The Yeezy 380 “Alien” Restock Details


If you were a devoted member to the Six Figure Sneakerhead community, you were inundated with the Black Friday insanity—a Yeezy 350 black restock that had every sneakerhead in a frenzy.

A couple of weeks prior to the aforementioned frenzy, the initial release of the Yeezy 380 “Aliens” occurred.

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Kanye West and Travis Scott

In addition to the Yeezy 380 “Aliens”, Kanye West and Travis Scott must have been in a room scheming, because the Astro World rapper decided to shock drop his new Air Force 1 that same night.

Air Force 1 Cactus Jack

Surprisingly enough, numerous people were able to grab both pairs. Moreover, not many would have fathomed a restock of the Aliens the very next month—yet, here we are.

Although the imminent Yeezy 380 “Alien” restock will not be of an abundance as the Yeezy 350 blacks, the value per pair should be significantly higher overtime.


The initial Yeezy 380 “Alien” released late on a November 15th evening on Yeezy Supply and Adidas, and you would have made a substantial profit if a pair ended up at your doorsteps.

If you missed out on Kanye’s first introduction of his new Yeezy line, either online or at his Jesus is King pop-up shop, the “Follow God’ rapper wants to throw you an assist.


Look for the re-release of Ye’s new Yeezys Thursday, December 6th with limited stock.



The latest model of Kanye West and Adidas historic partnership will arrive in a bevy of stores—much more than the first release.

You can find the outer-space inspired sneaker listed in the following retail stores, November 12th.

A Ma Maniere


Dover Street Market



Social Status



Yeezy Black 350 v2 Restock Recap

Thanksgiving was relaxing and imperative for everyone, revolved around being with pleasant family and affable people.

Not to mention, the crowd-pleasing turkey and other plates you would normally find on the memorable Thursday holiday.

Yeezy 350 v2 Black

Then Black Friday came the next day—or if you’re a sneaker reseller—the Yeezy Black 350 restock was upon us.

Yeezy 350 v2 Black

That morning…

You could hear the pigeons chirping when the first release checkouts permeated throughout footsites.

Sneaker resellers of all walks of life—teenagers, young adults, husbands, wives, manual shoppers, and botters alike—all woke up with money on their minds.

The Yeezy 350 online shopping bonanza was a mere sample size of the new era in Black Friday shopping, however, the stark difference here is people were online to make money—not just spend it.

Kanye West

Throughout that morning, it wasn’t uncommon for people to acquire multiple pairs.

Multiple+Yeezy 350+Boxes
Multiple Yeezy 350 Boxes

Whether you were using an automated task generator or purchasing on websites manually, it was quite easy to grab a pair. In addition, almost every size was profitable.

Only a week later, we find ourselves at the cusp of another restock, albeit not nearly as much in stock, but each pair is valued at least $400.

Just another reason why you should bookmark Six Figure Sneakerhead blog immediately.


Having an eventful end-of-the-year would be an understatement for the legendary rapper and mastermind that is Kanye West.

Kanye West on Sunday

After blessing his fans with his ninth studio album in November, the GOOD Music owner has transitioned back to his Adidas-partnered onslaught of shoe wear.

Kanye West on Sunday

While the December 12th Yeezy 380 restock will be the most hyped Yeezy drop of this month, let’s not let it swallow the hype of its subsidiary drops.


Yeezy 350 v2 Yeezreel

It seems that either the Adidas staff or Kanye is partial to the highlight green color, as this Yeezy 350 v2 iteration has stark similarities to the Yeezy 350 v2 “Glow.”

Yeezy 350 v2 Glow

It’s either that, or they’re just running out of colorway ideas—I mean this is like the thousandth iteration released this year, right?

Pardon my complaint, but the colorways are getting tiresome, and is why the Yeezy 380 “Alien” release was so refreshing.

However, the beginning of 2019 will adhere to a new colorway collection and I can’t wait. That was sarcasm, folks, at least there is more money to be had.

Nonetheless, I’d be remised to omit the Yeezreels outside of sneaker resell discussions. The non-reflective and reflective iterations will be unequivocally resellable.

Yeezy 350 v2 Yeezreel

The Yeezy Glow look-a-like boasts a high resale value at the moment, however, the stark similarity to a previous model will have negative impacts in its resale value.

Still, it should see a resale price between $300 to $400, which will be worth the hustle to many.


Another vibrant makeover on the all-too-common Yeezy 350 canvas is the “Yecheil.”


The flamboyant colorway take will be dropping on Sunday, December 15th, and arriving in the usual Black Primeknit upper with the hints of red and yellow hues.


As one would expect, the size 9 is selling north of $600 already on the sneaker reselling platform, Stockx. Although the price will dip back to fair value, they shouldn’t drop below $500.

In addition to the sneaker’s abstract colorway’s boasting a sense of exclusiveness, the limited stock will have a high impact on the above average resale value.


Now, the main event.


With a retail price of $230, the Yeezy 380 “Aliens” will be a definite purchase for most sneaker resellers, however, it’ll require some inner willpower to hold the pair for some time.

Any veteran in the sneaker game can lecture you with convoluted reasons as to why the resale market for the Yeezy Aliens will unequivocally rise, but let’s keep it simple.


The first model of a new release has a high probability that it’ll do the better than its proceeding counterparts.

That is, the first Yeezy 380 “Alien” model’s monetary value will correlate upwards, directly relating to the increase in time.

In laymen term, hold the shoe for maximum profit and let the anxious sellers take their quick flips.

Kanye will be starting the new year with, yet again, another Yeezy 350 v2 iteration. To make sure you’re notified on all of Kanye’s new and repetitive line, along with other hype sneakers, opt into our email list.

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With that, I’m out. Good luck everyone.


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