Supreme Fall / Winter 19 Week 17 Dec 19 2019 Droplist & Resale Projections

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12/18/2019 ~ erik anson

Week 17 for Supreme’s Fall/Winter season is here. No collaborations, just Supreme in-house pieces, and a lot of them.

Even late here on a Wednesday, the night before the drop, the retail prices to go along with items is still being held close to the vest. Prices given are mostly estimates along with a few almost guaranteed like tees and sweatshirts. Anything worth noting will be bolded with resale value.


Let’s run through the pieces.

Image via Supreme Community

Retail Value: $48, Projected Resale: $300+

Box logo tees are here, the reason most of you may be reading. The only differences from the hoodies last week is that there’s no baby blue color but instead we have the classic Supreme red on white version. We’ll discuss strategy for copping down below.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Pictured above are the Checkerboard Puffy Jacket and Beanie respectively. Fairly straight forward pieces. Classic pattern with some neutral colors. Arc style branding on the chest and back of the jacket which has a hideaway hood. One large logo on the front of the beanie. Very cozy boys. If we were to guess, these aren’t a big value play for resale.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Potential Profit: $30-$100

Next are the Polartec Half Zip Pullovers and Pants. Judging based on similar previous Polartec items, the retail prices should be around $118 and $138 respectively for pullover and pants. A Polartec piece released a couple weeks ago is selling for $50-$75 over retail currently so these could be a nice little flip. I wouldn’t count on the pants reselling.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Potential Profit: $20-$50

Moving on we’ll team up the Thermal Zip Up Hoodie and the Bandana Fleece Neck Gaiter. Firstly the hoodie looks to be a slight upgrade from a normal hoodie and may run a little over the usual $158 budget. Worth noting that this particular camo isn’t seen too often so that may be a sought after piece.

The gaiter has my attention for snowboarding use but I’m unsure of the resale. This should weight in at about $40 which is a little expensive for such a small item. But hey, the longer you hold on to it, the more it may appreciate. Kinda low risk, low reward here.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Potential Profit: $50-80

Alright listen up now, this New Era Earflap Hat should fly. The retail will most likely hover around the $60 range but I’m guessing the resale value will be at least 2x in the next few months. A fresh box logo and a unique style fur bomber should be received well. As mentioned in my previous posts, some other winter style hats from this season have preformed well already.

Image via Supreme Community

Potential Profit: $20-$40

Similar to the last, is this Facemask Polartec® Camp Cap. Retail is mentioned at $58 for this cap. I would tread lightly and see if other colors are selling out before going for one. Either way you’ll make your money back reselling but maybe not by much.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Now onto this plethora of tees. In order (left to right, top to bottom) the names are as follows: Bandana Box Logo, Aguila, D’Hiver, Money Power Respect, Bridge, Bite, Clowns, and Eat Me. Every tee will be $48 per usual.

Since we already covered the box logo I’ll be referring to the rest of the shirts when I say that they WILL NOT RESELL. There’s just too much other noise going on within this week for these to gain any traction. However, there’s a couple nice designs to cop for your personal stash which should be seamless buys.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Potential Profit: $70-$130

Rounding out this week, we have a very topical item. The Snow Tube. Rumors are rumbling that the tube will go for about $100. An accessory like this is incredibly memorable and is bound to have many whacky Instagram promo photos and videos.

It should sell out quickly so be ready on this one. Especially with accessories, it may be better to put on ice (not literally) and keep in the closet for it’s value could appreciate 2-3x in a couple years from now.

Last Week’s Hype & Strategy

The anticipation was real for last week being that box logo hoodies and beanies dropped. With the box logo tees and other hot clothing pieces and accessories coming in week 17, we could expect some lingering hype and attention to the Supreme site yet again.

While sell out times weren’t able to be recorded, we were still able to see which items went first which could translate into this week.

Size small are always what goes first because this is the default size up on the screen and it saves an extra click to go with small right to checkout. Keep that in mind, maybe be quick and go for medium, large, or XL as there could be less initial traffic.

Additionally, the quickest colors to sell out were pink, blue, and then yellow (in order). We imagine this week and the tees will follow the trend.

Release Info

When: December 19th, Thursday, Japan will see a later release on December 21st.
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan

Supreme also recently made an appearance on our Best Fashion Brands of 2019 list.

Thanks for reading. Hoping the best for everyone this upcoming week. If you weren’t lucky with hoodies and beanies, go for the tee as a very nice consolation prize.

– Erik