A Complete List of March 2019's Resellable Sneaker Drops

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03/01/2019 ~ JVG

Spring is upon us, and so are some of the freshest sneakers to hit us this year with bright colors that are ready to rock (or sell, if that’s your game) ASAP. If you’re reading this in May 2019, here’s a list of all the resellable shoes this month. 

We’ve had ridiculously profitable months this year so far (February in particular saw some real winners), and although March is a bit light on the releases at the time of this writing, don’t be surprised if more shoes are announced as the month comes along. This article will be updated as appropriate for real time information, so be sure to sign up to our email list to be notified of all updates so you can be one of the first to know about new drops.

This month we will see a couple of Yeezy’s and of course some Jordans in addition to one of the dopest and most anticipated collaborations of the year finally happening.

So, without further ado let’s kick off this list and see what business can bloom this month of March!

1. Atmos x Nike Nike Lebron 16 low”Safari” – Release date Saturday March 2 2019

nike lebron 16 atmos safari release date march 2019
Official image from Nike.com

Retail: $175

Peak Resale: $250

Potential Profit: $75 per pair

Perhaps the most eye catching shoe of this list, the iconic Atmos safari pattern most famous for its 2002 drop on the Air Max 1 silhouette, and this Lebron is strikingly similar as you can see below.

For that reason, we expect this one to sell out quickly and have some resale value, although it won’t be super high of course because this is a Lebron and not a classic like an Air Max or a Nike Jordan.

nike 2002 atmos price stockx resale
Notice the similarity? From StockX.com

3. Nike Vaporfly Elite Flyprint 3D Japan- Release date Monday March 4 2019

nike vaporfly elite flyprint 3d release date march 2019
From Nike.com

Retail: $675

Peak Resale: $2000+

Potential Profit: $1325 per pair

Just like Adidas has unveiled its 3D printed shoes, the FutureCraft 4D  to much hype and high resale prices on top of a similarly costly retail price, Nike is joining the game with what they claim to be the “fastest 3D Printed Sneaker Ever”.

It’s debatable which brand has put out the more attractive printed sneaker, but it’s no argument that although the Adidas model looks more futuristic, both shoes have high profits associated for those who are in these for the money.

3. Nike LDV Waffle “Daybreak” x sacai Varsity Blue/Del Sol-Varsity Red-Black- Release date Thursday March 7 2019

nike sacai waffle ldv 2019 release date march
Pic from Sneakernews.com

Retail: $155

Peak Resale: $600

Potential Profit: $445 per pair

We were teased in the beginning of this year in January during Paris Fashion week of some insane-but-still-awesome looking shoes by Chitose Abe, the designer behind Japanese brand Sacai.

This first joint effort between the two brands generated loads of hype amongst those in the sneaker community, and although the debut was announced as part of the Fall season collection, we will now see some bright spring colors coming out.

These are certainly the hottest and most profitable shoe release of the month, so be sure to do whatever it takes to get them!

It’s releases like these that are the reason that six figure resellers like these guys exist.

4. Nike LDV Waffle “Daybreak” x sacai Green Gusto/Black-Varsity Maize-Safety Orange – Release date Thursday March 7 2019

nike daybreak sacai price stockx green release 2019 date march
Green going for big bucks on StockX.com

Retail: $155

Peak Resale: $600

Potential Profit: $445 per pair

Yup, this thing is coming out in 2 colors, so 2 chances to cop, and double the potential pairs for those out there botting. We expect the green to be less in resale value compared to the blue based on current StockX numbers, but at the end of the day the market will determine the price.

5. adidas x Yeezy Boost 700 “Inertia” – Release date Saturday March 9 2019

Yeezy 700 inertia release date march 2019
Photo from adidas


Retail: $300

Peak Resale: $375

Potential Profit: $75 per pair

As you’ll see in the rest of this article, Yeezy season is hitting us hard in this first month of Spring.

Softer and brighter colors like this “Inertia” which has a couple shades of grey and tasteful splashes of light orange make this Yeezy the most desirable amongst the three in this list.

6. Nike Air Jordan 6 x Aleali May “Millenial Pink” – Release date Friday March 15 2019

millenial pink aleila air jordan 6 march 2019 release date
From Nike.com, this one’s for the ladies.

Retail: $190

Peak Resale: $300

Potential Profit: $110

Celebrity stylist and designer Aleali May has worked with big names like Kendrick Lamar and Lil Yachty in the past, and her love for throwing Jordans in the mix when it came to dressing her clients paid off when she became the very first female designer to collaborate with Nike Air Jordan in 2017.

Her Retro 1 “Shadow” Satin Jordans released for $160 and still to this day are going for a consistent $500 – $600 on the aftermarket.

It’s clear this diva makes hits.

We don’t think these Retro 6’s will be nearly as valuable as the 1’s, but the are certainly worth going after.

7. Nike Air Max 90 “Mars Landing” – Release date Saturday March 16 2019

air max 90 mars landing release date march 2019
From sneakernews.com

Retail: $160

Peak Resale: $250

Potential Profit: $90 per pair 

Nike and its fans love the futuristic/space theme, possibly due to the cult hit classics of Back to the Future and Space Jam which are both closely associated with shoe culture, specifically with the swoosh brand.

This “Mars Landing” all-over print color of the Air Max 90 is as hot as they look in a bright lava orange red, and will sell out quickly for a nice flip. One way to get these and many other of these models is on the SNKRS app, which we write about some nifty tips extensively in this blog post.

8. Nike Air Jordan 1 High OG “Phantom/Sail” – Release date Saturday March 16 2019

Nike air jordan 1 phantom sail release date march 2019
From Nike.com, this one pops.

Retail: $190

Peak Resale: $275

Potential Profit: $85 per pair 

Sooo many Retro 1’s have been dropping this year and last and loads have flipped for profit, which is pretty amazing and goes to show that the 1’s may be the greatest Jordans of all time.

Following the trend of people customizing their sneakers in all white with accents of colored outlines, this “Phantom” red pair of shoes looks like the product of an aftermarket custom job, but with Nike quality.

These will surely generate attention for the wearer as they’re really tough to ignore.

9. Nike Air Max Tailwind IV x Supreme – Release date Thursday March 21 2019

supreme tailwind Vi nike resale price
These Tailwind IV’s on StockX for $300 on the resale market.

Retail: $190

Peak Resale: $275

Potential Profit: $85 per pair 

The 90’s trend is going strong, with dad shoes like these Nike Tailwinds remaining cool, especially when partnered with Supreme New York.

Get to Supreme’s website at 11AM EST pronto on Thursday morning for your best shot at copping these coveted kicks. We’re not sure how long these kicks will hold their peak resale value, so we threw up more of a conservative number that’s below the current going price on StockX for the Supreme Air Max Tailwind 4’s.

10. adidas x Yeezy Boost 700 v2 “Geode” – Release date Saturday March 23 2019

Yeezy 700 geode release date march 2019
From @yeezymafia

Retail: $300

Peak Resale: $350

Potential Profit: $50 per pair

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Honestly these Yeezy’s have many people, including us, thinking “what the hell is Kanye thinking?”. Maybe these are for some people, but something about the round curve shape of the stripes of the 700v2 just makes it far less attractive than its v1 predecessor.

Perhaps these will flop entirely, but given that the Yeezy name still holds clout with resellable releases and more upcoming this year, it isn’t worth it to totally pass on these. Hey, if you’re in it for the profit, you might as well make a few bucks even if it’s not as much as you would have hoped, it’s better than making $0.

11. adidas x Yeezy Boost 350 v2 “Clay”- Release date Saturday March 30 2019

march adidas-yeezy-boost-350-v2-clay-release-info
From @Yeezymafia, a unique v2

Retail: $220

Peak Resale: $300

Potential Profit: $80 per pair

The month will end with yet another Yeezy drop, the Clay 350 v2. These are another polarizing shoe that some love and others totally hate, but it’s clear that ‘Ye is going with the splash-of-orange-for-spring theme which we guess works in the world of fashion today.

Profits will not be sky high on these, or for any Yeezys of 2019 for that matter, but a cool $80 per pair especially if you’re able to buy multiple is not bad.

Wrapping up

The total cost of these 11 shoes is around a $2750 investment in retail, with a peak resale total of about double at over $5000, so if you were to buy one pair each of these shoes successfully you could make roughly $2200 in side income, which is not bad and certainly more fun than asking for a raise or getting a part time job.

We will update this complete list of March’s profitable sneaker drops so be sure to subscribe to our email list below which will also include a free preview of our Hypemaster Playbook.

Either way, we wish you luck with everything so take care and keep on grinding!

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