Supreme S/S 20 Week 10 – Droplist & What to Cop

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04/29/2020 ~ erik anson

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Happy Wednesday everyone. Hope everyone is doing well in this “new normal”. Lucky for us, your stimulus check should be on the way if you haven’t gotten it already! If you’re looking to add to your streetwear collection, come no further than week 10 of the Supreme S/S season. Per usual, here at SFS we’ll keep you updated on all your newest Supreme info.

Recapping from last week, we had the heavy hitting MLB collaboration that took place. The amazing patchwork varsity jackets and fitted hats were the fastest to sell out among a couple other items like the Heller mugs, Star Logo tee and some MBV pieces. We’re already seeing sales of the varsity jackets profiting $350+, that’s not bad! Congrats if you managed to check out a cart manually.

Another note, myself as well as countless others were probably disappointed to find the Takashi Covid-19 Box Logo tee to completely crash the site and be sold out in milliseconds. Some speculated that since sales would go towards charity they would be overproduced for the masses… but no. Still limited and reselling for thousands of dollars. What do you think about that tactic?

Let’s go over some of the popular pieces heading into week 10.


Image via Just Fresh Kicks

First on the rundown is this sweatshirt, the Cutout Logo Crewneck. This is as close as you’ll get to a box logo without technically getting one. All tonal and embossed. It quite literally looks like the standard box logo was ripped off the crewneck and you’re left with the shadow. A cool concept we haven’t truly seen before and a guaranteed sellout. Retail is $158 and resale profits could range anywhere from $150 to $300 depending on size and color. 

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Up next is what they’re calling a Hole Punch Denim Trucker Jacket. Similar to the overalls that dropped a couple of weeks ago, these jackets should have a strong reselling opportunity as well. The black or blue should be among the hotter colors to go after. Retail is only $218 and should garner $75 to $100 in resale profits easily.

Image via Supreme

Lastly in the outerwear portion is the Metallic Rib Hoodie. To be honest I’m not sure how they come up with some of these names. This is a middle of the road buy in my opinion and what’s been indicated in the polls. If this is a cop for your personal stash, by all means go for it. Retail is $158 with resale pointing toward $20 to $40 in profits.


Image via Supreme

The first shirt on the list is a premium tee– the Invert Shortsleeved Top. I wouldn’t sweat too hard going after this one but again, a clean piece to add to your collection. Will hold it’s value over time and you can always resell for what it’s worth. Retail is $68, resell could indicate a small profit like $15 t0 $20

Image via Supreme

Now we’re on to this piece of art. This is the Painted Logo Shirt. I mean wow. I can see this Picasso-esque shirt being popular. Retail is $128, you may want to hold on to this for a while and could see a $50 to $70 resale profit.

Image via Supreme

Rounding out the clothing section, we’re looking at the St. Supreme Basketball Jersey. I love this one, I think it should have some real staying power down the road. Any time Supreme does a jersey whether it’s hockey, football, or soccer style they’re always a priority and well liked. Again, would be a good piece to hang on to and wear and even resell preowned. Retail is $110 and would expect $30 to $50 profit reselling easily.


Image via Supreme

The only REAL accessory on the lineup this week is the ashtray. There’s been dozens of ashtrays by Supreme. I think your best bet is to flip quickly on this if you get a good opportunity. Low risk nonetheless. Retail is $30 and profits could range $20 to $40.

Image via Supreme

The only skate gear for this week is the Motion Logo Cruiser. As I mentioned in previous weeks, the Motion Logos are huge. I believe this is the first time we’ve seen this on a skate deck. Huge upside on this and a dope collector’s piece. $50 retail with $50 to $150 in profits.


hole punch-crusher-hat
Image via Supreme

To match the jacket, you can grab this Hole Punch Crusher Bucket Hat. This will most likely sell out so it’s a safe play but may not have a huge resale upside. Retail is $68 with a resale markup of $15 to $20.

Image via Supreme

Last but certainly not least is the Bling Camp Cap. This should be a popular backup item and will sellout within a day or less. A print like this is super unique and should hold its value. A little higher than normal, priced at $54 but could resell for another $25+.


When: April 30th @11am EST, Thursday
WhereSupreme Online only


That’s all folks! As always, wishing you the most success Thursday morning. 

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