Nike KD 13 Bred – Resale Guide


June is the season of all the colorful and versatile drops. That’s why it’s only fitting that we get to see the release of Nike KD 13 Bred on 5th of June for a retail price of $150.

Only last month, Nike released KD 13 Home Team and we covered how it has performed so far.

For sneaker enthusiasts, the word Bred carries with it a deep connotation. It is an amalgamation of two words – Black and Red. And of course it alludes to the classic Air Jordan 1 Chicago colorway. The Bred colorway has become a classic asset in the Nike line up and one that does not disappoint.

But will KD 13 live up to the Bred name? Let’s find out.

Feel free to skip to the end to read a summarized version of the article and find out the resale value of the Nike KD 13 Bred.

Let’s see the performance of some of the previous KD 13 and whether or not the market shows them any love.

Nike KD 13 Home Team

The latest KD 13 just dropped in the middle of May for a retail price of $150. All in all, there have only been 12 sales. This signals that fans aren’t really interested in this drop. Looking at the historical sales data, we can see that most of the sales have been at the retail price i.e. $150 and the highest resale value was of $170.


For sneaker resellers, the KD 13 Home Team was a flop because of the almost non-existent profit margins. While the Ask prices are reaching $200 for the bigger shoe sizes, the Bids largely consist of less than $100. This just shows that the buyers aren’t interested in even paying the retail price of the shoe.



Dropped in April for $160, this has performed better than Home Team. According to the Sales data available on StockX, the average resale value was around $180-$200. Moreover, the Ask prices are well above $200 which means that the sellers are confident that they will be bought at these prices.

So far the KD 13 Planet of Hoops has performed relatively well and made decent profits for their resellers.

Nike KD 13 Funk 2K Gamer Exclusive

Released in May 2020 for a retail price of $150, fans took a liking to this funky colorful sneaker. With resales almost reaching the peak of $350, this KD 13 colorway has been a rather profitable drop for us. The price is stagnant at $200 with some resales peaking above it from time to time.

Looking at the Bid prices, the sellers are willing to pay an average price of $200 for all the shoe sizes. This is an indicator of a strong performance and we can likely expect more from the KD 13 line-up.


Nike KD 13 Hype

Featuring a vibrant and aesthetic upper coupled with a golden swoosh on the laterals with a white and black mudguard, the KD 13 Hype released this April for a price of $160.

Looking at the sales data, we are seeing a rather downward trend. As time is passing on, sellers are forced to resell the KD 13 hype at even lower than the retail price and taking up the losses. The peak resale value of the shoe was $210 on StockX and with a retail price of $160 that is simply not good enough.

Sellers on average are Bidding $100 for the KD 13 Hype and this is an indicator of a slow and poor selling shoe in the KD 13 line-up.

Nike KD 13 Bred

The shoe is sticking close to a pretty clean look. With an all-black upper with white and a white and red Midsole and Outer sole. A subtle grid pattern is featured across the black upper, complemented by a red swoosh.

The Nike KD 13 Bred will be available at the following websites on June 5th 2020:

Nike KD 13 Resale Value

Unfortunately, there is not available Sales data on StockX at the moment. Moreover, the Asks tab prices is empty as well which means that no one is selling this shoe yet which makes sense given that this shoe isn’t even out yet.

If you look at the Bids column, you will see outrageously low prices but don’t be too bothered about that as that really means nothing this early.

According to our estimates based upon historical averages and sales data, we feel that the resale value of the Nike KD 13 Bred is between the range of $ !70 – 180 with it peaking around $200. We feel that the Bred isn’t really an anticipated drop and because of which the profits are rather bleak on this one.



Nike KD 13 Bred

Release Date : June 5th, 2020

Retail Price: $150

Resale Value: $170-180


Well that’s all for today folks, the KD 13 are on the relatively lower end of the price spectrum in Nike’s basketball lineup and they’re not really known for their high resale values either. Therefore, it is better if you sit this one out and wait for the latter drops such as the Jordan concord which is dropping in June.

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