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05/05/2021 ~ erik anson

Welcome back in to the Six Figure Sneakerhead look at the newest Supreme drop. We’re giving you insight into the droplist for Supreme Spring/Summer 21 week 11. Stay tuned for the hot picks for reselling, we’ll let you know what to cop.

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Recap from Week 10

The stars of last week were the Denim Frayed Logo jacket, Chain Lock, Small Box Tee, the Handstyle Hooded Sweatshirt, and the Patches Baseball Jersey.

Just like I predicted, all the frayed denim pieces are already going crazy on resale. The trucker jackets, pants, and hats all have some nice price premiums on the secondary market.

You can find the full Droplist here.

A Look Ahead

In the news, Supreme Milan will finally be opening this week and for many, it’s a long time coming. Rumored since 2015, the Italy store will finally be opening its doors this SS21 season beginning this week for Week 11. Just like other grand openings, Supreme will be dropping a special Box Logo commemorating the new regional beginnings and for Milan, the Box Logo is a pretty special one.

Already used on a deck and sticker, The Last Supper image will be used on a Box Logo tee which is a pretty cool concept. Housed in Milan, Italy, and created by the popular Italian artist, Leonardo da Vinci, the Box Logo celebrates Milan culture while also shedding light on vintage Supreme designs that have been used in the past.

Image via Supreme Community

Milan Box Logo Tee

  • Retail: $48
  • Resale: $220

Although the tee will be the highlight of the week, you can also expect a lot of other items to be featured as well.

Supreme and Jamie Reid are linking up this week as well. This collection consists of a Varsity Jacket, Hoody, Sweater, Shirt and more. Photo below.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Now let’s cover resale on popular items.

Image via Supreme

Nike Air Max 96

After much anticipation, another Air Max sneaker is here. They’re not bad but take note, that the paneling all around the sneakers is transparent. In the photo you’re looking right through to the Supreme on the red insole.

  • Retail: $175
  • Resale: $250


        Image via Supreme Community

        Small Box Logo Zip Hoodie

        • Retail: $158
        • Resale: $180
        Image via Supreme Community

        Floral Tapestry Anorak

        This theme is awesome to me, sleeper pick of the week in my opinion

          • Retail: $198
          • Resale: $215


              Image via Supreme Community

              Floral Tapestry Cargo Pant

              • Retail: $168
              • Resale: $190


                Image via Supreme Community

                Nike Lightweight Crew Socks

                • Retail: $20
                • Resale: $33
                Image via Supreme Community

                Cini & Nils Cuboluce Table Lamp

                • Retail: $238
                • Resale: $??

                  Release Info

                  When: Thursday, May 6th @11am EST/8am PST

                  WhereSupreme Online and in stores. Japan releases May 8th.


                  All retail prices are confirmed! Cop away.

                  Quite a bit of variety in the small amount of pieces we’re highlighting and we love that. Heads up for the Air Maxes and their restocks throughout the morning. If you’re more of a IYKYK, low-key person, maybe try out those Floral Tapestry pieces.

                  Starting in Streetwear

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                  And good luck copping everyone! Thanks as always and have a powerful week.

                  – Erik

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