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Howdy folks. You’re here for Supreme F/W 20 Week 18. While that’s still scheduled to go down, unfortunately we have some bad news. Now most of the time we’ve gotten 20 weeks from a Supreme season but now for this year, week 18 will sadly be the final week for this fall/winter season. It’s a bit lackluster of an ending but we’ll get on to the droplist in a second.

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Recap from Week 16

Last week was fantastic! It was the “Winter Tee” week where 9 different short sleeve tees got their shine. The heavy hitters were the Cross Box Logo, the Mariah Carey, and the Bear tees.

I was lucky enough to cop a Mariah Carey in purple as well as a New Era Balaclava in the olive green. Did you guys get lucky?

Check out the last droplist here. Without further ado let’s go over the more popular items heading into this week.


        Image via Supreme Community

        WINDSTOPPER® Zip Up Hooded Sweatshirt

        Water resistant GORE® WINDSTOPPER® poly shell with fleece bonded liner. Camo colorway should resell the best.

        • Retail: $198
        • Resale: $220
        Image via Supreme Community

        Micro Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

        • Retail: $158
        • Resale: $160
        Image via Supreme Community

        WINDSTOPPER® Sweatpant

        • Retail: $158
        • Resale: $165


        Image via Supreme Community

        Swarovski Zippo

        • Retail: $78
        • Resale: $120


        Image via Supreme Community

        WINDSTOPPER® Earflap Box Logo New Era

        • Retail: $58
        • Resale: $80
        Image via Supreme Community

        Marble 6-panel

        While not the most hyped, my favorite for this week is here. I think Supreme does a killer job on this marble print.

        • Retail: $48
        • Resale: $65

                    Release Info

                    When: Thursday, December 24th @11am EST/8am PST
                    WhereSupreme Online and in stores. Japan releases December 26th.


                    We’re 100% confirmed! Green light to go cop.

                     A bit of a bummer in terms of items for this last week. There may be some last minute additions that were leftover from the lookbook so keep it locked to SFS for any updates. Otherwise I think your best bet is to try for the Swarovski Zippo or the Windstopper hoodie for a good flip.

                    Rumor has it that a special Christmas tee may be in store which would save this drop. Look out for that.

                    Also be on the prowl for an “End of Season” sale from Supreme. Usually markdowns on items that were hanging around in the webstore for a while. I would expect this next week or the week after most likely.

                    Starting in Streetwear

                    Our best achievement yet is here! We launched our YouTube channel talking about sneakers and streetwear. Here is the latest video up featuring yours truly. Subscribe to us there too and let us know your feedback thus far! We’re incredibly proud of it and excited to grow more. I’m featured on weekly market recaps so tune in if you’re interested.

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                    With this being the final week of F/W 20, what were some of your favorite pieces from this season and what were you lucky enough to pickup? 

                    And good luck copping everyone!

                    Thanks as always, have a powerful week, and see you for Spring/Summer!

                    – Erik

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