Supreme S/S 20 Week 17 – Droplist & What to Cop

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06/25/2020 ~ erik anson

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

What’s good people? Welcome back to another installment of the SFS look on the weekly Supreme drop. This is week 17 of the Supreme S/S 20 season. As usual I’m giving you my picks for your strategic Supreme reselling. After researching a couple days and scouring forums for what people are thirsting over, I’m excited to bring you my findings.

We’ll provide you everything you need to know. Per usual, here at SFS we always keep you updated on all your newest Supreme info.

Last week we had a couple surprises. Firstly there was a super cool Swingline Stapler that sold out quickly as well as a denim crusher. Otherwise we saw the Grid Soccer Shorts, the Known As Towel, and the Trail Camp Caps sell out. Did you cop anything?

Let’s go over some of the popular pieces heading into week 17.


Image via Force Cop

This week we have an artist collaboration. Something we haven’t seen in a moderately long time.

Supreme will be featuring Leigh Bowery, one of the most prominent performance artists in London during the ’80s, and by all accounts a true club kid at heart. Originally from Australia, Bowery used his body as a canvas to epitomize what it means to push boundaries, through his outrageous fashion and disruptive art.

The Supreme collection includes one longsleeve shirt, two hooded sweatshirts and one T-shirt, with artwork of Bowery by Jim Krewson (longsleeve shirt and hooded sweatshirt with airbrush style graphic), Fergus Greer (hooded sweatshirt), and Michael Costiff (T-shirt). A portion of the proceeds from this collection will benefit Visual AIDS, a New York City-based arts organization that assists artists living with HIV/AIDS, and engages with contemporary HIV issues through the arts.

My picks for pieces suitable for reselling are more than likely just the Tee and both of the Hoodies. The tee will run you $44 and is available in black and white. Resell should be another $25 to $30 especially for those small and medium sizes. The Hoodies are both $158 in the airbrush design as well as black, white, purple, red, and green. Expect profits to be $20 to $30 as well.


Image via Supreme Community

The first piece of standalone Supreme I’ll discuss is the Nylon Water Short. To me this like a nice 5-6″ inseam so expect these to hit above the knee. While not all of these colorways will be hot sellers, you can guarantee those two ornate, Versace-esque prints will be popular. Look for these at $110 and can expect to make $20 to $25.


Image via Supreme Community

This is a big week for accessories. The most hyped item of maybe the entire drop is this tote bag. It’s woven raffia and 18 oz. cotton canvas and 24 liters. Available in red, black, and pink so there’s a color for everyone. All should be strong sellers. Retail is $98 with expected gains of $35 to $50+.

Image via Supreme Community

The next accessory on the agenda is this Skeleton Keychain. Very tribal, unique looking piece. I can imagine people may scoop these up as a consolation or just something to get over the $150 mark for free shipping. Priced at $24 and you could see a $10 to $15 gain from reselling.

Image via Supreme Community

These Ziploc bags are rumored to be a US only drop. They’re the nice, reusable ones with the sliding zipper so that’s a plus. Store any of your *goods* inside. No word on the retail but expect this box of 30 bags to be in the webstore.


Image via Supreme Community

The best seller in the headwear category will be this Flag Boonie hat. The Contrast Boonie that released recently is doing quite well in the red color way. I would expect the camo and red color way of the Flags Boonie to produce a sizable profit. Priced at $60 with an expected resell $30 to $40 over retail.

Image via Supreme Community

While this was rumored to drop weeks ago with a matching coaches jacket, we’re getting the Crossover Beanie this week. I love this logo personally. Try going for the pink, cream, and grey colors. Retail is $34 with expected resell of $20 or more

Image via Supreme Community

Last but certainly not least is this Nameplate Camp Cap. A little different from the usual styling of a camp cap with that metal Supreme logo tag on the front. Retail is $54 and you could see a small flip like $10 to $15.


When: Thursday June 25th @11am EST, Thursday WhereSupreme Online only


Thanks Covid, looks like we’re not having any more in-store releases.

Regardless, that’s it for week 17 everyone, thanks for taking the time to read! As always, wishing you the most success Thursday morning.

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What are you planning on going for? And what have been your recent pickups? Sneakers or streetwear.

Let us know in the comments how you’ve been keeping busy and what you have been copping.

Stay safe and take it easy,

– Erik