Supreme S/S 20 Week 19 – Droplist and What to Cop

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07/09/2020 ~ erik anson

Hello and welcome. We’re back with another installment of the SFS look at the upcoming Supreme release. As always I’m here to bring you the droplist for the week and give my insight on what to cop. While this isn’t a super hyped drop, there’s always something for everyone and you can add to your personal “if you know, you know” stash.

We’ll provide you everything you need to know. Per usual, here at SFS we always keep you updated on all your newest Supreme info.

Firstly let’s give a quick update on what went down last week. Last Thursday was known as the Summer Tee Week! We saw a handful of new tees in all of their glorious colors drop. The most popular ones were of course the Motion Logo which we’re gone in a spit second joined by the Lizard, Social, Ichi the Killer, and Anno Domini tees. In terms of accessories we were graced by the Chckerboard Umbrella and the Serape. I was lucky enough to grab the Lizard tee in Grey. Hyped for it in the mail this week!

Let’s crack into week 19.


We have a small collaboration in the form of footwear this week, very exciting. Oh and by the way, did anyone get lucky on the black or white AF1’s that restocked on the site the other day? Regardless, this week we have a two new Supreme sneakers from Vans. 

The Vans Sk8 Hi and Slip-On are getting what is called the Hole Punch Denim treatment. If you’re unaware, this styling has been featured on a Trucker Jacket as well as a Crusher Hat this season. Both have have had extremely successful lifespans on the secondary market so far. The jacket in particular is reselling for over $700 when the retail was $218. Did not see that coming to be honest!

There are two colors of each sneaker to release – black and blue. The natural blue denim should be the more popular color way. The Sk8 Hi and the Slip-On will be priced at $110 and $98 respectively. A little uncharge on Vans to have the Supreme name attached but it should be well worth your while. Resale value should be about $30 to $75 over retail depending on the size. I think the sweet spot to go after is 8-10.


Image via Supreme Community
Image via Supreme Community
Image via Supreme Community


Image via Supreme Community

The only shirt to get the nod this week is this Flags Rayon Shirt. With 4th of July just behind us, there’s still always room to show off your patriotism. This American flag print is featured on a Raglan Sleeve Jacket and is still in store from last week matter of factly. Set to drop for $138, this may resell for a $15 to $25 gain.


Image via Supreme Community

Ah yes, with pool season upon us you’ll need a fresh pair of goggles! Check out these official Speedo Swim Goggles coming this week. Available in black or white, you’re sure to look like a hypebeast Michael Phelps in the pool. At the price point of $88, I actually don’t see these reselling for much if any. Could be worth it in the long run if you stash them away for a while but with everything else out, I can’t see these selling big.

Image via Supreme Community

To go along with the goggles you’ll need a nice cap for sure. Again this is a legit Speedo product so you’re getting the best in the swim world. Retail is only $24 so I can see this reselling for another $15 to $30.

Image via Supreme Community

Sticking with the same aquatics motif, we’ll be seeing this Bling Towel. This print also released in a tee this season as well as a camp cap. I quite like this design and the tee especially has some good resell value. The towels in two colorways will be set at $68. Resell should be somewhere small like $10 to $20 over retail.


Image via Supreme Community

Next on our rundown is the Mesh Crusher Hat. It’s no secret that these style hats have been selling like crazy this season. I would expect this trend to continue. That camo print should be the first to sell out. Retail is $50 with room for a $15 to $30 flip.

Image via Supreme Community

Lastly on the droplist this week is the Embossed Denim Camp Cap. With so many camp caps that release week after week, I think this one may get lost in the hype! I do like the look on some of the more subtle color combos like the grey/pink but tread lightly on these for reselling. Retail is $50 and could see a very small flip, perhaps once it’s out of season.


When:  July 9th @11am EST, Thursday WhereSupreme Online only


As our beloved spring/summer season is winding down, what have been some of your favorite items from S/S 20? And let’s look forward to some in-store releases next season for those in the vicinity of Supreme stores.

All that said, we’ve wrapped up week 19 everyone, thanks for taking the time to read! As always, wishing you the most success Thursday morning. After the drop, always see if you can find or make sales on platforms like Grailed, Ebay, Reddit (my personal favorite) or Instagram.

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What are you planning on going for? And what have been your recent pickups? Sneakers or streetwear.

Let us know in the comments how you’ve been keeping busy and what you have been copping.

Stay safe and take it easy,

– Erik