Nike Dunk Low Coast Release Date and Resale (Full Guide)

nike dunk coast woman sneaker for resale with high value

Learn about the Nike Dunk Low Coast history, resale details, fake vs real, and more in this complete guide.

Nike Dunks have been given many makeovers this year. The Nike Dunk Low “Coast” paid tribute to the West Coast and were inspired by UCLA Bruin colors exclusively in women’s sizing. They were released on 18th February for a retail price of $100.

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Nike dunk – A brief history

Nike dunk
Nike Dunks – Hypebeast
  • The Nike Dunk debuted in 1985, and the rest is history. Despite being overshadowed by the Air Jordan 1, a non-flagship sneaker explicitly designed for basketball grew in popularity.
  • The Nike Dunks were initially known as the College Color Highs and were designed by Peter Moore. That’s because they were designed for various Nike-affiliated universities around the United States.
  • After getting momentum with this campaign, Nike realized there was another sector that might be lucrative, the Skateboarding market.
  • Nike Dunks were soon adopted by the skateboarders, and Nike wasted no time, and In 2002, Nike launched its skateboarding branch.
  • The Swoosh went for collaborations and limited sneakers right away, establishing itself as a maker of hyped and limited shoes and gear.

Nike Dunk Low Coast

Retail Price: $100

Resell Value: $280

Release Date: Thursday, February 18th, 2021

Colorway: Sail/Cost-University Gold

Nike Dunk Low Coast

The Nike Dunk ‘Coast’ is featured in a two-tone colorway that not only pays homage to the 1985 release but also pays homage to UCLA Bruin. A pure white foundation with the contrast of blue overlays with some details on the toe box.

Meanwhile, the toes, laces, lace panels, Swoosh are all covered in baby blue with golden Nike branding on the heels and the tongue, giving it a premium look.

Below we see a white low profile midsole that is supported by a baby blue rubber outsole with a circular design for extra grip on the courts and the streets.

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Nike Dunk Low Coast – Side View
Nike Dunk Low Coast – Side View
Nike Dunk Low Coast – Top View
Nike Dunk Low Coast – Top View
Nike Dunk Low Coast – Rear View


Nike Dunk Low Coast – Out Soles

Estimated Resell value

Let’s head over to StockX for the estimated resell value. We can see that the Nike Dunk Low Coast is still going for around $280-$300 on average. Join our Winner’s Circle for valuable insider knowledge to help you cop the most profitable sneakers!

Nike Dunk Low ‘Coast’ average resell price of $300 on StockX

Where To Buy?

You can purchase the Nike Dunk Low ‘Coast’  from the aftermarket like StockX, Goat, or FlightClub. For the latest releases of Nike Dunks, you can check out the Nike SNRKS app.

Real vs Fake

Authentic vs Fake Nike Dunk via Legitgrails

It is incredibly easy to copy items and manufacture false replicas in today’s period, and sometimes they are so brilliant that you can rarely tell the difference. The same may be said about sneakers and especially about big brands like Nike. Everybody wants to replicate big brands products because they always sell.

How check if your Nike Dunk Low is original?

  • Keep an eye out for minute features and compare them to authentic pictures.
  • Make sure the Nike Dunk Low has the toe box perforations appropriately aligned.
  • Make sure the printing and sewing are of good quality.
  • Look for genuine materials in the footwear and midsole stitching.
  • Check for text on size tags. The fakes usually have too thick or too thin text.


  • Nike Dunk Low ‘Coast’
  • Retail Price: $100
  • Resell Value: $280
  • Release Date: Thursday, February 18th, 2021
  • Colorway: Sail/Cost-University Gold
  • Style Code: DD1503-100

Where to Buy (Retail)


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