Supreme S/S 20 Week 8 Droplist & What to Cop

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04/15/2020 ~ erik anson

What’s going on readers? Streetwear never sleeps. The devil works hard but Supreme works harder. As always, know that here at SFS we’re the best source to give you insight on everything Supreme and help you succeed when Thursday comes around.

Before we get into the droplist I just want to take some time to appreciate all of you who read and engage. I have fun every week doing this. It’s tough wherever you are in the world right now but just know we’re going to get through everything together! Let me now in the comments how you guys have been staying busy – what shows/movies are on your tv, what’s playing in your AirPods, what workouts are you doing at home, what other hobbies have you picked up on, etc. I can always use some more inspo.

To recap from last week, the heavy hitters from the drop were all the Motion Logo pieces. Hoodies and beanies sold out instantly. Hoodies are already seeing sales into the $400 range! That’s a massive win in less than a week for anyone who copped for the $158 retail.

The next biggest piece was the Kanji Crewneck which had a bit bigger of a buzz than I expected and sold out too. My personal favorite was the Splatter Beanie which sold out a day after. 

With all that being said, let’s discuss some of the higher anticipated pieces coming out this Thursday.


Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Different from our normal programming, I’m gonna hit you with the tees first! As weather gets warmer this will be a hugely popular week for tees in hopes that some of these will have long lasting and strong value. 

The names are as follows form top left to bottom right – Dragon Tee, Dinosaur Tee, Time Tee, Everything is Shit Tee, Sailboat Tee, Chrome Logo Tee, and Morph Tee (front and back pictured). I’ll highlight a few. *Unless noted, all tees are retailed at $38*

Sailboat Tee via Supreme Community

My prediction is that this Sailboat Tee will be the hit of the bunch this week. I love this artwork with a box logo incorporated. Is it just me or are they going for an abstract art thing to make a smiley face? Anyways, profit could look to be $40 upwards to $80.

Chrome Tee via Supreme Community

Next is the Chrome Logo Tee. Supreme loves to have chrome/metal motifs in a lot of their pieces and quite frankly they sell well. Huge logo, with similar vain to a box logo, this tee will sell out in a lot of it’s colors – typically black, white, blue and green are popular. Profit estimated $35 to $65.

Time Tee via Supreme Community

Last tee to showcase among the crowd is the Time. I love this one. Clean font with a stunning still life photo is perfect for an understated Supreme tee that you can rock or stock. Resell profit $20 to $50.


Image via Supreme Community

This Crossover Hoodie is looking good to me this week. If you’re somewhere like me where we haven’t exactly hit a balmy spring/summer yet, another hoodie can’t hurt! For those unaware this is actually inspired by the old logo from the LA Kings hockey team in the 90’s. Fun fact. Retail is $158 with room to gain another $20 to $50 on resale.

Image via Supreme Community

Up next on the docket is the Cartoon Crewneck. This piece has gotten a suprising amount of popularity on the Supreme Community page and looks to be a hit this week. A truly unique piece that won’t be replicated soon. Retail is $148 and projecting $20 to $30 in profit.


This week there’s a couple accessories in the lineup. High demand!

Image via Supreme
The one household item everyone will be going after Thursday morning is this Woven Straw Mat. Big and lightweight, a perfect combination for endless display options in your crib. It’s 76″ x 27″ for those wondering how it’ll fit hung up on your wall or used as a accent rug. Red is of course the best seller when it comes to accessories but I’m a fan of the black for this one! Am I crazy? Coming in at $88, you could see a resale profit of $30 to $60.
Image via Supreme Community

Now on to the Chrome Logo Skate Deck. To me these fly under the radar but I think they’re worth adding to your cart for personal display or a small but almost guaranteed flip on StockX. Retail is $54 and profit should be $25+


Image via Supreme Community

It wouldn’t be right to not throw in a beanie and I have a good feeling about this one. New Era usually brings the hype when it comes to collabs with Supreme and this Gems Beanie should be a strong seller. Retail is $38, expect a $30 to $40 profit.


When: April 16th @11am EST, Thursday.

WhereSupreme Online only


That’s everything I got for you guys this week! As always, wishing you the most success Thursday morning.

Another piece of info worth taking note of – As Supreme stores in the US, UK and France are temporarily closed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, shipping fees will be waived on all orders over $150. So you won’t have to worry about getting a raffle spot to wait in line, web store releases only from until the foreseen future. Bonus about losing the $10 shipping!

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Any feedback is appreciate! Always available for constructive criticism. Look out for next week.

Stay safe and take it easy,

– Erik