Supreme Spring/Summer 2018 Review!

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08/18/2018 ~ Alex W. Smith

2018 was a good year for Supreme for both fans and resellers alike, with plenty of opportunities to either collect, make money, or ideally both.

Supreme is a skateboarding brand which began in 1994 by English designer James Jebbia, and has gone from being a brand for skaters to being one of the most popular streetwear brands in the world.

It is a staple of fans of the hype culture across the world.

The iconic Supreme logo –


The last season of Supreme ended on the 5th of July, which was Week 20 of Spring/Summer 2018 (SS18).

It was a good season for Supreme resellers, as there was plenty of hyped items to pick from and try to cop to sell for hundreds of dollars over the retail price.


Some of the items that released that made resellers hundreds include the TV tee, which released in Week 1. It came in 9 different colours, but the colours which resold for the most were Black, Pink and Purple. Usually, when you are trying to cop a Supreme tee, I’d recommend getting white or black, as they have the highest chance of reselling for the most. The TV tee retailed for $36, but now resells for over $200 in some colours.

Quadruple your investment with this TV Tee in Purple –


One profitable item which released in SS18 was the Fox Racing/Supreme Helmet.

This whole collection of Supreme inspired motor racing equipment all resold for nearly double the retail price.

For example, the V2 Helmet in red, which has resold for over $1,400, but only retailed at $298.

Right now, if you had this helmet, you would be able to resell it at 150% over the retail price. This would make you around $440 from one sale.


The Supreme x Fox Racing helmet –


Another collaboration in SS18 which made people lots of money was the Supreme and The North Face collab. Supreme and The North Face have a very good relationship together, and they usually make 2-3 new collaborations per year.

 This year, they had two collabs – one which was inspired by metallic designs and one which was inspired by snakeskin.

SS18 was one of the weaker seasons for Supreme/TNF collabs, but some specific items still resold for double or even triple the retail value. For example, in Collab 1 (metallic), the t-shirt retailed for $54, but now it costs up to $220 in some sizes. Always make sure to cop something from the Supreme x The North Face!


The North Face x Supreme metallic tee in black –


Another item that Supreme released during this season was the Illegal Business Controls America Hoodie/Skate Deck. Currently, the red and pink hoodies sell for around $350-$400 and even $600 in size small. This hoodie retailed for only $148. The skate decks also resell for around $100, after having a retail price of $54. If any of you reading this own a hoodie or a deck with the IBCA branding, I’d recommend holding it especially if it’s DSWT (Deadstock with tags), as most resellers believe that these pieces are only going to rise in price in the next few years.


The full collection of IBCA decks –



Supreme release a selection of bags every season, which sell out instantly at the beginning of the season, and restock every few weeks. The bags in Spring Summer 2018 were more sought after than most because of the simple design.

The bags which released in SS18 were shoulder bags, waist bags, backpacks and duffle bags. All of the bags resell for over their original retail value, however some are more coveted than others. For example, the red waist bag from SS18 retailed for $88, but now it is worth around $300. If you had copped this bag at the beginning of the season and waited until now to sell it, you would make around a 220% profit, or $212. Not a bad amount of money to make by just buying a bag and holding it for a few months!


The red Supreme SS18 Waist Bag –


Fall/Winter 2018 Week 0 began on the 16th August. The items only dropped in store. These items will be dropping online on Monday, 20th August. It will be very hard to cop with or without a bot, as there will be millions of people flooding onto the website when the online shop finally reopens.

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Good luck to all fans of Supreme for the coming season. I hope you cop everything that you want!