Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Glow”: How to Cop on May 2019 release date

Yeezy Glow Picture release date may 2019

Facts & opinions: Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Glow”

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Here’s the deal, the Yeezy 350 v2 has been flooded with color ways and has seen its fair amount of praise as well as criticism. There’s some well-deserved buzz around this new variation. Kanye himself tweeted “Can’t wait for these glow in the dark 350s”.

With a release date of Saturday, May 25th, 2019 we’ll see a new color way of the 350 v2 which will be dubbed the “Glow”. And when I say we’ll see it, we’ll see it at all times of the day.

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Hence the name, this over-saturated, neon green low top dons a glow in the dark sole unit. As we already know, the thick, Thanos-esque midsole turns a lot of heads and spawns questions.

A point to mention is that this iteration of the 350 v2 follows the model that debuted in December of 2018.

static yeezy 350 v2 2018 new december release
From, the 2018 Statics are basically the same as these, but in bright glow green this time.

A small difference from the original v2 is the translucent stripe running along the outside of the sneaker which normally features the text “SPLY 350”.

The earthy gray color on the stripe is the only point of contrast on the shoe. Other than that small hit, the upper and all of it’s facets are made up of a color similar to the Semi-Frozen Yellow Yeezy’s that released in November of 2017. The laces, stitching, and even insoles are pasted in the unique green tone. Another piece of info about this eye-catching model is that it will come in adult, kid, and infant sizes. 

I believe there’s something to be said about Kanye doing another sneaker that has the glow in the dark sole aspect.

Official images via Sneaker News.

A component of this drop that has gone under the radar is the fact that a Yeezy hasn’t had a glow in the dark sole since the light gray color way of the 750 that dates back to late 2016. To be noted, that shoe still holds a resale value of over $800 typically.

Before that, the last sneaker by Ye to have a glow in the dark sole was the Air Yeezy 2 with Nike that’s argued as one of the best Yeezy’s in history. 

How limited is the Yeezy 350 v2 Glow ?

yeezy 350 v2 glow in dark release date may 2019
Glo’d up in these Yeezy’s. Pic from @HanZuYing on Instagram.

According to the reliable source Yeezy Mafia, these are said to be released in limited quantities. This is all of the insight available at this time. Relative to the last v2 release, the Clay color way was also said to be limited and was numbered at just over 35,000 pairs in the US. In conjunction with those metrics and the resale market, the Clay model has an average resale value of $378.

Release expectations & projected resale value:

With everything considered, I believe this release will follow a trend that we’ve seen before, especially amongst Yeezy’s. At this point in time the early pairs of the Glow v2’s are selling for $791. There’s been sales of up to $950. However, in this time frame before a release, the bubble is usually at its biggest. Right now it’ll most likely be the best time to sell and the worst time to buy, historically speaking.

Price already dropping on StockX since the beginning of May and the first time of this writing, but still going for a solid profit.

We’re approaching the top of a bell curve. That being said, this drop will still be profitable.

Even despite a price increase from the normal $220 to $250. I suppose this could be attributed to the glow effect. It’s not a big jump but it may make a little impact. I believe we’ve seen this in the case of the Yeezy 700’s. With a $300 retail, the most recent releases have had not much resale value whatsoever.

While Yeezy releases now aren’t what they once were, there’s still an element of excitement. You should be prepared to be logged on and prepped before the set release time. 

Image from Sole Collector

Simple tips on how to cop the Yeezy Glow

Full family sizing will be available May 25th on and Make sure to set reminders of different sites on your computer calendar.

Recent Yeezy flops & wins

Let me just say this as I alluded to earlier – Yeezy’s don’t have the same rush as they once had. In terms of profitability and opportunity this is a downside. To anyone else who truly likes the sneakers and feel that there’s an objective beauty, then that’s a plus and they can cop for retail hopefully. The journey of the Yeezy brand has had its peaks and valleys. Whether this is because of outside politics or not, the brand never fails to spark remarks.

Assorted Yeezy prices on StockX, a potentially good investment at these low prices.

In 2019 there have been a a plethora of 350 v2’s and 700’s. You can find the 350’s like the Sesame’s, Static’s and Clay’s for generally about $50-75 over retail.

In terms of the 700’s, you can find a couple like the Salt and Analog color ways under retail. That’s right, under. While the other color ways are floating around the retail price.

The Yeezy Brand and its Future

Kim K spotted in Yeezy Season 7, image from HYPEBEAST

The Yeezy brand has been around for a decade.

To be doing so well for such a long time in the streetwear world is quite the feat if we’re being honest.

Remember Ed Hardy and True Religion? They have long lost their hype and they were around the same time as Yeezy first was.

Besides someone like Jordan try to think of influencer, designer, athlete, or musician that has been relevant for over a decade (the Nike Air Yeezy 1 released in April 2009). In terms of the Adidas Yeezy brand, I would say it’s still resonating strong in 2019. In addition to the footwear, the apparel that usually touts a slouchy lifestyle vibe seems to be doing well from the amount of people I see wearing it on my timeline.

I personally enjoy the aesthetics of the line and would love to have some of the pieces if it weren’t for the lofty price tag. At times it’s hard to separate the art from the artist but we should be enjoying Kanye’s run in streetwear as well as sneakers. With 7 seasons already behind him I imagine this streak of creativity from Mr. West will continue.



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