air Max 90.

Undefeated Nike Air Max 90 white Red

Be sure to click the links on each individual article if you’re interested in any of the sneakers.

The Details

Perhaps one of the more memorable projects in recent memory landed in 2017 as Nike was celebrating the Air Max 97‘s 20th Anniversary, unquestionably the most prolific year for the globally popular silhouette. Delivering three stylish iterations with perfect placement of the shop’s name around each shoe – the black/red, the ComplexCon-exclusive white, and Friends and Family olive – Undefeated’s collaboration was easily ranked among that year’s best – and arguably among the best Air Max 97s ever.

For 2020, Undefeated revisits that celebrated design in two new colorways. One applies their familiar flight jacket theme with militia green and orange blaze, while a new concoction of black and volt joins the collection. Both feature the same Undefeated banner with ample reflective accents throughout.

We have the official images here. Which colorway are you leaning towards? Sidenote: is anyone else getting major “Tokyo/Japan 97” vibes from the black/volt colorway?

Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit
Image via Sneaker Bar Detroit

Conclusion and Resale Anticipation

I, for one, am psyched for this release. For me, the best colourway has to be “Militia Green”.  I have to imagine the rest of the world feels the same way so if you’re looking to maximize profit, go for the greens. 

Since these are releasing on Undefeated’s website, make sure you have your autofill information set up so you can have a fast check out. You can do this by adjusting your preferences on your browser (preferably Chrome).

Release Info/Where to Buy

RELEASE DATE: Tuesday, December 29th
RETAIL POINTS: Undefeated.com – A SNKRS release could be in the cards for a later time.

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After seeing the complete guide to the sneakers, what are your thoughts on the two Air Max 97s from Undefeated?

As always, please let us know your thoughts and if you have more upcoming sneakers you want us to look at. We love any feedback.

– Erik

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