Supreme F/W 20 Week 1 Recap

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08/22/2020 ~ erik anson

Image via Just Fresh Kicks
Image via Just Fresh Kicks
Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Hello Supreme Friends! We’re back for week 1 of the 2020 Fall/Winter Supreme season. Feels like we were just copping all of our spring and summer gear. I’m pleased to be giving you a brief recap of some of the hot items from the first week of the season.

In typical Supreme fashion, it’s important to flood the webstore with items that are hyped and casual alike. Above you’ll see the entire offering that was added this past Thursday – a good amount of which that are still sitting and could be the building blocks for starting a personal collection! While I wish we could touch on every item, we’d be here all day, so we’re focusing on the more profitable pieces for y’all.

Image via Reddit User u/burnzit

Here’s another interesting facet we always see at the beginning of the season – the free gift. On Supreme Community, it’s rumored that the gift is rubberized gloves. While most people might have been thinking a latex disposable glove type, it looks like they’re more sturdy gardening type gloves, very cool! Not to mention that awesome camo box logo sticker. Fingers crossed.

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In the future we’ll be giving this advice BEFORE the drop so be sure to tune in. Without further ado let’s go over the most popular items from this week.


Image via Supreme

Icy Arc Hooded Sweatshirt

  • Retail: $168
  • Resale: $220
Image via Supreme

Big Arc Crewneck

  • Retail: $148
  • Resale: $200
Image via Supreme

Smurfs Denim Trucker Jacket

  • Retail: $268
  • Resale: $372


Image via Supreme

Pharaoh Sanders Tee

  • Retail: $48
  • Resale: $75-$85
Image via Supreme

Verify Tee

  • Retail: $38
  • Resale: $75


Image via Supreme

Futura Logo Tee

  • Retail: $38
  • Resale: $70


Image via Supreme

Bicycle Playing Cards

  • Retail: $18
  • Resale: $70
Image via Supreme

Spalding Washington Basketball

  • Retail: $108
  • Resale: $190
Image via Supreme

HydraPak Stash 1L Bottle

  • Retail: $38
  • Resale: $60
Image via Supreme

Black Diamond Headlamp

  • Retail: $70
  • Resale: $105-$120
Image via Supreme

Name Badge Stickers (pack of 100)

  • Retail: $12
  • Resale: $23
Image via Supreme

Camo Logo Skateboard

  • Retail: $50
  • Resale: $100-$150

Release Info

Going forward as usual, this will be the normal schedule:

When: Thursdays @11am EST, Thursday
WhereSupreme Online and in stores!


That’s a wrap on week 1 of F/W 20! As you can see, there were a ton of great pieces to cop and make some money on. 

I was pleased to get this screen yesterday! Anyone else get lucky? As a sidetone and something to be aware of, the processing bar is taking eternities to load. People have noticed this in the last season and there was no exception on the inaugural week of F/W 20. Be patient and even though it may seem like you’re out of luck, you may be brought to the confirmation page after.

After the drop, always see if you can find or make sales on platforms like Grailed, Ebay, Reddit or Instagram. This way, buyer and seller can get the most out of the sale and not succumb to fees.

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Before you go, check out the Sneaker/Streetwear Market Recap Week of August 10th – my friend Ben makes awesome roundups every week so you don’t miss out! Even if something has already released, it still could be a good time to invest in it considering it could still increase in value over time.

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If you’re looking for a big sneaker drop to cash in on, read up on the new Jordan 4’s from LA based label, Union – Union x Air Jordan 4 Release Date and Resale Price.

What else have you been buying in the downtime between Supreme seasons? Better yet, maybe you’ve been saving all that capital for F/W!

Thank you all, have a powerful week. 

– Erik