Sneaker/Streetwear Market Recap Week of June 15th

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06/22/2020 ~ Ben Atkinson

To give you a better idea of the sneaker resale market and its trends, we are debuting weekly recap articles. 

Let us know what you think!

We’ll begin this weekly market recap by taking a look at some of the hottest kicks that dropped this week!


First up: the Air Max 90 ‘Orange Camo’

The Air Max 90 ‘Orange Camo’ released on June 19th for $140.

A quick disclaimer before we dive in: all of the sneakers that we will cover today have dropped in the last 5 days. Please understand that the resale value that I list is not set in stone and will change as time goes on, thanks!

Much like the previous Reverse Duck Camo and “Green Camo” pairs, this edition of the Nike Air Max 90 features a Bright Orange mesh upper with camouflage printed overlays paired with Black leather Swooshes on the sides.

White laces and midsole atop a Black and Orange rubber outsole complete the design.

Our resale prediction for this sneaker was spot on! We estimated anywhere from $160 – $180 and the current market is just that!

According to current StockX data, there have been over 75 sales with a price premium of 32.9% over the retail. If you are a reseller and you picked these up, even a 25% profit would be great on this pair!

Here is a picture of the current StockX ask prices in a size breakdown:

As discussed in the Retail & Resale Guide for this shoe, this sneaker is the epitome of a summer sneaker. The Air Max 90 is a sneaker that looks its best with ankle socks and therefore creates a very comfortable hot-weather shoe.

The bright colors will surely make these a staple of any outfit!

If you grabbed these last week, whether you copped to wear or to sell, you definitely bought a solid sneaker!

The second sneaker we will be talking about today is the Jordan 6 Retro Hare

The Air Jordan 6 Hare features clean white overlays and light grey underlays. Similar to the previous models. It has a translucent tongue and also the famous “Hare” print.

The shoe also features white laces, a carrot themed lace lock, carrot lining, and interior. Infrared accents throughout the rubber out-sole finish off the design.

The sneaker released on June 17th with a retail of $190.

In terms of resale, we’ve seen some really positive numbers. With over 9,000 sales, we are looking at an average real price of $252.

You can expect this to drop as more and more people get their pairs in, however, the market on these at the moment is very profitable if this is a shoe you picked up solely for reselling purposes.

In terms of the wearability of the Jordan 6, I honestly don’t think summer is the time. This is a sneaker that is on the heavier side and I personally feel it is better styled with jeans.

Most of the resell is primarily coming from two things. 1: Jordan 6 as a sneaker model has a lot of history. As we discussed in the Retail and Resale Guide, It was the sneaker he wore when he played for his first title and also when he first won the NBA MVP.

The second thing that I think contributes to the resell of this is the Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance. To learn more about its impact on the sneaker game, click here.

With the documentary out so recently, people are way more interested in Jordan models that hold a lot of value.

Overall if you copped this sneaker for reselling, you definitely made some serious profit on a sneaker that will most likely hold value in the future!

The final sneaker we will talk about that dropped this week is the Jordan 5 Top 3. 

This Jordan 5 released on June 20th for $200.

Jordan Brand celebrated the 30th Anniversary of the Jordan 5 by releasing the Jordan 5 Top 3. This colorway is a mash-up of some of the most memorable Jordan 5 colorways to ever release, featuring design elements from Fire Red, Metallic, and Grape colorways.

This Jordan 5 is composed of a black nubuck suede upper with fire red detailing and translucent mesh underlays.

A grape and aqua tongue, fire red and cement midsole, and classic translucent outsole complete the design.

In terms of resale for the Top 3, we are not looking at much.

I would contribute most of the lack of resale to the high retail price. A $200 price tag for a sneaker is very high. The only other shoes that consistently have $200+ retail is the Yeezy line, which holds a lot of hype.

If you take a look at the snapshot from the StockX database, you’ll see that the resale value of these sneakers leaves a lot to be desired:

Next up: Week 16 Supreme drop.

This week we saw a wide variety of items, ranging from hoodies to towels to staplers.

We’ll talk about 3 different items that dropped this week and analyzing their resell value.

First up, the Supreme World Famous Coaches Jacket. 

This piece retailed for $138 and was one of the top pieces to sell out. FYI: This drop did not carry too many items with crazy resell!

This jacket has a plain front but as you’ll see from the pictures, it has the “World Famous Supreme Team” embroidered on the back.

This is a piece you might not expect to sell out given the current time of year, however, the fact that Supreme is written on the back will always give some resell value.

Currently, there have been 17 sales, a 41.7% price premium, with an average resale price of $193. With a retail of $138 this piece proves to be a profitable pickup for all resellers!

Next up: Supreme Known As Towel!

This piece is definitely a summer piece. A red beach towel with “We wanted to be known as Supreme” in big letters.

Despite the relatively low retail of $68, this piece isn’t actually reselling for all that much. The last few sales have been hovering at around $85.

Personally, I would say that this is a personal cop if anything. You could try to make a couple of bucks if you managed to buy, but I think it’s definitely a person item.

That’s one thing we’ve started to notice with Supreme: as they continue to push out products, the overall resell price declines because the market gets flooded with items.

If you managed to cop this, you certainly have a great beach towel and maybe a really awesome hype picture?

And last but certainly not least: Supreme Swingline Stapler!

This for me was the highlight of the drop. As we’ve seen hundreds of times before, Supreme continues to take everyday items and throw their branding on it and quadruple the price! I guess that’s the power of branding huh?

This week we have gifted a stapler with the Supreme emblem placed right on top. For all of you in school, you can now staple your essays, with hype!

The retail for this stapler was $28 and currently, there have been 250+ sales, a 221.4% price premium, with an average resale price of $94. Definitely profitable if you managed to cop!

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Stay safe, healthy, and happy,

Ben Atkinson