Supreme x The North Face SS 19 Potential Collaboration

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06/26/2019 ~ JVG

Supreme x The North Face: SS19’s Struggle

Supreme the north face logos


Supreme New York has had a solid year so far, with a strong Fall/Winter 2018 transitioning into a hyped Spring/Summer 2019 season, which was meant to be topped off by a collaboration with The North Face in week 17 of June 19th.   

Supreme x The North Face: Mixed News

supreme north face flag leak news release date
Will the Suprme x North Face Flag Tee Drop in SS19?

The issue with TNF in the summer is that its going to be July soon, most people aren’t flexing their parkas in 90 degree weather, so instead there were a few “mock up” tees and hoodies.

These mock ups had positive reception, and some instagram pages falsely “confirmed” them but all this speculation created a false alarm, but week 17, Supreme still had a successful drop, the most notably they released a cycling jersey with several box logos imprinted, S logo shorts, and water shorts being very hyped.

Up and Down Resale Value of Supreme in 2019

Sekintani La Norihiro supreme t shirts
Some of the Sekitani La Norihiro Tees. Image from Hypebeast.

Another collab that failed was the Sekintani La Norihiro collab, the day of the drop almost nothing sold out and according to the polls for the collab were received negatively, usually Supreme will be sold out within 10min with some restocks, but even by 2:00 nothing was sold out.

It seems in 2019 this has happened more often than usual for Supreme, not even half of people liked the designs, even the recent Nike collab was iffy.

With a lack of Supreme branding people remain uninterested. The resell prices proved this lukewarm reception with items being under retail–people simply won’t pay for items that don’t pop out, they want to look cool, they want the box logos to turn heads, or controversial designs that stick out, that’s the mantra of streetwear in general.

Supreme SS 19 Delays

The week 17 supposed collab with The North Face proved to be a dud, despite every hype beast spreading the news of a second Supreme x North Face collab.

Just about every reselling page was expecting the TNF drop and even giving predictions on the resell and retail of the potential Tee’s.

But this fakie is not a first, every week people constantly speculate what will drop so they have an idea, and the problem is people spread a ton of misinformation on social media; potentially causing Supreme to push back certain drops.

supreme king of new york stockx price walken
The Supreme x Christopher Walken “King of New York” shirt from earlier in 2019 going for about double its retail price.

Earlier in the year Supreme came out strong, they had a celebrity collab shirt with Christopher Walken dubbed the “King of New York”, the Creeper T shirt, Jean Paul Gaultier Box Logo, the Swarovski Box Logo, and the North Face collab, all of these drops attracted the masses, with record sellout times.

It should also be noted that Supreme had an ODB (Ol’ Dirty Bastard) collab in their lookbook before SS19 started, and every week it was speculated that the ODB tee would drop but would constantly get postponed.

Despite the hype and constant delays, when the release finally happened in Week 16, including a few ODB accessories and a Football top, the community found the shirts boring with a lack of Supreme branding.

supreme odb collaboration ss19
The Old Dirty Bastard Football Tee may have had weak response due to its lack of vivid ‘Preme branding

Most of the tees didn’t even sell out, to put this into perspective the Swarovski box logo sold out in 8 seconds and resold for over $1,000+ (read Alex’s experience about successfully copping this tee here).

The TNF collab from earlier in the season provided various jackets, bags, and shirts, resellers and enthusiasts had a field day, it will be cemented as a another historic drop especially with the jackets reselling in seconds.

supreme north face 2019 week 5 ss19 stockx price
The March 2019 Supreme x North Face collab going for about $300 in profit above retail on StockX.

The duo have had collabed since 2007, with over 22 collabs and no sign of slowing down. But the streetwear enthusiasts and hype beasts want to see something fresh, they want something more exclusive and attractive.

There is a possibility in the future that people could get tired of the North Face collabs.

Do the Fans Have a Taste for New Supreme Collaborations?

One example of a fresh collab resonating with Supreme’s fanbase is this season’s drop with Jean Paul Gaultier.

supreme jean paul gaultier t shirt
The Supreme x Gaultier “Box Tee”.

The tee was fresh and had various designer elements mixed with streetwear, and people loved it, the items were very profitable and stylish, and the “box logo” which was disputed as a true box logo but nonetheless people still loved it.

Week 18 of Supreme SS 19

At this moment, we are in the anticipated week 18 of Supreme SS19.

Due to the supposed TNF drop being postponed, it is said that week 18 will be the second collab and should include summer related accessories with T shirts in the mix, expect the collab to be extremely profitable, in the past North Face t shirts have resold at triple their value.

Whats the word?

Stay tuned on the news in regard to Supreme TNF, because as history shows Supreme will change their minds in the last second.

If they do the collab expect them to come out strong and a big amount of hype surrounding them, with big resale value as always.

supreme buju banton t shirt official image
Official image of SS19 Week 18’s Buju Banton tee via Supreme

Another rumor going around is that Supreme will make another ODB tee and Buju Banton tee, who was a critically acclaimed reggae artist, generally any celebrity tee will be hyped with good resale value, like Christopher Walken tee in Week 1 reselling for over $100+ in almost every size, expect the two celebrity tees to perform well.

Also note that if a TNF collab happens, expect to see big hype surrounding waist bags and other accessories, these are popular summer accessories especially for concerts.

Earlier in the season they released a bag with the Supreme Arc logo and TNF logos and sold extremely well. So in that regard be on the lookout for those essential accessories which are in demand, also note that TNF will  sell out insanely fast due to the saturation of bots and demand.

Finally, expect a big week from Supreme, whether its celebrity tees or The North Face there is a solid amount of hype, so far the mock ups have been received well and the polls are solid. 

We hope Supreme keeps pumping out the hype that we love to keep its name in the legendary stratosphere of streeetwear, a place it’s held for over 25 years now–quite a feat.

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