Supreme S/S 20 Week 11 – Droplist & What to Cop

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Howdy people. We’re beyond the halfway point in Supreme spring/summer 2020 season. We’re past the Allstar break, however you want to think of it – week 11 is upon us. Per usual, here at SFS we’ll keep you updated on all your newest Supreme info.

Before we discuss what’s going on this week, let’s recap what was hot last week. Maybe there’s a chance you can still grab something in the webstore or for a good price on the secondary market now. 

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The popular items that sold out last week were the box logo-esque “Cutout Crewneck” as well as the “Hole Punch Denim Trucker Jacket”. A couple other accessories like the “Debossed Ash Tray” and “Motion Logo Skate Decks” went out of stock as well.

We have a lot to go over now so let’s do it.


Maybe you have or have not seen any of the buzz so far about the upcoming collaboration that’s headlining this week. Coming in Thursday morning is Supreme’s collab with Barbour. Even if you’ve been following James Jebbia’s company Supreme for a while, this is the first time we’re seeing a partnership with the British luxury lifestyle brand known as Barbour. 

Since the alliance was first announced, there has been massive amounts of rumblings on the internet. In fact, even before that, when the cookbook for the season was first revealed prior to week 1, a lot of the cheetah pieces we’ll see below seemed to grab some eyes.

Let’s get to the pieces.

Image via Drops by Jay

Firstly, the jacket that you’re looking at is the Lightweight Waxed Cotton Field Jacket. As you can see, every item from the Barbour collection will come in three colors, the jacket being no exception – black, safety orange, and cheetah. Bearing the loftiest price tag of the bunch at $498, you can expect to see a quick $50 to $100 in resale profits, of course likely to grow over time.

Next is the Waxed Cotton Waist Bag. This comes in at $98 retail with expected resale profit of $40 to $60. These will definitely sell out quick is my guess.

On to the hats. Maybe the most popular piece in the entire collection is the Waxed Cotton Camp Cap. With this premium material and a leather strap, this is a slam dunk to add to anyone’s collection or to resell. Retail is $54 with potential reselling adding another $50 to $70 back to you.

Lastly is the Waxed Cotton Crusher. To my surprise, these bucket style hats have been moving this season. I would expect the same for this drop. Retail is $60 with potential to see another $30 to $40 reselling.


Image via Supreme

For the first item in the standalone Supreme pieces is the Overdyed Hoodie. Supreme has always done a phenomenal job with their overdye aesthetic. It’s a timeless, worn in look that’s versatile with any fit. This should be a big seller. If I were to bet, the two camo pieces are the most popular followed by the peach. Retail is the usual $148 for a hoodie with resale potential to be $50 to $80.

Be on the lookout, there’s actually matching overdyed shorts if you need something fresh for summer.

Image via BUMP

Next up is the Twill Varsity Jacket. A perfect lightweight jacket to get you through the somewhat chilly days and spring evenings. I love this for the personal collection. Big fan of the color blocking version but not the blue in particular so I think I’ll opt for the all black. Retail is $228 with room for another $30 to $40 in reselling gains.

Image via Supreme

Last on the lineup for outerwear is the World Famous Zip Up Hoodie. To be honest I’m not 100% on this one, but nonetheless it’s a Supreme hoodie so it’ll always hold it’s original value. I’m sure certain colors and sizes will do very well. Retail is $148, with a small $20 to $30 flip.


Image via Supreme

Alright ladies and gentlemen, we’re getting to one of the biggest accessories we’ve seen this season! You’re looking at the S&M 1995 BMX Bike. This will be a legendary piece of Supreme in years to come. If you’re a high roller and got the capital to float, do it on this one. Retail is $1898. Resale profits could be up to an additional $500+.

Image via Supreme Community

On the complete other end of the spectrum is the Waterproof Lighters. Supreme always puts out lighters and they always sell. While these were rumored to drop a couple times already this season, now we’re finally getting them in week 11. Priced at only $8, you could expect another $20 to $30 on a flip easily.


When:  May 7th @11am EST, Thursday
WhereSupreme Online only


That’s all for this week! As always, wishing you the most success Thursday morning. And like I’ve mentioned in the past couple weeks, shipping fee is waived on orders over $150. Hopefully you can check out a nice cart and lose that $10 shipping fee.

Like I’ve been known to preach, look for those deals on Grailed, eBay, Reddit, or Instagram. Just a better way to not undercut the market and going straight peer to peer and not incurring any fees.

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Stay safe and take it easy,

– Erik

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