Supreme S/S 20 Week 18 – Droplist & What to Cop

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07/02/2020 ~ erik anson

How’s everyone doing this week? Welcome back to another installment of the SFS look at the upcoming Supreme release. As always I’m here to bring you the droplist for the week and give my insight on what to cop. I’m stoked to give you guys my picks and hopefully you all check out a nice cart Thursday morning.

We’ll provide you everything you need to know. Per usual, here at SFS we always keep you updated on all your newest Supreme info.

Firstly let’s give a quick update on what went down last week. We were welcomed with the eclectic Leigh Bowery collaboration which included tees, button down shirts, and a couple different hoodies. Some are doing better than others on the resale market. I think this was partly due to a fair amount of restocks on particular items throughout the day.

Besides the collaboration we had items like the Flags Boonie Hat, Crossover Beanie, Raffia Tote, Skeleton Keychains, and Ziploc bags sell out in a flash. Did you guys grab anything? I had some luck on my side and checked out a tote, a tee, and Ziplocs.

No collaborations this week so let’s get straight in to some of the popular pieces heading into week 18.


We have no heavy outerwear this week, as we should! We’re coming to the end of the spring and summer season! We make up for it with a plethora of tees this week.

Image via Drops by Jay

The first to discuss is the Motion Logo Tee. As I’ve mentioned earlier in the season, the Motion Logo pieces are always highly sought after. So far in S/S 20 we’ve seen hoodies, beanies, and skate decks featuring the logo. All have been strong sellers. Hoodies are going well into the $300 price point so there’s definitely money to be made. The tees this week are $38 with an expected resell $40 to $70 over retail.

Image via Supreme Community

Up next is the Lizard Tee. I don’t know what it is but I really dig this design. You should see these available in 6 colors give or take so go with your favorite one to compliment the rest of your closet. Again priced at $38 with room to make another $20 to $30.

Image via Supreme Community

Another tee that’s gained a lot of traction on Supreme Community is this Anno Domini Tee. After a little searching I figured out that AD (in terms of time telling and lineage) is the abbreviation for Anno Domini. Super minimal and clean design and should sell well. Retail is $38 and could make $15 to $30 from reselling.

Image via Supreme Community

What you’re looking at above is the Ichi the Killer Long Sleeve Tee. I quite like the look of this design although I’m not that tuned in to the inspiration behind it yet. Price point is a little steep at $52 but should profit you another $15 to $20.

There are other tees slated to be released like the Marble, Social, and Split but the ones mentioned above might be your best bet for money making opportunities. 


Image via Supreme Community

The ShedRain Transparent Checkerboard Umbrella was expected to drop two weeks ago but never did! The anticipation is building, I can feel it. Perfect for a commute as it’s fairly small and lightweight but still has a great 43″ coverage. Subtle Supreme logos around the whole umbrella give it a cool streetwear feel. This has a price tag of $68 with an expected upsell of $20 to $30.

Image via Supreme Community

The only other accessory on the droplist this week is the Serape Blanket… which is a little redundant of an item name. Regardless it’s a fire piece to add to anyone’s collection. It’s 82″ x 62″ so fairly large, perfect for a beach day or an outing at the park. The quality looks terrific and it says that it’s handwoven in Tlaxcala, Mexico. I just wish the price tag wasn’t so lofty. Coming in at $108, there should still be room to resell for $20 to $40 over retail.


The only piece of headwear and last item on our droplist to discuss is the Lenticular Visor Camp Cap. I had to do my research but what this means exactly is that at different angles, the visor of the cap will appear differently. At first glance is looks like it would read Sup or reme depending on your line of vision. This one is a little pricier compared to most camp caps at $54 but I believe you could gain $10 to $20 from reselling. Look for that white color.


When:  June 2nd @11am EST, Thursday WhereSupreme Online only


As our beloved spring/summer season is winding down, what have been some of your favorite items from S/S 20? And let’s look forward to some in-store releases next season for those in the vicinity of Supreme stores.

All that said, we’ve wrapped up week 18 everyone, thanks for taking the time to read! As always, wishing you the most success Thursday morning.

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What are you planning on going for? And what have been your recent pickups? Sneakers or streetwear.

Let us know in the comments how you’ve been keeping busy and what you have been copping.

Stay safe and take it easy,

– Erik