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Nike is releasing its Space Hippie line- a one of a kind sneaker collection made almost entirely out of recyclable materials. The Nike Space Hippie line will be available 11th of June, 2020.

According to Nike, the inspiration behind this shoe comes from life on Mars where the resources are scarce, and each material matters for life. Nike is releasing the Space Hippie line in 4 different silhouettes each geared towards a different sector of the market. Every detail on each of the Space Hippie silhouettes was carefully curated with special consideration it would have on the environment.

Nike states that each of their Space Hippie sneaker has something for someone – with traditional laces, lace-less and Flyease. “I’d say Space Hippie attacks the villain of trash,” says John Hoke, Nike Chief Design Officer. He further states, “It’s changed the way we look at materials. It’s changed the way that we look at the aesthetics of our product. It’s changed how we approach putting products together.”

It seems that Nike is coming to terms with the fact that it leaves a major footprint due to its production and this is making a few stakeholders not so happy. Nike is trying to improve its sustainability efforts by literally transforming trash into a sneaker.

Let’s take a closer look at the Nike Space Hippie 04.

Feel free to skip to the end to read a summarized version of the article and to find out the resale value of this drop.

Nike Space Hippie 04

Releasing on the 11th of June for a retail price of $130.


The Nike Space Hippie 04 comes in two colorways – Grey Volt and Summit White Hyper Crimson. The Space Hippie 04 is a shorter silhouette than its counterparts. The 04 is the most lightweight silhouette in the entire lineup and while it does leave out the Flyease technology, it also leaves a much lower carbon footprint. And I’m sure that most of us can live without Flyease if it means that the sneaker is more environmentally friendly.

Moreover, Nike is also foregoing its classic and fan-beloved Flyknit technology in favor of Space Waste as the source of upper. If the shoe looks like it’s made out of trash, that’s because it is – recycled trash that is.

Space Hippie 04 Grey Volt has a green volt swoosh on top of a grey upper and a crater foam midsole. The Space Hippie 04 Grey Volt has an upper which is made out of 85% recycled polyester from yarn scraps, t-shirts, and plastic bottles. What’s more? The Crater Foam midsoles employ Zoomx surplus from the Next% lineup. The Space Hippie 04 uses the Flyease technology with a heel-pull strap.

The Grey Volt’s counterpart is the Summit White Hyper Crimson but for simplicity’s sake – we’re just going to call it Crimson. The 04 Crimson has all the same features of the Grey Volt including the Space Waste upper, crater midsole, and the heel pull. Where it differs is the almost white upper with a bold crimson swoosh on the laterals.

Where to buy Space Hippie 04

The Nike Space Hippie collection is releasing exclusively on Nike SNKRS app,, and select retailers. However, you can expect to find them on StockX and eBay.

The resale value of Space Hippie 04

nike-space-hippie-04 nike-space-hippie-04

Since this is Nike’s first attempt at a completely sustainable lineup and all the silhouettes are new, we don’t have any reference points to measure their value against. Moreover, it will be interesting to see how the market reacts to this.

Speaking optimistically, since this is a one of a kind lineup, people will want to get their hands on this shoe. This is what we might call, a collector’s shoe. People may not buy it for its performance but they will definitely buy it for the hype factor.

Who doesn’t want an all recycled shoe from Nike? Since the Crimson is the more attractive 04, it will likely do better than the Grey Volt. Looking at users’ comments on Instagram, fans are hyped up about the release.

There’s already been a sale on StockX for the Crimson at $424, which is more than 3x the retail price. For the Crimson, the Asks price is extremely inflated reaching points of above $700. Although this won’t be the market resale value, it certainly will drive it up.

Unfortunately for the Grey Volt, there is relatively little interest. With buyers Bidding relatively lower than the retail price at times, and there are no Asks either at this point so it’s hard to judge what the market resale value will be for this.

Looking at the expected buyer perception, we estimate that the resale value of the Space Hippie 04 is:

Grey Volt – $150-190

Crimson – $250-350



Release Date: 06/11/2020

Retail Price: $130

Resale Value:

Grey Volt – $150-190

Crimson – $250-350

Nike says, “There is no resupply mission for Earth” and it is good to see that a corporation driven by profits is finally taking a sustainable initiative. By doing this, Nike is setting a benchmark for all the apparel companies to reduce their carbon footprint and to recycle even what may seem like trash.

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