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03/08/2020 ~ erik anson


Hi all, happy Wednesday. We’re back giving you a rundown and detailed look into the second week drop from Supreme and their spring/summer season. As always, know that here at SFS we’re the best source to give you insight on everything Supreme and help you succeed when Thursday comes around.

I was stoked to log in last week and write 1,000 words for everyone and convey my excitement for week 1 of the new season. To really get the online store juiced, they dropped over 70 items. Some of these pieces are mainstays that will be on the site throughout the season like – Hanes tees, socks, bags, skate gear etc. Supreme did however give the people some instant classic pieces to add to our collections or stash for later in hopes to resell.

To recap, some of the hot items were the faux fur varsity jackets, track jackets, a number of tees, “S” hoodies, camp caps, Nalgene bottle, Zippo, and turntable. Oh, and anything related to Tupac as well.

Now to be completely honest, this week isn’t shaping up to be the strongest. The consensus is that consumers may be saving their pennies after last week’s drop and preparing for further releases.

That being said we’ll still discuss some of the higher anticipated pieces coming out this Thursday.

Image via Just Fresh Kicks


Image via Supreme Community

The clear standout from the collection this week is this Underline Crewneck. This inspiration from the design is still undiscovered but nonetheless a clean piece for easy wear. Retail is $138 and I would look to profit anywhere from $20-$50 for the sweatshirt.

Image via Supreme Community

I’ll loop in the hat with this also that shares the Underline look. With the Camp Caps doing so well last week, this 5 panel should follow the trend and sell out. Priced at $42 I would expect to make a small profit like $15 to $25.


There’s a couple good options of short sleeves to go after this week.

Image via Supreme Community

First is what they’re calling the City Lights Rayon shirt. Pretty cool piece, perfect to make a statement at a summer cookout. Maybe Memorial Day? It features the open camp-collar look which was a huge hit for men’s fashion in 2019. Retail is $138 with a potential resell profit anywhere from $40-$60. If I were to guess, the black is a better option.

Image via Supreme Community

Next on the list is the Spellout short sleeve tee. Very nostalgic of the late 2000s when all over print, LRG snapbacks, and Nike Dunks were massive. Retail is higher than a usual tee at $88 but I would expect the market to be reselling these for $20-$25 profit.


Since there’s such a limited amount of cool accessories this week, they will all sell out guaranteed.

Image via Supreme Community

The Transparent Lock retails for $20 and should have a profit anywhere from $20-$30 or upwards. Supreme has done padlocks in the past and they seem to do fairly well. Would be a really cool piece if you have an actual purpose to use a lock!

Image via Supreme Community

The only other accessory dropping this week is the Incense Burner. Again this is nothing that Supreme hasn’t done before, they’re going back to the well once more. Being featured in two separate colors, black and white, I don’t believe there will be much preference for one or the other. The Incense Burner will be up on the site for $34. I would intend this could be anywhere $20-$30 profit, similar to the lock.

Image via Supreme Community

Moving on, we’ll discuss one of the more popular pieces of this week 2 drop – the Nike Air Force 1 collaboration with Supreme. There’s been a lot of chatter in the past couple weeks since the collaboration has been revealed.

Based on my usual research on Twitter and Reddit, I was seeing mixed reviews on the pure aesthetic of the sneakers. Some thought it was lazy to only slap a small box logo on the heel of the shoe. Others thought it was tasteful and perfect for versatility and everyday wear. I tend to agree with the latter sentiment.

The real kicker is that our latest news says that the Supreme AF1’s will be restocked regularly throughout seasons. Not just this season… seasons. Now there’s no definite timeframe on how often they’ll be restocked but this certainly has resellers wary. Since retail is only $96 for these joints, I think it’s still a no brainer to go after them even though there might not be as high of a resale ceiling. Potential profit could be $80 upwards to $100 +/-.

For a more in depth look at the Supreme Air Force 1s, be sure to check out my friend Mohammad’s post here!


When: March 5th @11am EST, Thursday. 
WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan


That’s all for this week folks, I hope everyone has a great morning. This week may have been underwhelming but stay tuned for the next, we’re hoping to get a big redemption. Remember, the season is 20 weeks long so they can’t all be a smash.

In times like this I think we can all learn a valuable lesson. If there’s something you like, don’t hesitate! Good news is you might not see anyone else wearing it which is always a plus. In addition, you may turn some other unsuspecting people onto Supreme and streetwear in general.

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