Supreme S/S 20 Week 9 – Droplist & What to Cop

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04/22/2020 ~ erik anson

Hey everyone, we’re approaching the halfway point in the spring/summer season of Supreme! It feels like it never stops. Fortunately for you, I’m here to key you in on the prospective hot selling items coming up this Thursday.

Last week was dubbed the “Spring Tees” week where a handful of cool designs dropped. The Chrome, Sailboat, Time, and Dragon tees had success. The Straw Mat and Chrome Deck were among other items to empty out their stock quickly. Check them out on your preferred secondary market.

We have a lot to discuss for week 9, so let’s get to the details.


For efficiency, I’ll start by talking about the two large collaborations and collections that piece up this ninth week.

Image via Supreme Community

First is the collaboration with MLB. We’ll be getting brilliant varsity jackets and New Era fitted hats. Funny enough that we’re not in our baseball season as usual but nevertheless, both of these items should be at the top of your shopping lists without a doubt.

A collaboration like this doesn’t come around too often and will hold its value even after it’s been worn (ie selling on the Supreme Reddit page). Retail for the jacket and hat are $328 and $68 respectively. Resale profits could be $125 to $225 for the jacket and $50 to $75 for the cap. These are big ticket items.

Image via Supreme Community

Additionally, a small capsule is being released in collaboration with 90’s shoegaze band, My Bloody Valentine. The Irish rock group is being tapped to release two tees, one hoodie, one rayon shirt, and a trucker jacket. All items feature artwork from a number of their albums.

To be quite honest, there’s bigger items to focus on for resale purposes. If that’s your goal, I wouldn’t spend much time looking at these pieces.


Image via Supreme Community

A lowkey piece dropping this week is the Digital Logo Hoodie. A simply branded hoodie goes a long way and this glowing clock-like sweatshirt has some juice. It’s a safe piece for either your personal collection and you’ll get your money back if not a little more if you decide to resell. Retail as always is $158 but wouldn’t bank on more than $25 to $30 resale profit.


Image via Modern Notoriety

Special Box Logo alert! I could have lead with this but I figured people will be looking for this info and will have no trouble scrolling for it.

Supreme has tapped Takashi Murakami for a timely release intended for Coronavirus COVID-19 relief. 100 percent of its proceeds will go to HELP USA, a charity organization that started out as a shelter in Brooklyn, and has expanded nationwide supporting all youth and families of all backgrounds that are facing homelessness during the pandemic.

The contemporary artist and skateboarding label have put together a Box Logo tee marked with the original artwork centered around Murakami’s iconic flowers and skulls motifs. The Takashi Murakami x Supreme Charity Box Logo T-shirt for COVID-19 relief will retail for $60 USD and is available online in the U.S. and Canada only April 24th.

While stock may be overloaded in hopes that Supreme can raise an enormous amount of money for relief, there’s no doubt that these tees will still sell out. It will be well worth it to keep a piece of history, or to resell. I’m stoked on this.

Image via Supreme Community

Next up, this Top of the World tee has a pleasing, outdoorsy vibe. Either this natural color or forest green color should be hot sellers. A respectable purchase for the personal collection or a small reselling gain. Note that these are touted as “premium tees” so their retail is steeper than usual. Priced at $78, you could see a profit of $15 to $20.


Image via Supreme Community

Last but not least for clothing is the Star Logo tee. Whether this was inspired by Starter jackets or Starbury sneakers, it’s a boldly branded tee which people love. Similar to the last, retail is $78, with a small $15 to $20 profit.


Image via Supreme Community

On the high end of the demand spectrum are these Heller mugs. They will be in a set of two, each 16 ounces – enough for a tall boy of your favorite beverage. In two options of clear or red, I’m hearing mixed reviews on popularity! Can’t go wrong either way. Retail is $28, resale profit anywhere from $30-$60.

Image via Supreme Community

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen a new waist bag, look back towards the beginning of this season. This Woven Stripe bag comes in the bold multicolor or the monochromatic black and white – for whichever style you’re known to sport. This will be a decent item to cash out on. Retail is $68 and could return a profit of $40 to $70.

Image via Supreme Community

Additionally, a coin pouch in the same styling will be available. Retail is $32, expect a $30 to $50 profit.


Image via Supreme Community

Another week, another camp cap! I quite like this Reflective Ripstop cap. Seems to be a super versatile and rugged material that can tag along with you on your social distanced hikes. Retail is $48, expect a $20 to $40 profit.


When: April 23rd @11am EST, Thursday
BOX LOGOS April 24th, Friday
WhereSupreme Online only


That’s it for this week ladies and gents! As always, wishing you the most success Thursday morning. As I’ve mentioned in the past couple weeks, shipping fee is waived on orders over $150. Hopefully you can check out a nice cart and lose that $10 shipping fee.

Just something else I want to make note of and that I’ve been picking up on – especially for items that may not have sky high resell value, it’s better to see if you can find or make sales on platforms like Grailed, Ebay, Reddit or Instagram. This way, buyer and seller can get the most out of the sale and not succumb to fees and a bigger corporation like StockX taking a large piece of the pie. This isn’t a new tactic by any means, just wanted to give insight and try to prevent undercutting of the market.

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Stay safe and take it easy,

– Erik