Supreme F/W 20 – Week 6 Droplist and What to Cop

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10/01/2020 ~ erik anson

Image via Drops by Jay

How’s everyone doing out there? I’m checking in to give you the Six Figure Sneakerhead look at the newest Supreme drop coming up this Thursday – a very anticipated week on the horizon! Take a look at the collage provided above of all the items being released this week. Below will be crash course on what to cop if you’re trying to make money!

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Recap from Week 5

Let’s get caught up with everything that released in week 5 last Thursday. The fifth week of the Fall/Winter season was a bit lackluster. Some would call it a bye week if we’re making sports references.

The big ticket items were the WeDo Step Stool, Canvas Backpack, Revsible Watches Puffy Jacket, Joel-Peter Wilkin Hoodie, and various beanies. Check out the last droplist here. Were you able to cop anything or did you sleep on it?

Without further ado let’s go over the more popular items heading into this week.


Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Following its team-up with American Artist Joel-Peter Witkin, Supreme has revealed its full collaboration with The Smurfs. Accompanying this week’s Fall/Winter 2020 Week 6 Drop, the collaboration is centered around the Belgian comic series developed by artist Pierre Culliford and first published back in 1958.

Originally known as Les Schtroumpfs, the series chronicles the adventures of small, blue creatures who live in a forest village in Europe during the Middle Ages. Key among the over 100 unique characters is Papa Smurf, the colony’s leader, and Smurfette, the first female Smurf, who have solidified their place in popular culture since the American TV series debuted in the early ’80s. Within the last 60 years, The Smurfs has become a massive franchise that has expanded into contemporary films, more television series, theme parks, video games and more.

The collaboration includes a leather jacket, sweater, hoodie, beanie, and skate decks all pictured above.

Here’s the quick takeaway on resale value below. The more favored Smurfs pieces are sprinkled in.



    Image via Supreme

    Globe MA-1

    I love the look of this flight jacket and think it’ll be a piece that will be garnered for a while.

    • Retail: $348
    • Resale: $425
    Image via Supreme

    Enterprises Hooded Sweatshirt

    • Retail: $158
    • Resale: $175


    Image via Supreme

    Smurfs Sweater

    • Retail: $178
    • Resale: $205


    Here’s a few of the accessories coming to you this week.

    Image via Supreme

    Shure SM58® Vocal Microphone

    Get your bars off in the stu with this mic. Or start a podcast.

    • Retail: $258
    • Resale: $300
    Image via Supreme

    Smurfs Skateboard

    • Retail: $60
    • Resale: $105
    Image via Supreme

    Webbing Keychain

    • Retail: $18
    • Resale: $30


    Image via Supreme

    World Famous Box Logo New Era

    • Retail: $48
    • Resale: $65
    Image via Supreme

    Smurfs Beanie

    • Retail: $40
    • Resale: $55
    Image via Supreme

    Multi Pattern Beanie

    *this low-key might be my favorite thing to drop this week. Very Patagonia type beat.

    • Retail: $36
    • Resale: $45

    Release Info

    When: Thursday 10/1/20 @11am EST
    WhereSupreme Online and in stores. Japan releases October 3rd.


    That’s the entirety of week 6 everyone! I was excited to talk with you guys about this drop and curious to how it will pan out with stock numbers, etc. With another unique collaboration down this week, there’s still plenty more to be had. The North Face, Gore-Tex, New Era are all expected. But what else? Maybe some Undercover, Stone Island, or Jordan? And when are we gonna see the Air Force 1’s restocked? All this and more to cover next week.

    After the drop, always see if you can find or make sales on platforms like Grailed, Ebay, Reddit or Instagram. This way, buyer and seller can get the most out of the sale and not succumb to fees.

    I’ve had good luck lately on Reddit and Instagram surprisingly. And here’s another tip – use StockX for bigger items like skate decks where the company pays for shipping. Try peer to peer platforms for small items that don’t require a big shipping cost when you have to pay for it yourself.

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    While you’re here, check out this brand new blog about October 2020’s Hottest Sneaker Releases coming up.

    And good luck copping!

    Thanks, have a powerful week. 

    – Erik