Supreme S/S 21 Week 8 – Droplist & What to Cop


Hello and welcome Supreme fam. You’re tuning in to the SFS weekly look at the Supreme droplist. This is the Spring/Summer 21 week 8. Stay tuned for the hot picks for reselling.

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Recap from Week 7

Previously on Supreme S/S 21… we had a bit of a sleepy week for week number 7. The Clay Patterson mini capsule sold out most of it’s small stock, a couple small box logo hoodies sold out, the Gore-tex pants and the Doc Martens also sold out. Nothing ridiculous in terms of benefits from reselling.

Without further ado let’s go over the more popular items heading into this week.

A Look Ahead

Following a couple of dry weeks from Supreme, the brand will be reeling fans back in with a Week 8 droplist expected to feature anticipated SS21 Spring Tees. There’s a big group of them but we’ll be focusing on a select handful for reselling. We also have a fun selection of bags and a new skate deck – that’s always nice to see. 

Below you can see the entirety of the drop along with the retail prices. We’ll cover the resale shortly.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks
Image via Just Fresh Kicks


        Image via Supreme Community

        FTP Arc Hooded Sweatshirt

        • Retail: $158
        • Resale: $180
        Image via Supreme Community
        Image via Supreme Community

        Mitchell & Ness Satin Varsity Jacket

        No matter what, you can always count on varsity jackets being popular and holding their value. Look back at any variation of a varsity jacket and they’re reselling for a good chunk above retail. Right out of the gate I imagine this Mitchell and Ness won’t be super hot, but come a year from now it’ll be doing well and beyond.

        • Retail: $248
        • Resale: $300+


        Image via Supreme Community

        Anna Nicole Smith Tee

        • Retail: $48
        • Resale: $65
        Image via Supreme Community
        Dunk Tee
        • Retail: $38
        • Resale: $60
        Image via Supreme Community
        Fuck Tee
        My personal favorite from the collection. Any of the still life style designs are fire in my opinion.
        • Retail: $38
        • Resale: $60
        Image via Supreme Community
        Apes Tee
        • Retail: $38
        • Resale: $55


        Image via Supreme Community

        Bandana Tarp Side Bag

        The bandana tarp theme will also be available in large and small duffle style bags additionally.

        • Retail: $38
        • Resale: $55
        Image via Supreme Community

        Miles Davis Skate Deck (mockup at the moment)

        • Retail: $60
        • Resale: $100


        Image via Supreme Community

        FTP Beanie

        • Retail: $38
        • Resale: $50

          Release Info

          When: Thursday, April 15th @11am EST/8am PST

          WhereSupreme Online and in stores. Japan releases April 17th.


          Retail prices are confirmed! Have all the confidence.

          It’s spring tee week! Always an exciting time. Folks can express themselves in their new Supreme tees and pick their style from a wide array. Aside from that, I really like the varsity jacket and the skate deck for resale, good profits to be had in those items no matter what time of year.

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          And good luck copping everyone! Thanks as always and have a powerful week.

          – Erik

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