Supreme F/W 20 Week 15 – Droplist and What to Cop


Hey folks, happy to have you here at SFS. I hope everyone had an excellent Thanksgiving and took the Thursday off for some family and food time. If you were unaware, we saw our normally scheduled Supreme drop get moved to Friday for the holiday. Now let’s get on to our main subject matter – going over the Supreme F/W 20 Week 15 droplist and giving our expertise on items to resell.

For those interested, we just updated our 2020 Supreme Resale Bible–check it out here! We wrote the Supreme Bible ourselves and it outlines everything you need to know – history and terminology, best technologies and methods to use, and more. We’re making the barrier of entry into streetwear easier for you. After you read up on that maybe you’ll get some help from us at the Winner’s Circle and checkout a nice cart on Thursday morning. Better yet, take a look at our recent article on best Supreme releases of 2020. We’ll be sure to make another roundup article after this season.

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Recap from Week 14

Last week was quite interesting and had a unique product offering. For one, the collaboration with Anti Hero that featured tees, twill jackets, hoodies, beanies, and skate decks was odd yet popular. The real heaters in terms of resale were the Polartec pieces. The hoodie, half zip pullover, and especially the overalls are killing it at a high price premium now. Super bummed I was late on picking up any of those. Check out the last droplist here. Without further ado let’s go over the more popular items heading into this week.

Box Logo Hype

While there’s no collaborations this week, we have something even better in store. As soon as they were previewed in the lookbook at the beginning of the season, all eyes and ears perked up. Without any further waiting, the Cross Box Logo pieces are releasing. See the hoodie and beanie below.

Image via Supreme Community
Image via Supreme Community

Cross Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

  • Retail: $168
  • Resale: $425
Image via Supreme Community

New Era® Cross Box Logo Beanie

  • Retail: $38
  • Resale: $85


      Image via Supreme Community
      Image via Supreme Community

      Small Box Facemask Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt

      Heavyweight cotton crossgrain fleece with packable facemask.

      • Retail: $168
      • Resale: $190


      image via Supreme Community

      Small Box Logo Tee (Restock)

      • Retail: $58
      • Resale: $75


                Image via Supreme Community

                Pills Skate Deck

                • Retail: $50
                • Resale: $105


                image via Supreme Community

                Reactive Print Camp Cap

                • Retail: $48
                • Resale: $70

                          Release Info

                          When: Thursday, December 3rd @11am EST/8am PST
                          WhereSupreme Online and in stores. Japan releases December 5th.


                          Full list is here! All retail prices are confirmed.

                          Not a huge surprise but this week should garner a lot of traffic to the website! These cross box logo items will end up being people’s rent money for the month. With a never before seen design, these will surely stand the test of time and be a memorable release for the ages. Even if you’re not a part of our private cook group, there’s always hope for manual users. Be sure to have all your credit card info copied or in a browser extension for a fast checkout. Try google chrome autofill if you’re new to copping Supreme.

                          Starting in Streetwear

                          If you’re new to reselling, this blog has everything you need and more, including the Hypemaster Playbook that is an all-in-one package to begin sneaker and streetwear reselling. Over 300 pages of in-depth tips from experience. I guarantee everyone will learn something no matter your previous knowledge.

                          The SFS Winner’s Circle I alluded to earlier is also expanding more and more. Get in now for the best insider info on sneakers and streetwear. All you have to do is look at our website and socials for testimonies on how we’re helping you cop streetwear. Our members have been killing it lately.

                          Here’s the brand new Sneaker/Streetwear Market Recap Week of November 23rd – Ben Atkinson is such a huge team member and has his ear to the ground on everything. It’s your one-stop to get caught up for the week on hot items.

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                          – Erik

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