Supreme S/S 20 Week 1 – Droplist & What to Cop


It always comes quicker than you think. We’re back again like we never left. Get ready because we’re about to be locked into another 20 weeks of red-blooded, hyped consumerism.

As usual, there’s always a tremendous amount of anticipation and excitement geared towards week 1. Folks (perhaps) have been saving their pennies and ready to spend a bag, especially to get the free gift for the inaugural drop – this season it’s the ballpark poncho.

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Image via Supreme Community

Since there’s over 70 items dropping this week, we’ll discuss some of the larger money making opportunities along with personal favorites and general thoughts on the premier of the spring/summer season from Supreme in 2020.


The 25 yer old skate brand has been evolving at a steady pace ever since its humble beginnings on Lafayette Street in SoHo, the heart of New York City’s hip fashion scene. What hasn’t changed is tee shirts being a staple for Supreme.

All signs and early discussions are pointing towards these shirts having the highest chance of profitability – Tupac, Shop, Naomi, Cherries, Bling, and Loved by the Children. All are $38 besides Tupac and Naomi which are $48. This is my best guess of the popularity also, first on the list being highest demand. Profit should be anywhere from $25- $75 depending on size and style. Remember mediums and larges are more sought after.

Tupac Tee via Supreme Community
Shop Tee via Supreme Community
Naomi Tee via Supreme Community
Cherries Tee via Supreme Community
Bling Tee via Supreme Community
Loved by the Children Tee via Supreme Community


The S Logo hoodie is becoming a classic stylization for Supreme. These come in at $158 and you could see a profit of $30-60 on these.

S Logo Hoodie via Supreme Community

Next is a little higher on the budget but should make a splash in week 1 and that’s the Faux Fur Varsity Jacket. Varsity’s are a monster hit for Supreme and always hold their value over time. Retailing at $398, you could see $100-$200 profit down the road – especially if you keep the tags on this guy.

Faux Fur Varsity via Supreme Community

Rounding out the outerwear section is a sleeper pick for me. While this may not skyrocket in value immediately, I believe this is a beautiful piece and can find its way in everyone’s closet. The colorways are awesome and you can wear in a multitude of climates. $168 with an easy $50-$60 profit.

Track Jacket via Supreme Community


Now onto a hyper popular category of Supreme which is its accessories.

I’ll start with some decks. Decent for reselling, fabulous for a collector/display piece. The standouts are this Distorted Deck ($50) and the Tupac Deck ($54). These should each go for an easy $50-$100 over retail.

Distorted Deck via Supreme Community
Tupac Deck via Supreme Community

Next are some of the more novelty items. Some practical and good for everyday use, some not so much. This Nalgene should be a slam dunk on the resale market even if it’s not a huge gain. The classic 32oz widemouth can always find use. $36 with a resale profit of $20-$40.

Image via Supreme Community

Another timeless item that has been featured on the Supreme site in the past is a Zippo lighter. This time around it’s glow in the dark, kinda neat. People will love it. Retail is $48, could gain $30-$40.

Image via Supreme Community

Here’s a wild card for all you granola, bird watchers – a birch birdcall by Audobon. Only $20 so it can only go upwards, give it a try. You’ll definitely see “Supreme Guy” Eric Whiteback doing something whacky on his instagram with this.

Image via Supreme Community

Lastly for accessories is my personal favorite and something I’ll be going after hard and that’s the Numark Turntable. This will be a dope display piece and gateway into vinyl for anyone. If you’re not keeping for your personal stash, this could sell for another $70-$100 over retail, maybe even more. Early sales have been recorded into the $300 range. Retail is $168.

Image via Supreme Community


Here we’re talking about the bags of this season. I can’t stress this enough that waist bags > shoulder bags. This may not have been the case a couple years ago (aka when clout packs were a thing) but no one is wearing the crossbody shoulder bags anymore. The smaller it is, the better off you are trying to resell. For this drop it’s worth highlighting the waist bag, the utility bag, and the backpack – retailing for $98, $30, and $148 respectively. The blue camo pattern is a rare colorway so try for those joints.

Image via Supreme Community
Image via Supreme Community
Image via Supreme Community


And finally for week 1, we’ll talk about a couple of the headwear pieces we like. First is the overdyed beanie. Supreme always does a fantastic, aesthetically great job with their overdying and creating that worn-in look. This beanie will run you $34 will a potential to gain $20-30. If you don’t have one in your collection, I like the look of the grey and rust colorways.

Image via Supreme Community

Of course, we’d be remiss not to mention a camp cap. This style is a little unique as they’re calling it “military” due to it’s thick patch on the front as well as a militant “SUPNY-20” branding on the right side of the cap. Again, the blue camo is a pattern we haven’t seen before so it’ll have a high demand. The cap will retail at $48 with a potential to resell $30-$40 over retail. Just like the beanie, this is a chance to get a nice box logo piece for a very affordable cost.


When: February 27th @11am EST, Thursday.
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan

What’s next?

That’s all for this week folks, I hope everyone has a prosperous morning. Let’s not forget some of the heat coming out later this season – the Nike AF1s, Mac Chest, Bike, Oreos, and so many more. What else are you excited to see?

Thanks all,

– Erik


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