Supreme F/W 19 Week 14 Drop

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11/29/2019 ~ erik anson

We’re approaching the final stretch of the Supreme Fall/Winter season of 2019. It’s Thanksgiving week and we only have 6 more weeks following. Because of the holiday coming up, this week’s drop will be on Friday, so don’t sleep too hard after your Thanksgiving dinner.

Pieces of Week 14 Drop, Image via Just Fresh Kicks

This drop can be broken into two sections – the normal, in-house Supreme wear, and the collaboration pieces. First we’ll discuss the photo above.

Heavy Outerwear

Image of Window Pane overcoat via Supreme

Up top, we see pink and black colored overcoats. These are made of a wool blend and traditionally very warm coats. Speculating this will be around $500. Last year, their safety orange overcoat with Loro Piana lining was a huge hit. Dress these up or down, wear over a hoodie or a suit.

Next, in the top right we move to a quilted, plaid zip up shirt. These are quilted inside and out, with flannel material on the exterior. Safe to say this has a workwear influence behind it. Available in a bright and a monocromatic color combo, you can choose your vibe for this one. A piece like this will sit so if you want it to rock, this should be an easy buy. Don’t bank on a large resale price.

Hoodies and Crewnecks

Moving down the list is what they’re calling a mirrored logo hooded sweatshirt. You know the deal with hoodies – unless it’s a box logo or a collab, you should be okay to grab your size without a bot if you’re on the site in time. Retail is always $168. Typically, the longer you keep them on ice, the higher the resale price gets! It may not be huge but you can stack a little cash on these. Always a good play to go for a hoodie. They come in a spectrum of colors but the versatile, muted ones are most popular.

Image of Scatter Text via Supreme

Coming up is a wild looking crewneck that’s called the “scatter text”. As much as it may look like it, this isn’t a fuzzy Coogi sweater. All cotton regular crewneck. Again, available in a few different color ways to suit your style. This is a tough one to gauge. For resale value, we imagine it will be on the middle to lower end. Don’t expect a huge jump over night but as time goes on, this may be a big commodity for it’s unique look.


Image via Supreme

This nylon 6 panel hat is first on the docket. This features an “ascension” logo resembling a North Face-esque mountain scene. Personally I think this would be a great addition to anyone’s collection, beginner or veteran. It says Supreme on it, has a sweet emblem, and has a few nice colors. Hats like this are generally around $48 and sometimes double or triple in resale price. I’m already convincing myself to scoop one, ideally the olive or peach. Good value play here.

A faux fur Ushanka hat is the odd looking one of the bunch. So this means it could either brick or skyrocket. My best guess is yours but my prediction is these will be available in S/M and L/XL sizing on each color way. There’s a small box logo on the front and we know how folks fiend over that. Play it by ear on this one. Retail could be anywhere from $70-$90.

Image of Breed Beanie via Supreme

As we get colder and colder, beanies are becoming more necessary. I feel this “Breed” beanie bottom left will do well, especially in the easy colors like black and brown. These will most likely be $38 give or take a few. If you already have things in your cart and have time, maybe you want to add one of these. They’ll hang around the site for a little bit and still have potential for a little flip.

Image via Supreme Community

Lastly is this “International” headband with Supreme and London front and center. The London store which opened in 2011 has been a massive success. In addition to that, headbands are all but guaranteed to go quickly and be a fantastic value play. If you have a low budget, try to go for one of these first thing at 11 EST. Should be around $32.

Collab Time

The Nike x Supreme FW 19 collaboration, Image via God Meets Fashion

This latest drop from Supreme is also marked by an expansive collaboration with Nike. Building on their storied relationship, the duo has crafted a capsule defined by premium leather constructions with retro sports styling.

Since we haven’t been able to see retail prices, some of these items are tricky to judge on how they’ll preform on the resale market. Rumor has it the leather pieces will be incredibly pricy, maybe up to $700-$800 for the leather hoodie. It’s always a good idea to judge an item based off it’s retail price. If you think it’s overpriced (by Supreme standards) then odds are other people have a similar thought and won’t have a strong urge to buy. So keep that in mind.


Nike x Supreme Leather Anorak, image via Supreme Community

The two hoodies, the leather version being labeled as an Anorak and the other being called an Applique should both preform well. Fair warning as previously mentioned, the Anorak will have a lofty price tag. But as we say, big risk could come with a big pay out! The Anorak also has a beautiful box logo on the back too.

Applique Hoodie, image via Supreme Community

The Applique on the other hand will have immediate resale value as it will have a regular hoodie retail price tag at $160. While it’s mostly cotton, there are some leather accents. This may be item of the week for some.

Leather Baseball Jersey, image via Supreme. Community

The next duo is the leather baseball jersey and leather warm up pants. Again, these could be up to $400-$500 so be prepared if you have your eyes on these pieces for the personal collection or just looking to max out your credit card.

Image via Supreme Community

Accessories and Bags

Image via Supreme Community

First on the list, these sunglasses are estimated for around $100. Fitting with a retro theme, these aren’t a frame you see on most folks outside of dads. As usual, the red version may be the most popular. And don’t forget about those sexy box logos on the arms. Wouldn’t expect a crazy flip for these but still a great opp.

Image via Supreme Community

If you’re looking for some ice, you might as well get this 14k gold ring. Not much to be said about this one, blow some off your paycheck to get a Nike check on your finger. No Supreme branding, so you may want to leave it in the store if you had intentions of reselling.

Image via Supreme Community

Moving on we have the leather duffle bag. If you’re a big traveler and love to flex, this is for you. A very sick item to add to a personal collection. Duffles haven’t been preforming super well of recent but that’s not to say this can’t appreciate in value over time. I feel this is one of those judge by retail items.

Image via Supreme Community

Rounding out the Nike x Supreme collab of FW 19, we have a trio of bandanas. Similar to the headband mentioned earlier, this is a perfect item to go after no matter where your interest lies. Whether you’re looking to resell or keep, you can’t go wrong. This will be put at $20 so there’s only room to sky rocket.

Release Info

When: November 29 (due to Thanksgiving), Japan Release November 30
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving an has some luck on this week 14 drop.

– Erik