Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon Release Date and Resale (Full Guide)


Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon Background, Release Details, and Estimated Resell

Nike is back with yet another limited SB Dunk High silhouette, just in time for the beloved ‘Doraemon’ cartoon’s 50th anniversary. The Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon price is expected to be $125 and is rumored to release on September 5th.

August was a highly lucrative month for resellers and September seems to be not much different. Check out our top picks for September 2020’s Best Sneakers to Resell.

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Nike SB has been killing it with all these impressive drops lately. The Nike SB Dunk Low Chicago and the Nike SB Dunk High Strawberry Cough are just a few examples of the incredible sneakers they’ve come up with.

Obviously their resale values are incredibly high as well and we can expect the same for the Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon. Before we start, let’s get into some background for the sneaker!

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Nike SB Dunk

Image from High Powered by Ceros

Skate culture and basketball culture have more in common than you’d think. During the 1990s, skaters looking for a suitable sneaker found the Air Jordan 1 and Nike Dunk to be perfect. They had great ankle support and excellent traction that let them stick to the boards better.

At first, skaters used Nike Basketball sneakers and had little complaints as the kicks did the job. Nike however, realized this marketing niche and decided to capture it by establishing the Nike SB division in 2002.

The difference from regular dunks was slight however, the use of Nylon was very much appreciated by skaters. Moreover, the use of a Zoom sole unit is also a great addition to the SB Dunks along with more unique boxes.

Although the sneakers come in a high or low-top. The Nike SB Dunk Low Pro models today are specially limited with crazy new colorways releasing every once in a while. Since a lot of those dunks are limited, resale is extremely high.

Since 2002, Nike SB Dunks have entered their golden age in 2020 with every release being sold out in seconds. The Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon is expected to be no different.

Doraemon| 50 Years of Childhood Entertainment 

Via Pinterest

A lot of us have childhood memories of waking up early on a Saturday morning to watch our favorite cartoons. For me and a lot of others around the world, that cartoon was Doraemon.

Released all the way back in 1970, Doraemon started off as a Japanese manga. Fujiko Fujio created the story of Doraemon who is a robotic cat like being from the 22nd century. His objective is mainly just to help a little boy named Nobita and the anime revolves around their adventures together.

Nike pays homage to Doraemons 50 years of entertainment with a new SB Dunk that rocks Doraemon themed color tones.

To estimate the resale value of the Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon, let’s head on over to StockX. By assessing similar sneakers, we can get a good idea of what to expect.

Nike SB Dunk High Sail Bright Crimson

From StockX

Retail Price: $110

Peak Resell: $320

Release Date: 06/01/2020

Colorway Sail/Bright Crimson

The Nike SB Dunk High Sail Bright Crimson released back in June for $110. It features a white tumbled leather upper and sued Sail over lay. It also comes with a bright crimson ‘Swoosh’ and collar lining while a white mid-sole and crimson out-sole finishes off the design.

On StockX, the average selling price is $180 which is an average gross profit of $70. Had you sold them at peak resale, profits would have been as high as $210 per pair! For a more detailed look, see our article.

Although profits are decent, I believe the Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon will be a lot more profitable.

Nike SB Dunk High Danny Supa

From StockX

Retail Price: $110

Peak Resell: $777

Release Date: 10/07/2017

Colorway: Safety Orange/Hyper Blue-White

This Knicks themed SB Dunk High is identical in color to its 2002 low-top counterpart. The sneakers feature a white leather upper with vibrant orange overlay. A bright blue ‘Swoosh’ and laces provide contrast that really make all the colors pop.

These sneakers sport almost a reversed color tone to the Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon and I expect current resale to also be similar. On StockX, this sneaker has been selling for around $350 which is a gross profit of around $240. At peak resale, gross profits are as high as $600.

Nike SB Dunk High Pacman

From StockX

Retail Price: $100

Peak Resell: $1,900

Release Date: 08/01/2009

Colorway: Blue Frost/Midwest Gold

The Nike SB Dunk High Pacman features a multicolored upper with sued overlay. Vibrant sky blue, yellow, and red color blocking are contrasted by a crisp white mid-sole. Finally, a yellow out-sole completes the design.

On StockX, the average selling price is a massive $840 which is a gross profit of $740 per pair. At peak resale, gross profits are a whopping $1,800.

Although the Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon’s resale won’t be as high, I believe they’ll still be very profitable.

Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon

Via Nike

Retail Price: $125 (TBC)

Estimated Resell: $400

Release Date: September/5/2020 (TBC)


UPDATE: A confirmed release date of September/5/2020 has surfaced

Nike SB pays homage to many people’s favorite childhood cartoon that’s celebrating its 50th anniversary.

The Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon features color blocking very similar to the character itself. A white tumbled leather upper with blue sued overlay represent Doraemon’s primary colors.

The vibrant red laces and ‘Swoosh’ hint towards its red nose and collar while the yellow lace loop represents Doraemon’s collar bell. There’s even a nod to its 4th dimensional pouch with a hidden stash pocket on the sneaker. A white mid-sole and blue Zoom out-sole finishes off the design.

Leave nothing to the imagination with the detailed images.

Via Nike
Via Nike
Via Nike
Via Nike

Resale Value

Since this sneaker is expected to be a skate shop exclusive, getting your hands on them will be extremely hard. That however, also indicates towards very high resale profits.

If you sell on StockX, to get your money back you’ll need to sell for at least $150. Thus by using my estimated resell value, I expect very decent profits of around $250 per pair.

By selling on websites such as eBay, with no service fee, profits may even be higher.

Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon Where to Buy

The Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon is rumored to release very soon on September the 5th exclusively at Nike SB Orange Label Skate shops.

You can also buy them today through reseller websites such as StockX.


Nike SB Dunk High Doraemon

Retail Price: $125 (TBC)

Estimated Resell: $400

Release Date: September/05/2020 

Where to Buy: (Retail) Orange Label Skate Shops

                           (Resale) StockX

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Take care everyone!


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