Supreme S/S 20 Week 7 Droplist & What to Cop

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04/09/2020 ~ erik anson

Image via Twitter @dropsbyjay

Howdy quarantined folk, hope everyone’s hanging in there and making the best of their day. It’s time again to give you an up to date analysis for this Supreme drop coming up. As always, know that here at SFS we’re the best source to give you insight on everything Supreme and help you succeed when Thursday comes around.

I’ve taken a small hiatus but I’m back! While I may have been catching up and adjusting to this new way of life, that hasn’t meant I haven’t been paying attention to Supreme and some good old fashioned consumerism. The past few weeks haven’t been super spicy to me personally and you can still find a good amount of the items sitting on the site. But I am stoked to talk about this week’s items and some opportunities for anyone looking to make some cash or add to their collection.

To recap from last week, the big part of the droplist were the Lamborghini collaboration pieces. This was mix of hoodies, tees, and beanies that all sold out. Seemed like a lazy attempt at a capsule which featured some off-putting color themes like neon green and safety orange that just weren’t my style. But hey, someone bought them so apparently I’m wrong.

With all that being said, let’s discuss some of the higher anticipated pieces coming out this Thursday.


Image via Supreme Community

The heavy hitter from this week’s collection is the Motion Logo Hoodie. The motion logo that’s been around for years now on tees and hoodies is a favorite among Supreme fans. Older deadstock pieces can sell anywhere into the $400 range so this will clearly hold its value and stand the test of time. Retail is $158 and I would look to profit anywhere from $70-$150+ for the sweatshirt.

Image via Supreme Community

Next up is this Kanji Logo Crewneck. Similar to Arc logos we’ve seen in the past but a cool spin is that there’s another language subtly printed behind the main logo. What language this is and what it translates too is beyond me, won’t even try to guess! Definitely some high wearability and a big logo for those of you who love brand recognition. Priced at $138 I would expect to make a small profit like $20 to $40.

Image via Supreme Community

A wild card on the list is this Vanson Letters Leather Jacket. A whacky, somewhat sophomoric all over print is displayed on these premium black and red leather jackets. These will run you a rack and I’m not super sure if anyone is willing to overpay for them. Retail $998, with a resell of who knows…


Not too much in this category for week 7 but here’s one option I like:

Image via Supreme Community

The Intarsia Script tee is a fine option this Thursday. A classic baseball-esque look.. too bad we didn’t get an opening day at the ballpark yet. Retail is $68 with a potential resell profit anywhere from $20-$30. If I were to guess, the purple or yellow are good pickups.


What we may have lacked in tees, we certainly make up for in sweet accessories this week.

Image via Supreme Community

First up, a slam dunk. Why is it that Supreme always has to release a lighter every other week and they still do well? Is everyone out there a pyro? Anyways, take this waterproof lighter with you on that camping trip you’ve always wanted to do and flex for Mother Nature. Coming in at only $24, the profit on resell could be $30 to $50. Red always sells better.

Image via Supreme Community

Check this bad boy out! Supreme came together with acclaimed extreme sports company Gyro for this bike helmet. Not sure how much real use this will get from its buyers but nonetheless it will sell out. Retail is $148 and expect to make $50 to $100 on this piece. Go for the red if you can.

Image via Supreme Community

To match your jacket from above, take a look at the Vanson Leather Bag. The Supreme leather items have been making quite a splash lately but I’m on the fence about the bag. With a lofty $328 retail tag, I wouldn’t expect to make more than $25 to $50 on reselling. Big risk


Image via Supreme Community

Another matching piece is this Motion Logo Beanie to go along with the hoodie. To reiterate, this is a hot commodity and being that its one size, it’ll go quick. Retail is only $36 so your profit could be anywhere from $50 to $70.

Image via Supreme Community

Rounding out the list is the Splatter Dyed Beanie. Cozy boys, mount up. The tie dye/splatter paint aesthetic on this is perfect. Would be a great fit at a Dead & Company concert. That box logo means everything so this should be a big seller. Retail is $36, expect a $30 to $40 profit.


When: April 9th @11am EST, Thursday. WhereSupreme Online & Retail Stores in NY, Brooklyn, San Francisco, London, France & Japan


That’s all for this week folks, I hope everyone has a great morning. I like this weeks product line and I’m excited to see some social distanced photos of your pickups on my instagram. 

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– Erik