Supreme S/S 20 Week 12 – Droplist & What to Cop

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05/13/2020 ~ erik anson

Image via Just Fresh Kicks

What’s up readers? I hope everyone is well this week. The 2020 spring and summer season continues for Supreme. There’s been a strong showing so far – a number of hyped and highly anticipated pieces along with the more subtle “if you know, you know” items. Something for everyone, the way it should be. Now we have Supreme S/S 20 Week 12. We’ll provide you everything you need to know. Per usual, here at SFS we always keep you updated on all your newest Supreme info.

Before we discuss this coming Thursday, first let’s do a quick recap from last week. 

Almost every piece of the Barbour collection sold out – from both of the hats, to the field jacket, to the waist bag. Other popular items were the twill varsity jacket, a couple of the raglan long sleeve shirts, and the overdyed shorts. For accessories we were delighted to see the bmx bike, waterproof lighter cases, and ballpark ponchos all sell out.

On to the items for Supreme S/S 20 Week 12.


Image via Just Fresh Kicks

Our first piece of business is to talk about the pieces in this behemoth collection from Daniel Johnston. GQ itself is labeling this as “One of Fashion’s Most Unlikely Collabs”. 

The late Daniel Johnston, who passed away last September at the age of 58, was a brilliant artist with a troubled mind. He was also a lead candidate for least likely Supreme collaborator. And yet, perhaps because that’s exactly the sort of collaborator Supreme seeks out, he became one back in 2012, when he lent some of his signature drawings of Captain America to a capsule collection of t-shirts.

Now Supreme is back with a bigger collection, featuring more images from the wild world of Johnston’s imagination on workwear, beanies, hoodies, etc. I believe a lot of these items will have popular demand.

For the tees I like all of them – the self titled Daniel Johnston tee, the Frog tee, and the Kill Em All tee. These clock in at only $44 with room for another $25 to $30 on resale easily.

The hoodie is probably the next piece that will be popular. Retail is $158 and I would expect it to sell for another $30 to $50. Small and medium tend to have the most demand.

Next in the catalog is the Plaid shirt which I love. The little cartoon character saying “I know Supreme” is very poignant. Price tag will be $148 with potential for a $30 to $40 upsell. That red color should be hot.

Image of Plaid Shirt via Supreme

Last piece of clothing from the collaboration that should do well is the Embroidered Work Jacket. Workwear is huge right now and extremely versatile. This piece comes in at $238 and would expect to see another $20 to $30 in reselling profits

It wouldn’t be complete without a beanie. You’ll be cozy in this for only $36 and has potential to resell for another ≈ $30.


Image of Overdyed Long sleeve via Supreme

The only piece of original Supreme-wear I’ll recommend buying for a resell this week is the Overdyed Long Sleeve Top. Small and medium would be your best bet for popular sizing. Only $88 that could see a $30 to $40 return.


Image via Supreme

Practical accessory alert! We got the Supreme Lawn Chair dropping this week. Take it to your bonfires, picnics, camping trips, and sporting events to flex. This is a guaranteed sellout and great item to cop. Retail is $78 and I’d expect to make $50 minimum reselling. Big item.

Image via Supreme

It’s been 3 years since the last Supreme/Mechanix glove collaboration. They are believed to have medium – extra large sizing. The medium and large in the red option look good for a flip but you can’t go wrong with any. Last time these dropped they have been selling into the $100+ range which is a nice profit margin. With retail being only $40 you can expect a strong $40 in profit at least. Additionally you’ll see Work Shorts with the same print if you fancy that. Won’t recommend for a good reselling item, but they’ll be in the store.


Image via Supreme

Moving on, we have a 6 panel cap. Note this is a different fit from the usual Camp Caps, more of a classic ball cap. The small box logo and Cordura branding should make this a desirable addition for anyone. Colors like the camo and white should do the best. Priced at $48, there’s room to see another $20 to $25 from reselling.

Image via Supreme

This week we’ll also see a unique partnership with Kangol. They’ll be dropping this Bermuda Casual Cap featured above that should generate a good amount of traffic and buyers. Dropping for $74 with resell profits expected around $15 to $20. There’ll also be a more pedestrian looking Kangol ball cap.

RELEASE INFO for Supreme S/S 20 Week 12

When:  May 14th @11am EST, Thursday WhereSupreme Online only


That wraps it up for this week! As always, wishing you the most success Thursday morning. As I’ve mentioned in the past couple weeks, shipping fee is waived on orders over $150. Another value I preach is this – especially for items that may not have sky high resell value, it’s better to see if you can find or make sales on platforms like Grailed, Ebay, Reddit or Instagram. This way, buyer and seller can get the most out of the sale and not succumb to fees.

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Let me now how you guys have been staying busy! 

Stay safe and take it easy,

– Erik